View Full Version : Spiritual experiences at childhood? Please help

02-01-2014, 11:07 PM
Before I start, this was the closest topic I could find relating to my matter, so if it doesn't fit I apologise.

So I'm not sure if these experiences were in any way spiritual or whether they even happened (but I'm 95% sure they did) anyway I would like to know your thoughts. And these both happened when I was around 4-6.

The first experience was when I would lie in bed and look at a toy on my shelf, and I could kind of make its mouth move with my mind. I could often choose what I wanted it to say as well. Now as much as you might think that this was in my imagination considering my young age, I can assure you that it definitely felt real at the time and it still kind of does.

My second experience was whenever I would lose something, it would fall from the top of my head. I know it sounds crazy, but it really did happen. I knew I wouldn't ever put it on my head in the first place, nor would I have thrown it up and down. It was always lost like how you would lose your car keys or something. Eventually it got to the point where whenever I lost something I would feel the top of my head to see if it was there. I remember once I even checked my head and around my hair and neck, and it still fell from my head. I really don't believe that my house would have been haunted either.

So what do you think these could mean? I've wanted to ask about these experiences for a long time actually. Now that I think about it, the most logical explanation would be that it was my imagination, but it honestly didn't feel that way when it happened and still doesn't to this day. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

04-01-2014, 06:51 AM
The first I don't know what to call- most likely though it was that the system hadn't gotten you yet so you believed it could happen. And thus when you knew you had the ability, it did. Just like when I use my button technique and "give" someone an ability by using a button I designed. It's not that I granted them some power, it's that they always had and just didn't know or believe it prior to then and with free will, we block ourselves in and limit our abilities.

The second I would say with almost no doubt would be that it was apporting. Slightly different from this, whenever my sister was upset she used to find a new stuffed animal wherever she looked, one to each time. For me, things would move around, and whenever I needed something I had this bag I would essentially call a magic hat. You can dump it and never find what you need, and dump it over and over again I have done way to many times, but when I simply stick my hand in and dig, whatever I needed is the first thing that I grab.. it also works for others, and has occasionally provided something I've never seen before but was just hoping would pop out of the bag. Rocks from my collection would also apport around our house and to me if I ever required one to heal with or if they found their tools required elsewhere as I had huge amounts of energy stored in for anyone to use.
Doesn't sound like a dream at all :) and there's nothing that's "not real", it really is just a difference between what we experience everyday or expect that others do, and what we don't.