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04-10-2010, 11:51 PM
http://j.imagehost.org/0290/tumblr_kr1y5kmgjc1qa1ix6o1_500.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0290/tumblr_kr1y5kmgjc1qa1ix6o1_500)
There is much talk now days about conscious creation and the way to use mind thoughts, your intentions and emotions, to send out energy from your own essence and to create the circumstances of your physical environment around you. Today I was thinking about this and want to share some of the things I have learnt about practical ways in which you can consciously create.
First of all before I go into the practicalities of conscious creation I wanted to just briefly explain some of the mechanics of it. We in the last especially the last 3-4 decades principally actually in the last 15 years, have come to understand the nature of matter and energy more than we ever have in the past through Quantum physics, and one of the things we learn through Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics and the study of sub atomic particles is that our intentions, when physicists conduct an experiment, our intentions have actually manipulated the outcome of the experiment. What I mean by that is the thoughts of the experimenters have actually come to play in the outcomes of the experiment. This is because their expectations or beliefs that they enter the experiment with, although they try to put those aside, they still radiate out and have actually effected things on a Quantum level....Which is pretty amazing because it reminds us that everything including ourselves and all that is around us is connected. So in tapping into that connection is the essence of conscious creation.
One of the things that needs to be done, the greatest tool of consciously creating the circumstances in your environment is actually to tap into your subconscious mind. To use your subconscious mind as a catalyst to create what is around you, because the majority of what is created around you in your environment is a reflection of your subconscious thoughts, subconscious desires and your subconscious intentions which your conscious mind is usually not even aware of. We have thoughts that pass us, experiences that pass us through our conscious mind and our everyday lives, and these experiences, thoughts, intentions and desires are stored deeply in the subconscious. I know I have said this before but again the subconscious mind is like the bottom of an iceberg it expands vastly under the ocean and we are not aware of the depth of the iceberg from the top of the ocean from the surface all we can see is the tip of the iceberg and so the conscious mind can be compared to that tip of the iceberg. It is a very small part of the essence of our minds, and saying this we need to tap into the subconscious self. What we cannot see. What is under the ocean.
http://j.imagehost.org/0324/iceberg-2.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0324/iceberg-2)
I am going to show you some practical ways of using your subconscious mind. The best way to use your subconscious mind is to use it at a level that you are not consciously aware of. Which is kind of tricky! Ö.. But their are some practical ways of doing that......meaning that you are creating subconsciously at the same time that your conscious mind is aware and doing other things...See when your conscious mind does not interfere with subconscious creation of things creation happens much more efficiently and quickly and thoroughly. You donít want your conscious mind to necessarily interact with that subconscious creation. You could be subconsciously creating things while you are consciously doing the dishes and not even aware that you are creating things subconsciously.
One of the best ways to tap into your subconscious mind without your conscious mind being aware of it is something called a SIGIL Sigils are a statement that you write in the present tense, that is something you desire to have manifest in your life...Now it could be a physical manifestation or something non tangible like a quality or a characteristic that you wish to incorporate into your other self, it could be anything outside of yourself or within yourself.
Ok you start by writing a statement of something you desire like...." I HAVE LUCID DREAMS WHILE SLEEPING" ...I have been trying to experience a lucid dream and have been having no luck so I decided to use a Sigil to tap into my subconscious mind, and to manifest this experience in my life. What I did was I wrote the statement using all capital letters that expressed my manifestation in the present tense. Remember in the present tense only.. I did not say I will I said I have.. If you write in the future that desire will always be out of reach to you...So you want it in the present tense. You write it all in capital letters and you are going to go through and you are going to create an artistic drawing using the letters and using each letter in the statement but only once. As you do this the magic or the conscious creation of what you are doing is actually taking place while you create it. Then you are going to add energy, but you have to be aware and be concise and deliberate with every step you take because these steps are being recorded within your subconscious mind as you do them and your subconscious mind is holding onto them and it isn't going to let them go..................So you use each letter starting in my case with the I and place it on a clean bit of paper i have done one of mine under the statement to show you guys. The reason you would use a separate bit of paper is you do not want to be consciously aware of the statement so donít have the statement on the same bit of paper. Like I said I have done it to show you all. .sheesh.........So we have drawn a letter( capital) I on our page.. we mark all the I's off in the statement because we only use them once...As you do each letter cross them off.....so onto the next letter add it to the picture then cross all the same letters off in the statement and so on until you have done them all...I have added pictures of my sigal xxxxxxxxxxxx
http://j.imagehost.org/0935/sigils003.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0935/sigils003)

http://j.imagehost.org/0696/sigils006.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0696/sigils006)

Ok once finished the Sigil it is now like a puzzle.. like a word puzzle and one of the things about your subconscious mind you need to know is that it loves puzzles and problems. It will be working on your sigil while you are consciously not even aware of it.. infact after you use your sigil during a meditation or during a concentration or raising energy session your subconscious mind as you go consciously about your own business, is still going to be working on your sigil and at a different level and trying to decode which sigil it was.
The best thing to do when doing this is to write at least 4 sigils at once and then put them away for a week without the statement throw those away. Don't look at them, you just don't. Put them away where you can't see them. Donít make your sigils look similar either or you will never remember what is for what as you have thrown the statement away. by doing this you have just blocked off your conscious mind...your subconscious remembers every minute detail of every second of your day so your sigils are still within their access. After a week take them out and put them where you can see them and add energy, as your subconscious mind thinks about it , it will become manifest to you in your life. A good way to raise energy is to use concentration...sit and clear your mind of all conscious thoughts and just look at the sigil, while you are doing this be aware of your breathing etc. raise your energy from your chakras all the way up focusing your energy into the sigil. then leave it out where you can see it and let your subconscious mind manifest this to you in your reality.
here is another example of a sigil:

http://j.imagehost.org/0523/sigdemo.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0523/sigdemo)

Have a go at creating your own Sigil and let me know how you get on.
Peace and Love

Storm xxxxxxxxxxx

07-01-2011, 02:30 PM
Thanks for this post. I first heard about Sigil magic after hearing comic writter Grant Morrison talk about his experiences.

I haven't tried one yet but its my intention to do so this weekend. Grant talks about activating them. How do you activate yours? Its very much like Cosmic Ordering but slightly more intense due to the effort and intense feeling put into designing the sigil.

Thanks for this post, the information is great.

Shadow Wolf
08-01-2011, 04:50 PM
Great information and thanks for sharing it.

I have never done a sigil, however I do feel I would like to explore using art in my workings. This is something I would like to try.

Thank you