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10-01-2014, 08:24 PM
Hello all, ok not sure how to go about this but well let me start from the begging. Ever since I was little I have always had a great interest in the (supernatural/spiritual). I grew up in a devout christian home but I was always very skeptical. Around my 14th birthday I found out that my (dad) was not my bio dad. I never said anything about it for my moms sake. After that I had my Big falling out with God and religion. I started trying new things like witch craft, OBE's and a few other things. Started looking in to some stuff. unfortunately none of that ever worked for me. Around my 18 birthday I put all of that behind me to focus on school. But I could feel that my interest in the (supernatural/spiritual) was growing all the time. A few weeks ago my mother died of cancer, while I was going thru some of her stuff I started finding references to my bio father. I now have good reason to believe that he was a witch. Well that got me thinking, made me start looking in to all this stuff again, made me want to dig up my old notes on everything. Well I am starting to believe that I am a Empath but I dont know what this means for me. What kind of things can I do with Empath thing. Also I would like to get into witch craft but for real. Can anybody here help me? oh and if it help i am a pisces. anyway thanks every one and can't wait for replies .

Jenny Crow
11-01-2014, 04:35 AM
Hello SoulSniper,

First of all, condolences on your mother's death.

Before jumping into anything maybe take some time to let yourself heal a little and then slowly start to look into things that interest you.

An empath is basically someone who feels what another person is feeling and at times it can become draining for you. You must always try to remember to keep in touch with your own feelings and don't let others' feelings overwhelm you. In time you can learn to turn it off at will. On the flip side - because you really do understand what the other person is going through you can, perhaps, help them to get through a difficult time.

Becoming a Witch is not an overnight endeavour. The very best way to learn Witchcraft is to be taught by a Witch, or a teaching coven - but I know that is not always possible. There are some good books out there and there are lots of books that are better avoided, lol. I noticed you say "Witchcraft" and not "Wicca" so I'm presuming that you know the difference.

All the best
Jenny Crow

Native spirit
11-01-2014, 10:09 AM
:smile: Hi SoulSniper,

Sorry to read of your mothers passing, firstly you need to grieve for your mother before you do anything else,once you have achieved that and that can take anytime because their is no time limit to grief,before you act on finding your dad and finding out about him concentrate on yourself,being an empath is a person who can put themselves into anothers situation have a deep understanding of what the person is feeling,


12-01-2014, 05:03 AM
My condolances on your mothers passing over.

It might be useful to really delve into why you want to be a Witch.
A way to connect to your bio father perhaps?
A sense that it will give you power when so much seems to be being taken away from you right now?
Connecting to the WHY will help you process some stuff and taking the time needed to grieve and honor your mother wll help move you closer to peace in your soul.

As to a 'real' Witch, it might be helpful for you to know that this probelbly can't be defined and those who say they can define it don't know.That applies to any higher abilities.

These titles of Witch, Magician, Shaman, Light Worker, Priest, Monk, Sri, Holy Man and so on are just mental construct to describe something, and a prop for the ego to give itself another way to define its self and feel more important.
If one uses whatever methods and tools and mental constructs one gets from a particular line of study as a way to focus without getting caught in their own myth then it works.... if not it's a wash.

In the end we all do the same thing, we just have different play toys and mental constructs to do it with.
So think about why being a "real witch' is imprtant to you and what you hope to gain from it, what practal application is it gong to have and will it serve your Highest Good?