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15-04-2006, 01:14 PM
hi. im going to my 1st development workshop tonight, and i dnt know what to expect, i have been tryn 4 along time to find some were and only now after all this time have i found it, can anybody please give me some information on what i shud expect when i get there as i havent got a clue?
your thorts please, ty, if you read this b4 7 o clock pm ty.x.
much love and light ,

15-04-2006, 11:39 PM
HI, ALL....
Tonight i went to the psychic development church, when i got there it turned out to be just a normal service, i was bit disapointed at first, as i was told on the phone it wasnt , and i had travelled a considerable amount of travel to get there, i began speaking to a women when i got there, and she told me that i had to go to the service meetings for at least 3 months, so i thort i will stay seen as i was there anyway, during this time, i was sat next to a lady who was chaten to me earlier, she asked me to sit with her, so i wasnt on my own, so i did, during the service, when the medium began her readings, half way through, i noticed there was a strong energy to the left side of me between me and the lady, i told her after the ceremony, about what i saw, she told me to go and have another chat to the lady who was president of the development circle, and church, and explain what had been happening to me over all this time, so i did, she came and sat down with me, and asked me some stuff i explained bk to her,i also told her what i saw during the mediums readings, { i was told this was the etheric spirit i saw, what i always see...}she then tuned into me, and began speaking to my grandad, he came through to her, confirmed he had been speaking out aloud to me, and tampering with my house alarm to get my attention, she told me it was he who made me go there tonight, then she said to me , what would i like to do? do i want to shut this all down and forget it or do i want to develop this, as she said was my grandad who is pulling me into this direction, i told her yes i want to learn how to develop this more, but i didnt understand, she then turned to me and said to me because of what am going through, she is gona help me, she as invited me to a circle, on wednesday, she told me to write down all my experiences i have had, and take them to show her, so she knows were i am at, as she said there is a gift there, she also told me when i go home tonight i have to tell my grandad to go away and let me sleep and get some rest, shut down., this makes sense as the other night no matter how much i tried to shut down there they was talking, i fell sleep in the end though, lol,so at least the outcome was good in the end, im finally gona have some understanding of all this, at long last, thank god......
much love and light ,


16-04-2006, 08:14 PM
well that sounds like a really good experience for you. I'm glad that you have found a church that will help you sort out all the stuff in your head and help you focus and channel the gifts that you obviously have.

I sit in development with Silver Swan. Development circles can be open (meaning many can attend and not necessarily every sitting ) or closed where you have the same set people each week who must make the committment. usually, there is a group meditation to start - you then discuss your meditations and start to learn the difference between messages from your own spirit and messages from other spirit for others sitting in the circle. They may then demonstrate and teach seeing auras and feeling so you can send spiritual healing. Or there are group discussions on issues of spirituality. I really enjoy sitting in circle and feel that my friend and me have come on in leaps and bounds since sitting for development. I think we both feel grateful that we have been finally able to sort out what all that stuff in our heads was all along.

I hope your circle experience goes well - keep us informed

Love and light starlite X:smile:

17-04-2006, 03:51 PM
:angel5: Thanx Starlite,

Yeah i finally feel happy that am gettting some answers at long last, i have been trying for along time to find a place near to me, this is about 45 mins away , but is worth it .
just know im finally gona have peace of mind,
Its nice to meet you, i have chatted a few times with your friend Silver , she is a loverly lady, she speaks highly of you, you are trually blessed ,no doubt she is too with you.

I have been going out of my mind trying to make sense of whats been happening to me, think the worst thing was just not haven understanding to it all, but am getting used to it, even though i still get the odd fright from time to time lol,

thanx again was nice to meet you,
much love and light ,

18-04-2006, 08:00 AM
Yes, Silver and myself started to develop fast wen we got into a circle - it was nice to be able to understand all that stuff in your head and realise that we weren't just going stark raving bonkers.

I'm learning to trust spirit now but i can still get the odd moment when i feel absolutely terrified. A bloke that i know through development explained that it is just a test from their side to see 'how far i can go' if you like. He said that the more i focus on trust the further i will grow.

