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14-10-2010, 10:01 PM

One of the things I have noticed as I have travelled along the mystical path is that a majority of mystics in this world, the majority of people who are able to access and realise higher realms, higher parts of themselves, who are able to receive, see apparitions of higher realms and higher beings, see Auras, become more aware of their surroundings besides just the physical.. these people are children.

The majority of the mystics in the world are children.. That says a lot. I believe the reason why the majority of mystics in the world are children is because they have come into this world still very much open to their higher selves. When we come into this world our conscious mind is part of us that processes our experiences but remember that this is only the tip of the ice berg.. Who we are is the entirety of the iceberg and most of that lies underneath the ocean surface and we are not even aware of it.

Children come into this world and they are more aware of it...so you need to remember who you were as a child. There is a reason why so many mystics have said in order to be enlightened you need to be open and like a child. This is what ancient masters have tried to tell people for years. It's a state of openness, none judgemental ness, it's openness that allows the rest of you to come into the physical realm so you can be aware of the entirety of who you are. The rest of you as a child is a little bit afraid to make itself known to you... you have lost its trust, you have lost trust in it and placed judgement on that child self. On that path of you it is connected to all that is, and you have closed those doors and I remember that child self of me.

I remember I had a granddad, he was not my real granddad a step granddad. I called him grandpa and there I was at the age of five.. he would never have hurt me but because of his demena and some of the things he would say to me, I was always afraid of him. I didn't want to go and sit on his lap, I didn't trust him because I didn't feel that he loved me. In order for your inner child to open up, the higher part of you that you need to return to.. for that inner child to want to open the doors that you have closed, you are going to have to assure it that you love it, that you are not going to judge it, that its ok. There is a practise that I do every day that helps this to unfold. Without that unfolding , without that trust between your higher self and you, without you taking the time to open the doors you have closed, that inner child, that higher self, you will not become aware of it. Simple. It will hit back, it wants the doors closed because it doesn't trust you.. it doesnít want to be judged, it doesn't want to be hurt.......so....

In the morning I have my coffee.. oh how I love my coffee.....and I think about who I was as a child.. I will remember the little girl that I was.. that little girl who just loved everybody, who trusted, who always was curious, inquisitive, who was smart, and who just loved the world freely, and I remember how special this little girl was. I also remember all the times as a child that I pushed myself away from her. As I grew up I was angry because maybe I didn't live up to some of the expectations I had placed on her. Maybe she let me down. Maybe she didn't make the grade wanted her to make on a test or maybe somebody didn't like her and so I judged her...( me as a child) and I judged her less.. the more I did that the more i closed her doors, and cut myself off from my inner self.

I sit in the morning and I see that little girl.. and I actually do see her.. and I will say come here.. I love you.. sit on my lap. .I hold myself as that child. I will tell her ...I love you.. I will tell her that no matter what she does I will always love her, I will never think less of her. I will tell her through my feelings how important she is to me. And how much I want her in my life....The more you do this the more you are opening those doors to your higher self. You have closed so many doors in your life. I have closed so many doors in my life.. Thatís why the masters say the first thing is to become like a child. You need to throw out judgement, because all of the judgement you have been placing on yourself has been closing the doors to the higher parts of who you are.

The funny things is sometimes I will sit in the morning, drink my coffee and listen to the birds.. all of a sudden I will become aware of a presence standing next to me, a slightly timid presence, not someone who just jumps on me, and pounces on me, but someone who loves me and is standing off and watching for me to talk to her. and believe it or not it's an aspect of myself. .its that child that I was.. coming up to me, ever so quietly and waiting for me to acknowledge me. I have seen that child very real, its part of myself and it knows that I love it....I tell her I am sorry for all the times I have judged her, I say sorry for all the times I have placed judgement and thought is a less than it really is to me and I have opened the doors and as you open those doors the rest of you will desire to connect with you.

It is no longer afraid. This is a practise you may want to try every morning. .just take four or five mins, see yourself as a child....See who you were and who you came into this world as, because that is the closest part of your conscious self that was connected with the entirety of who you are. Go back to that self, that you that you have judged, that you have thought less of and tell it you are sorry, an really mean it. You will feel your inner child and there will be a warmth and an opening in your heart, within your heart chakra which connects you to the rest of who you are beyond the physical dimension and you will become aware of the entirety of who you are because those doors will be opened.

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15-10-2010, 09:13 AM
I agree with what you say.

The inner child is also quite care free. It does not have concerns for food or shelter. That is something that the adult can become overwhelmed by.

The masters and mystics in our history all knew they were cared for. Our human culture at this time does not feel this way, and that is why we create our problems.


15-10-2010, 12:27 PM
Not forgetting that the Child ego-state has both positive and negative personality profiles. The Negative having the potential to be very "dark" indeed.

15-10-2010, 06:33 PM
Not forgetting that the Child ego-state has both positive and negative personality profiles. The Negative having the potential to be very "dark" indeed.

Quite so! It is not always simplistic or cut and dry... the psyche of children can be quite complicated!