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21-01-2014, 08:59 AM
Symbolism is, possibly, the most important aspect in spiritual development. Numbers, idols, incantations, rituals; all of these and other are, themselves, symbols. You start with one - perhaps a pentagram, cross, animal - and build upon it to create entire systems, both those we all share and those we apply only to our lives. Then, when one symbol is created to seem generally applicable (like the Tree of Life), we may tweak it a little by it generally works.

Anyways, there is a very prominent idea that symbols hold objective meaning. A pentagram for the satanists, a hexagram for the Jews, a cross for the Christians, etc. The problem here is restriction and ego. When we say symbols have objective meanings we are automatically causing restriction. Even with something like the ToL we have to realize, deep down, that even if it makes complete sense it's still nothing but lines and circles with created meanings. It's ego because we come to believe we have some objective, occult understanding of symbols. "My system is better than yours", "I'm superior and correct", etc. Both restriction and egotism of this nature can stunt spiritual development.

I put forth a challenge. Take a symbol you see in a single light, preferably one you do not use yourself. Apply your own, positive or useful meaning to it and use it. Make it to be powerful. It'll open many doors.

Just a thought.