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05-10-2010, 12:00 AM
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I love this time of year ..when I dropped Niamh my daughter off at school this week I took a few hours out to take a walk down by the river at Clitheroe ...I thought about life, and wanted to try to reconnect myself with nature ..which is actually reconnecting myself with myself as because you know nature is a part of our greater self...The world is a part of our greater self.

One of the things I was thinking about while down by the river was ..I was thinking about how the analogy we have heard about how each person in the world are like a drop of water, and the drop of water thinks of itself as separate from all the other drops ..until it ends up in the middle of a river, or an ocean, or a lake, a stream or a pond and it finds out it is much more than the drop it thought it was. I know you have probably heard that analogy many times but it is good to go out to a place in nature and actually think about that because it helps you to think about the higher realities of your own self.

One thing I was thinking when I was sat by the river was, if you watch the water flowing down the river its almost like comparable to the evolution of consciousness ...you have all these drops of water that are all mixed into one flowing mass ..which is really what we all are one flowing mass. And its travelling down the river, going down a path, flowing, progressing, growing, till eventually it reaches the ocean ..but in many ways it is much like the evolution of consciousness.

One thing I did notice as I was walking along the river bank was that if you watch the little parts along the edge of the river, if you watch how the water is flowing along the edge, often times you will see what looks like little whirlpools. Now the water in the middle is really rushing and progressing quite fast, but along the shores it is kind of like a safety net for the water...and you wont find just one or two whirlpools...If you watch leaves floating on top of the water you will see that eventually there comes a point in the river where these leaves stop flowing down , they just sit and spin in circles...It's like they are stuck...A part of that rushing fluid water somehow got stuck in itself ...spinning around. No longer rushing. No longer progressing just spinning in circles...that made me think of my own life ..You probably wouldn't believe this but I have been trapped in so many whirlpools in my life. And you know the thing about whirlpools is that they feel like safe places...because you are no longer rushing on to the unknown , you feel like you have a containment of safety all around you, you feel like you understand if not everything at least you feel like you are in the perfect place where you have all the answers. And if you don't have all the answers you know that perfect place that you are spinning around in ..I think we all get trapped in whirlpools. We have to sometimes question where we are. And no one likes to be wrong, no one wants to admit they are in a whirlpool ..you can't point to someone and say you are in a whirlpool, because that person will just automatically resist because they don't want to realise that.

In order to step out of any type of a whirlpool ..whether it is the whirlpool of 'I just believe in physics. I believe that yoga is the only way to get self realised, I believe that the catholic church is the only divine institution on the face of the earth'....In order to get out of these whirlpools that we find ourselves in , that feels so safe, is a scary transition. It takes a few things within us that if we don't have it within us we will stay trapped in the whirlpool...One of them is you really have to have a 100% understanding that you are going to be loved by God, or the Universe, whatever you choose to call it....No matter what you do. There are so many people who don't believe that ..there are not that many people who can actually say that the Universe or God Loves me unconditionally. They may say that God loves you unconditionally but if you don't do what he says he won't have anything to do with you....A lot of religions look at God that way...But when you realise that you are already a part of the Universe ..That you are already a part of what makes God up...When you realise that when God made you that he used or she used the only thing available ..Himself/Herself.....You are made out of God ..You are an extension of God... And when you truly realise it you realise that God can no more hate you or not love you or not want to be with you any more than you would not want to be part of your right hand....because that right hand is a part of you...It can never not be a part of you. You know God is not going to cut off parts of himself ..We have to relinquish fear when we are afraid to step out of the whirlpools we are in. It takes humility also...that maybe you don't have all the answers or maybe the whirlpool that you are in is trying to keep you in that whirlpool because it doesn't want you to go free....It takes a great deal of trust, a great deal of humility, to step out of your whirlpool.....and it can be a scary time ..The moment you step out of your whirlpool things will just start to open up you. Its like the water that was trapped in the whirlpool will now start to flow down the river and you will realise how much more there is to learn and understand and it realised that this deeper connection to the river more than it ever realised it when it was trapped in the whirlpool, and I can truthfully say that....I don't say I have all the answers because the truth is I don't want to jump from one whirlpool into another ..whirlpools are such a trap ..as soon as we feel good about something ..as soon as we arrive at a deeper truth or understanding it is so easy to turn that understanding into some type of a dogma or into some type of a whirlpool. Churches have been doing it for thousands of years or even longer then that. A lot of the Egyptians were trapped in a whirlpool of their religion and you see in the middle east in Islam, the Jewish religions many whirlpools and Christianity all saying they have it ............Step out of the whirlpools and make a pact with yourself that you are going to be on the look out for other whirlpools because you don't consciously jump into a whirlpool, how you get stuck in one is that it is a trap of reassurance that you start to feel safe in what you believe ..you start to believe that this is the ultimate ..and when you start to have those thoughts within your mind. Be aware of them...Stop and look around you and ask yourself am I jumping into a whirlpool. because its hard to get out of those whirlpools ..its very difficult.

The truth of the matter is the reason why we like whirlpools is because ultimate state of consciousness. The ultimate state of reality is that it is endless...infinite...in its ultimate state it is unknowable....what a wonderful thing to have an unknowable state of consciousness. because it is unknowable. It is infinite in its manifestations, and eternal. It is an eternal state of consciousness evolving in awareness and it never ends. It is so vast that it scares people. They don't want to picture God as this unknowable eternal essence because it is too big. They want to stick him in a box, give him a name , create a Dogma around him. Create a whirlpool.

Remember the saying: If you think you know it all. Well thatís all you know.. Thatís all you know!

If you cannot believe in the impossible you can never achieve the impossible!!!!!
I hope this rambling from my mind makes sense.

Peace and Love
Storm xxxxxxxx