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05-10-2010, 12:30 AM
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Over the last year I have found the greatest trials teaches souls the greatest lessons ..I have learned that I can continue walking the earth and continue creating, even when I have gone through the greatest pain...I have learned that love is much deeper than romance...Love is when you care so deeply for another soul that you would give your own soul to your beloved. ..you would give up your individuality ..all of the experiences you have ever encountered to become a part of that other soul....and in that in doing so you come one step closer to oneness with God. I have learned that you cannot help who you fall in love with...and you can continue loving even though you know it can never be returned.

I have learned to continue loving creation. And God...even when a part of God and creation has hurt or betrayed me. I have learned to dance even when my heart is filled with sorrow and loss. I have learned that it is ok to cry and that it is ok to go on...and I have learned that going on doesn't mean you have failed the love of the ones you have lost. I have learned that truly loving God means truly loving the soul that I am. ..That my soul is an expression of the Universe , of creation, and of the force that flows through all things.

I have learned that fully embracing myself In the face of the intolerance, pride, condemnation, and self richiousness of others is the only way to fully embrace my own divinity within. I have learned that rejecting myself is a rejection of God within me. I have learned what it truly means to forgive others who have wronged me...I have learned what it means to walk in Grace.

This past year I have learned that I am infinitely stronger than I ever thought I was before. I have also learnd that I am truly watched over and that in the midst of loneliness I am surrounded by the light and the caressing love of Angels, Guardians and souls that have walked beside me every step of my journey. I have learnt that I am never alone and that true love is unconditional and anything less is counterfeit love.

I have learnt that I do not have to be perfect in order to be loved by the Universe I have learnt that even in the midst of trials and mistakes it was only I who had cast judgement upon myself ..That even when I believe the self-righteous indignation of others Gods spirit never lost sight of the innate perfection I truly possessed as a part of Gods own spirit that flows within me. I have learned that I can walk alone and that my heart can still sing. I have learnt that whenever we cast judgement upon ourselves or others we are casting judgement upon God and we put ourselves one step further from knowing and loving God and ourselves.

I have learnt to trust that their is an innate balance within the Universe, that every event and every circumstance we encounter is to teach us to love ourselves and all of creation unconditionally. I have learnt that it is my responsibility to forgive others who have trespassed against me...and that the Universe will unfold in this lifetime or lifetimes to come so that every injustice will one day be made right so that those who have hurt or betrayed me will like wise learn to love more deeply by experiencing effects of their actions. I have learnt that when I love myself I am loving God ..when I know myself I am also learning to know God...I have also learnt that when I love others I am loving God...and by knowing others more deeply I also begin to know God more deeply as well.

Love you all

Blessed Be

Storm xxxxxx

01-11-2010, 08:41 PM
I actually don't know what to say.
It doesn't help that I'm listening to Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest in the background, and this is so deep and beautiful. I sincerely hope you are content with life; you seem to deserve it if this thread sums up how you think and perceive the planet. Blessed Be, and much light to you x