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09-02-2014, 09:46 AM
Every so often I go through a phase of doubting everything I've experienced (which is a lot). I find these phases incredibly painful. They take the form of believing there must be another, more 'logical,' explanation for my experiences, or that perhaps I didn't see what I did. Sometimes they last for months, other times it's just a few minutes or so.

I'm wondering whether this is common to everyone, even the most 'enlightened' souls, or whether it's something that will ease with time?

09-02-2014, 09:52 AM
For me it is normal, and always has been. As a teenager in my christian phase I would get chronic doubts and be tut-tutted by everyone around me for not believing. Eventually it would pass.

But doubt is our friend and when we work with it as our friend, helping us to know more deeply, and trust more deeply, then things can shift.

NExt time doubt comes knocking on your door, try starting a dialogue with it, try and hear what it wants to say to you.

silent whisper
09-02-2014, 09:57 AM
Yes often it signals a processing space for me..find a way to open the channel of doubt and free up what is behind its doorway..:)

09-02-2014, 10:16 AM
Great answers. I would just add some advice from a guide: it was put in place, probably long ago, and is just coming up again and telling you, "Do you still need me? I can still be here if you do, and I will protect you still." It is protecting you against some fear you had, maybe years ago, and it either needs to be updated and shown how much you have grown in your life, or you can keep it if you want. But if you can look at it, and what it is protecting you from, and say, "thank you for coming, I no longer need you in my life, you can go now," and feel that, it will just be gone.

I have been doing this with a lot of stuff lately, thoughts will just come up about something from my past, and they don't come back. I call it, clearing out my thought clutter. It works a charm.

Another thing about negative feelings, I had a beautiful explanation just yesterday from a guide about what they are. When you go through life, and you expand and grow, most of you goes with you :), but you may leave some pebbles behind you. If you look at it like it is the rings of Saturn, and you have expanded out to the farthest ring, you have pebbles that are maybe stuck on rings closer to the planet, when you are way out there on the farthest edge of the ring. And they just need updating into the life you are living now. They want to come with you, they want to experience how far you have come, and they will keep coming up for updating.

The worse they feel, the farther they are from where you are now, and the louder they get as you expand out.

You can also ask for help, ask your guides to help you with this. You can ask that they help you in your sleep too. I love that one. And when you are ready to release them, it will just be an easy thing to do.

09-02-2014, 10:56 AM
Believe your experience, but always be open to doubt on your "interpretation" of the experience.
Quite often we have an experience and when we try to logic out what happened, we form a conclusion as to what it was (based on what we know at the time)...but as we grow and experience more, the "what we know" also grows and changes....and then we can look back on our previous experiences and reanalyze them in a new light...then we will learn more about them.

09-02-2014, 11:37 AM
Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It sounds like most people have these sorts of doubts on occasions and that they serve a purpose. I did wonder.

Nameless those are lovely words from your guide. And I like the image of Saturn's rings, that actually does make some sense considering where I am and what led to the latest period of doubting. I think maybe there is something I'm trying to bring forward with me but is stuck somewhere else. Thanks for that.

Rawnrr - I think you're absolutely right and it's good to be open to other possibilities as otherwise we can get very stuck.