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15-11-2012, 01:51 PM
I just wanted to share this, because is was SO awesome when it happened the other day, and I wanted to ask "them" about how it all happened.
November 15, 2012

I would like to ask questions about manifesting. Did I manifest getting the day afterThanksgiving off? And if I did, yeahthanks!, was it the thought, then the feelings, then letting it go? I’m trying to understand, so I can do it consciouslythis time? Thanks.
I would like to speak to Seth. Who am I speaking to? Seth

Good morning.

Good morning. Todaywe want to talk about manifesting. Youasked for that topic, so here it is. Whenyou want to manifest anything, first you have to have the thought of what youwant. We were showing you how to dothat. Your thought was bland,basic. I want that day off. We were showing you how to get in touch withthe feeling of having that day off. Andonce you got into that feeling place of what that meant to you, then you askedagain that it would be nice to get that day off and get paid for that day off,and then you went to work, not expecting anything. And then you got that day off. It was the fact that you were not expecting anythingout of the ordinary that helped the manifestation of it. When you put too much pressure on somethingyou are wanting to manifest, it is like you are saying to the universe, I wantthis, and it feels this way, and now, how do I get it, and you knoodle it andknoodle it, and then you push it away from you by the very act of knoodling. We were trying to show you that when you wantsomething and ask for it and get in touch with the feeling of what that feelslike when you get it and how amazing it would be to have it and you have had itbefore and what did that feel like and you get into the good feelings of it andyou don’t think about it, it manifests. Fairly instantly. There is not atime gap, because you just stopped thinking about it, but you kept thinkingabout how wonderful the holidays are and you enjoyed them so much and all thehappy memories you associate with them and that is what we were trying to showyou. Feel what you want before itmanifests. Live with the feeling for a whileof the happy things, the reason you would want it to manifest, the whys andwherefores. You can use your memories tomanifest whatever you want in your life. They are all there available to you, sleeping. When you awaken the thought of them, they gathermomentum by themselves. You didn’t haveto do any of that work. Once the feelingwas activated, that feeling of, oh, I forgot how much I love the holidayseason, the memories were just there and you went with the flow of them andthey were delicious and fragrant and it was almost like you were there againinside of them and the feelings were remembrances but also in the moment, inyour present moment, as well. You broughtthem into your present moment and were feeling them there. And when you were done with them, and you gotto work, you still remembered that feeling and you were excited about theholidays and you brought that with you to work. And in that feeling moment, that activated the manifestation.
You did not have to do anything to get that which you askedfor. And we were showing you that is howit works. There is no work to be donewhen you manifest anything. Unless youare talking about creating something from within yourself, if you are wanting thingsthat do not require any creational work on your part, that is how it works.

So, just enjoy that you know how to do this now, and try itagain. We will be waiting to helpyou. Connect with the feelings and yourlife changes.

Thank you Seth!
(I just want to say that when I got to work, and stayed in that wonderful feeling place of I love the Holiday Season, and I even spoke to a coworker about that feeling, then I started my work but I still felt how wonderful that was and I was feeling so good, then a coworker walked into my bosses office and asked him about if he was going to shut the operations down for that day, and they were talking about it - a very small office, I could hear everything, and they agreed that no one really wants to work that day anyway. Wow! My guides have told me to start small with manifestations, and I didn't know what they meant, and haven't consciously tried it yet - so I wanted to share that. they keep telling me It is easy to manifest small things to begin with, to get the hang of consciously manifesting - hope this helps.)

15-11-2012, 09:54 PM
Like always, is a pleasure to read your channeled message. Is very useful.

16-11-2012, 01:17 AM
Thanks, Adrian. I appreciate the comment and am grateful that they are helpful that is my intention with them.

I told my husband this morning how I had manifested this day off with pay, and he was in a very stress filled situation at work, and his work ALWAYS works the day after thanksgiving, and he had work up to his eyeballs, and I really didn't expect him to try it, I was just sharing. he just came home and told me he tried it, and the CEO of his company sent everyone in the company an email saying they were all getting the day off with pay.


16-11-2012, 12:52 PM
I got the Impulse to put these here :smile:

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