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05-10-2010, 12:19 AM
Merry meet Guys,

I have posted a lot tonight sorry for that let me tell you a bit about myself. I have spent many years developing my abilities in magick and all aspects of the magikal arts, mystical and spiritual development, herbalism, meditation and much more. yes i am a Witch and proud of it 24 yrs study. I live and breath this with a passion. My Goal in life is to work towards helping people find spiritual peace ..This is part of your own mystical path of self realisation. I am happy to meet you all and wish you all peace.

I wanted to write a little bit more about my own story.. Not wanting to bore you but I think some of it may help some of you who are on a similar path. Also I would like to teach you things that I have come to realise are actually the highest forms of magic. In doing this I am also going to share with you some of the lower forms of magic ..Like in thought forms..I called thought forms high magic ..it is the highest but it is also the highest of the lowest forms if that makes any sense. There are forms of magic that are higher than that.

First of all I wanted to tell you that I believe if you are reading these posts, that you yourself, like me, are not better than anything else in creation . Don't assume I am saying that because nobody is better than anything else, and nobody is worse than anything else either. We are all made of the same stuff...But never the less their souls, fragments of the consciousness of all that is, which we are, who have been along a different journey than other souls, and are more evolved in certain understandings. I believe if you are reading this, be you a Kabbalist, a Wiccan , a Pagan or a Hermetist or a Shaman. I don't care what you call yourself.. I want you to know that I feel that you would not be reading this if you were not along this path previously either in this life or another. If you weren't you would probably be watching football or reading about daily news etc. You are interested in this because you have something inside of you that has been interested in it before and I believe you have probably practiced it before to a certain degree, and this is another step on your path, as it is mine.

I also want to say I am not a master or an enlightened one, although I have experienced brief moments of oneness, I have experienced that through meditation and it was a small taste of who I really am inside. I also want you to know that I am a reflection of you whether you believe it or not...Nothing exists outside of yourself, you are both the Macrocosm and microcosm of the universe, time and space are an illusion. I am a reflection of you as you are a reflection of me, that is why whatever you do to other parts of creation, whatever your journey, you have been doing it to yourself, and that is the principle of the concept of the highest form of magic.

I wanted to tell you a bit about my own journey. I have suffered from depression at times due to certain situations, not right now though, and for me I was very angry at my own self because I considered it a sign of weakness in my character which then I projected onto a weakness of my own soul. I was angry at myself because this...I have been told by different people I have encountered in my life and people along the mystical path as well, that I was mistaken in saying that it was a flaw in my character. It's not a flaw in my character, it is a part of my character, and it's not a permanent part of my character it is a part of my character that I am at right now...If that makes sense?...But never the less I have had things happen in my life because of feeling depressed that have bought me the most intensive amount of pain, and those moments of pain have turned out to be a blessing that I didn't perceive at the time. I am telling you this because I want you to know that I am not perfect. In this I started to realise that maybe it was the pain that I was going through that was teaching me something about myself....That when everything is going well in your life, you have nothing to challenge your thoughts and ideas of who you are, and one of the reasons you are in the physical world and you have forgotten your true self is for you to search out your true self and find it again, and in the process of searching out your true self you are creating things in the process, and that's how the universe creates and flows as a cycle......It is a cycle of knowing who you are, with oneness with all that is and being conscious of that oneness....and then falling back into the idea of separate differentiations of the ego and thinking the physical body is who you are.

I want to talk about he higher form of magic by continuing with my story.. so.....I told you a while back I had got so very down at one time in my life I had even thought of ending it, even to the point of setting a date. I have to tell you nobody on the outside world knew that I was going to do this. I was a nurse and I could go to work and still no one had any idea. My friends knew I was a bit down and going through a bad time because of something that had happened, but they had no idea I was going to end my life...because I could put on smile...I don't think this is necessarily a good quality, but it's part of my character. I can be very charismatic and I can hide things so... they had no idea. But I was determined and I was angry, and I was mostly angry at myself.

I have come to understand that 'god' is not outside of myself. There is nothing that makes me up or you up that is not part of 'god'.....I will come back to that concept in a second...but I want to tell you that this was something I had to understand mentally but I had not had enough experience with it to truly comprehend it....I was seeing myself as having flaws in my character and it came to me later on after this whole experience had happened....that the truth is......it was like, I don't know if it was my guide 'mabes' or my own self ...but as I was lying on the couch one day and thinking about what I was going to do etc....A question came to my mind......'Do you believe god is perfect?'.....and I believe that god and universal creation are the same to me.. That god is the source of all things even the source of my soul, it is my highest self...and of course I believe that the spirit and the force that makes up the universe is perfect...it's perfect...Then the idea came to me in my head......' Is there anything that makes you up that is not made of the source of all that is? Is there anything that makes you up that is not part of god? That is outside god?'........and no their isn't....So what does that mean about you and me?......... The truth is you are perfect...you are not born in sin, you are born in ignorance...Their is nothing that makes you up that is not outside of god/universe and not a part of god. You are perfect and the problem is you judge yourself...and that is why the great mystics including Jesus and other mystics say the first thing they will teach is 'don't judge'...Don't judge others and don't judge yourself, because those judgements are what you create in your mind as imperfections and you loose sight of the perfection of who you are.. as part of spirit of god/universe, so that's something we all share but not something we are all aware of...and something that I learned, I am not perfect....do I have perceived flaws...yes...but I perceive them as flaws, the universe/god doesn't...others may perceive them as flaws....are they flaws...no not in the literal sense...not in the absolute sense.

