View Full Version : What Pleases Pride?

14-11-2010, 03:26 AM
How can Pride be pleased?


By Good? Or by Evil?

It depends doesn't it? But the truth is that both Good & Evil can please Pride.

Pride can be pampered. It can be charmed. It can be seduced. These can all 'please' pride.

Ego can please pride.

If someone pleases our pride we like them!

Pride is our weak spot. The Devil knows this. So he tries to beguile us through our pride. He tries to PLEASE our pride, yet at the same time twist us to his own purposes....

One final point:

Does I AM please our pride? Of course it does. Who would not want to be God? Does "I" please our pride? Nothing pleases it more.....

Is this a GOOD thing? Or an EVIL thing?

It could be both couldn't it?

A Glass named Esther
16-11-2010, 05:06 PM
Pride can be either good or evil. Evil, meaning selfish.

Evil Pride: the path to selfishness

As with many Kings, The Pharaoh of Egypt believed himself to be a deity...above their other deities! But Pharaoh found out the hard way that there is a King of Kings.

Good Pride: the path to selflessness

Being proud to serve the King of Kings :smile:
Even if other people call you a fool.