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10-07-2006, 08:10 AM
Hello everyone my name is Whare and I am new to these forums. I feel very honoured to be here and to be talking with so many diverse souls on their spiritual path. I am very pleased to meet you all and greet you with much love. As you grow by helping me so too will I with your counsel. So I am very grateful for all that you have to teach me.

There is a question I would like to ask and it is to do with clair sentience. I am hyper sensitive and I recieve feelings all the time all over my body some are hard to explain yet some are not. Sometimes they feel like a touch or a vibration. Sometimes I feel tears when I'm not crying or sweat when I'm not physically active and so on and so forth. But most of the feelings I recieve come on my face and I was wondering if the feelings that I get are the same for every person like me or are they different for each person. What I want to know is, is there a book or website or person here that could help me to understand fully what they mean. Because sometimes I could get 2 or 3 feelings at a time on my face and this really confuses me. Is there like a diagram that is kind of similar to acupucture but is about feelings and their positions on the face or on any other part of the body? A diagram that could act as a guide for clair sentients or feeling people. What I am also confused about is, are these feelings about me or the ones I love and are they from those in spirit or just earthbound spirits, what do they mean? Should I trust them? I know they are messages for me but sorting them out and deciphering them all at once is mind boggling. Could somebody please help me to understand this and guide me to the right answers.

15-07-2006, 11:24 AM
Hello Whare, and welcome!
I am a New Zealander too, although a pakeha - but have been interested in things Maori, hence my pen-name.

I can answer some of your questions, not all.

For one, people are sensitive in many different ways, very often in a way individual to the person, as we are all different. I don't know of any "map" like you suggest, that would depict various areas of the body which always pertain to or signal a particular activity or meaning. There is a method of "testing what is one's truth" by means of the body's muscular reactions, called muscle-testing or kinesiology; and there are various ways this can take place. One well-used one in the spiritual school I was a member of, is by interlinking the thumb and forefinger (or next finger) of both hands and asking the question mentally or aloud, "Is ....... true for me?" If it is, the body consciousness knows, and will tense the finger muscles so that its harder to pull the interlinked rings apart; else if not true, the muscles are weaker and the rings more easily parted. But I know of one person who knew by the way his buttock muscles twitched what was his truth and what wasn't! Another way to test kinesthetically is by means of a pendulum, which the body consciousness (or Body Spirit) will get to swing one way if the question is true for one, and another way if not.

So various sensitive people have various bodily reactions.
One way that you might be able to determine what your various sensations mean for you, would be to cultivate the skill of muscle testing or using a pendulum. Be sure to intend to ground firmly to Mother Earth before testing, and intend to be enveloped in a column of white light that comes down from your higher self above, and goes down into the centre of the earth below. Consciously intend to connect to your soul and guidance, and ask Mother Earth for her angels to see that your sensing is true and not interfered with. Also intend to have your energies polarised correctly according to your gender. And ask one unambiguous question at a time - questions that have alternatives, and could be answered with both a yes and a no will give a confused answer.

As for sweating when you're not physically active, that could be the purifying energies of kundalini rising within your body. Some people have quite drenching night sweats due to their kundalini activating and burning off some karma that they are working on - perhaps it has come up in their dreamtime activities. But these things really need to be tested for to be certain of what's happening.

As you may know, Earth and all upon her are going up in vibratory level fairly rapidly now, in preparation for a big leap forward in evolution; so people are becoming more and more sensitive to energies - both of their own beings and of the environment they are in.

Perhaps someone else may be able to give us more information on your questions.


06-08-2006, 01:39 AM
Thank you pounamu that is very usefull information

12-08-2006, 12:17 PM
Imageimaginer hi hope some of what i say will help you, i sit in what is known as a working circle in which we help earthbound or lost spirit to find their path.

This kind of work can get very emotional therefore we must be strong both spiritually and mentaly as we feel every and i mean every emotion that that particular soul is feelling anger,frustration,fear,relief,remorse,sadness and of course love. When we ask the spirit a question and it is answered confirmation for each of us is a feeling we get of goose bumps and exitement
once we get this feeling we know that the information is correct.

I think your spirit guides are testing you in your response to certain feelings work with them and im sure you will progress rapidly i love the work i do with our group and i feel honoured to have been given this gift to help people in such a way. God bless you my friend.

01-09-2006, 07:05 AM
Thank you very much lumas I will try.