Anyway the highest form of magic that I learned...going back to the story lol......At this time I was angry and I had learnt lower forms of magic, lower forms of magic like candle magic etc....These are important to learn too and are steps along the path..I have learned candle magic and it is very successful for me.. I have been able to raise energy and focus for days and manifest things in my life very quickly...so candle magic does work ..I know I do digress a lot but things do come together in the end...so back to high magic....once more ..( I hear you say!)

I was determined I didn't want to live in this world anymore I was so muddled with negative emotions, all the practices I had, had with concentration, with controlling my emotions, they went out of the door. I just couldn't do it, I couldn't do anything and it was so frustrating because I had thought because of the lower nature of my own self I guess.. I had thought as I was so angry I would get someone back...I was feeling all the negative emotions and had felt almost the point like.. I know this may sound dramatic but a person who has learned how to control certain things.. when something reaches and tugs at the things that are most important to you, and you feel like your going too loose it...that is where you grow because you have the potential to focus yourself on that moment and maybe use some of the things you have learned for your own purposes and negativity....I didn't do anything like that when I was down...I just didn't and another reason I couldn't do anything was because i couldn't concentrate , I couldn't sleep, I was having a terrible time and I knew I was going to kill myself anyway.. so that's what I thought.

It was a horrible time in my life and my guide later told me this....after this was all over. I managed to get myself out of it and am still ok and working on things but...My guide came to me at that time and I knew I was going to be ok, but he said...' does it still hurt?'...and I got angry at my guide.. Here I was wanting help and he keeps coming up with these stupid sentences like ' who are you' and ' does it still hurt!' and the anger welled up inside of me and he didn't say this but as i was contemplating a lot of these thoughts came into my mind and I know they are not from myself.. they are higher thoughts that help me to understand things. .I realised then that if this had not happened to me, If I had not created this circumstance, which I did create out of my subconscious thoughts, out of my circumstances, I was not a victim. This is I guess something I had chosen at a higher level to put myself through.. If I had not done this, I would not have felt the ultimate pain.. If I had lost my car etc that would have been painful etc, But to be hurt by the ones I loved was my life because they were my heart....and that's what it took is to receive the ultimate pain, because with your pain that is how you grow.. and part of that is also to feel the ultimate anger and the ultimate negativity because then you can take what you have learned and you can decide to abuse it or you can decide to control it, and I had passed that, bearly passed that test , but I did...and it didn't come to my understanding until after it was all over. I know that my guide could have told me all this and what was going on, but if he had told me this it would have influenced my choices and it wouldn’t have come from me.

I want to teach you the highest form of magic now....and this is what I have to learn for the rest of my life because it still hurts.

The highest form of magic is to realise that magic is unnecessary...To realise that the universe is perfect. The highest form of magic is acceptance and relinquishment of your own desires, and to see the perfection even in the midst of negativity.. and you cannot realise that higher form of magic unless you are immersed in the highest form of pain.

Now my pain does not go away.. sometimes it settles, but it comes to the surface. But that's how I am growing.. If the pain went away then it would not continue to help me and Buddhists will tell you that and the masters will tell you that.....they will tell you that....If I had lost my legs in an accident that would have been a tremendous amount of pain but I would have got over it.. Loosing my loved ones, My Child is something that in this life I will never get over...Finally I have just come to acceptance.. Have I come to relinquish the pain I had....No...But I use it every day because it is teaching me the highest form of magic.

The highest form of magic is realising that everything is perfect and to realise to accept it and to realise that the lower forms of magic such as creating thought form, candle magic etc which are all steps on the path are really unnecessary...The masters will never do things to manipulate the environment or to change the circumstances that are in the universe. Acceptance is the highest form of magic and when you have reached the highest state of magic you realise that magic is not necessary....And so that is something I am learning right now. That is the goal of where you want to go to...and if you are not at that state it's ok because those are steps along te path.

I have said enough for today and I am so sorry this has been a long post but it is something that I needed to write as it is my path and where I am....I will tell you this though...I am Not a guru, or a saint, I am not an enlightened one, but I have come to realise that the state of enlightenment is a knowledge of your oneness and true self with all that is and it is not out of your reach...I used to think that enlightenment was some goal out in the future, and when I become enlightened that somehow I am going to change, that somehow I would become this 'Gandalf the White' ..lol...or some kind of character like that....enlightenment is not like that....enlightenment is like an understanding of peace and acceptance and knowing who you are and it brings the greatest amount of serenity even in the greatest amount of pain...There is an old Chinese Buddhist saying that says:

'Before enlightenment you chop wood..( meaning you work)...After enlightenment you chop wood'

You have not changed you just realise your true self...Enlightenment is the highest form of magick.. And that is what I wanted to share with you today.

Peace and Love

Storm xxxxxxx

05-10-2010, 10:39 PM
The highest form of magic is to realise that magic is unnecessary...To realise that the universe is perfect. The highest form of magic is acceptance and relinquishment of your own desires, and to see the perfection even in the midst of negativity..
Well stated and thank you for sharing your story stormdancer :hug2:

“Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things as they are.”
-Karen Maezen Miller

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Great post!