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Nature Elder
16-08-2012, 04:27 PM
I do not belong to a tribe. I do have many native american belifes and agree with many native american ways of life. One of my spirit people (my guides) had given me the name Oketuwannah meaning "blue rock elder from north woods" i think its amazing. I can talk and listen to the trees, i am like them. Red Tail Hawks are my bird of sign, spiritually they are messengers who watch over and help keep me on the right spiritual path. Although by law i am not allowed to posses a red tail hawk feather, one day after work i had foumd a very large wing feather, i belive it was a gift, and i keep and hold it sacred. I usually see my brothers atleast 3 times a week. I belive these birds have a natural connection with the creator, and he flys closest to. For a while i hadnt seen any hawks at all for about a month or so, slowly im starting to see them regularly once again, when i talk amongst the wind and nature spirits and trees they tell me change is happening, they tell me to be aware and to continue my work. Nature is in my blood, i have lived many many times befire, i am one with nature, i have a feeling or diar need of change. The trees are speaking to us, listen with our hearts. Does anyone else feel this way or simmilar?

16-08-2012, 10:57 PM
I really enjoy watching them in spring swirling upon a thermal, having their mating dances high above. Where I work is a large tract of old buildings, large fields and quite a bit of woods. Good hunting for Red Tails and other hawks as well. There is a young one there now, his tail has not even turned red yet, but he holds his own with the crows. Tuesday he had them all cowed into a pine, not daring to fly out while the young red tail soared in circles around their cover.

09-03-2013, 09:51 AM
i have been accompanied by 3 Red ~tailed Hawks..for a couple day s now,,i went up onto a mountain..to have a vision..and i was not alone on my journey ..and for two day s there have been three !..i am just filled with a spirit , of comfort <3 just wanted to share ,, :) and hello my friend

Thunder Bow
09-03-2013, 04:53 PM
On Spirit Mountain I see many Harris Hawks. I am one with the Mountain and all there is. Below is my video showing Spirit Mountain.