Anyway, keep us informed and stick with the journey!!

Much love and light starlite X:wink:

18-04-2006, 08:34 PM
Thanx again Starlite,
Yeah i have been told this also that we get tested every so often to see how far we can take it, and what lessons we can take away from it, lol, the other night, not long after my psychic nyt, i was on the phone to my mum, she said to me ring me later if you feel scared, i was telling her that at that moment spirit had just enetered thre room, i was okay though, lol, i told her i would be okay, lol, about 20 mins later i was just sitting there when all of a suddern ryt down my left ear boom, big loud voice, but what scared me the most was like a big gush of air also blowing down my ear the preasure was so much and my ear hurt, i wasnt scared, just takin bk as i thort my ear was gona explode lol, cos was so close into it , i screamed bk, dnt bloody do that, then i settled down and apoligised and said its just that you gave mme a fright not so loud nxt tym lol, {i have a m8 james he s a medium from canada, a really good 1 also myt i add, we was chaten and he told me it was my grandad, and he was a little anoyed with the way i shouted bk at him, i knew all along it was him, as i had been told earlier that night, at the church, so he as promised he wont do so loud nxt tym , lol, as the preasure is so high . only if i turned the t.v down lol, my t.v is always high , lol, with the kids.

Did you meet each other through the church you and Silver? or have you been m8s b4 then? it is nice that you have some one you know there with you, i am yet to make friends , but im sure i will.
was loverly catching up again,
hope you have all had a nice easter,
much love and light ,

19-04-2006, 09:56 PM
arr that's nice. I had a good easter cheers and i hope you did too! X

I have known Silver since school - we didn't see each other for a few years and then i bumped into her at the local supermarket. She had just lost her mother in law who she had nursed through cancer. She missed her greatly and felt her presence around. Silver has always been sensitive and i too have also been very interested (both of us had had experiences similar in nature to you own). We decided to visit a local spiritualist church and later joined their open circle - which is where we started our development.

We later left the open circle and that first church altogether. It got a bit sticky and the politics of the circle leader were a little too fed by her own ego for our liking (that sounds really bad but thats what happened to make us move on...!) We now go to services about every other sunday at another church (which is more local actually and very nice in their approach). We sit in circle with some other like minded people at the moment - which is proving a good experience. The church that we go to is also running a 5 week development course in may so we are going to go to that to.

Spiritualist church's, i think ,attract very friendly congregations so you will soon be meeting people - you had a good chat with two ladies on the first night didn't you?!! Silver and me have met loads of people through going to church and sitting in circle. You'll enjoy it.

It's good that you've got your friend who is a medium - he'll be able to help you loads. It's nice that you have got ur mum too. Is she sensitive?? It's brilliant that you can explain so much to her and she's so understanding. Also read loads and loads of books on the subject - that's taught silver and me loads.

Anyway, hope spirit calms down their approach to you a little and that you have a brilliant week.

much love starlite xx:wink:

20-04-2006, 02:15 AM
Hi Starlite, and thanx.
HOW ARE YOU? HOPE YOU ARE WELL................

Hi, ive been home some tym now, been hmmmmmmmmm ow can i say, i sat in the circle, i had 2 messages of 2 ppl, both about my grandad, lol, and then other stuff. we did a half hour introduction, then a half hour meditation, then a half hour awareness, was gud different.

the med i wasnt used to, as the music was all indian tribal, talking singing on it,
again on 2 occasions i was drawn to 2 ppl, and yes once again they received messages, but i think i was picking this up from the psyche, and not spirit, although there was energy there.

my chair felt as if it was rocking and my hands was tingling, i got the scent of my nana again,
the women next to me picked up a message for me, a few actually, was spot on also she mentioned the b/day 2day, and a cake and candles, {was georgias b/day 2day my neices, i was at her b/day party }lol.
the man who gave me a message was also spot on in what he said to me.

the lady i went there to see, was busy again, i spoke breifly with her, she as takin my notes from me to read up, as i offered them to her, we have exchanged numbas, and she is gona come see me and have a proper one to one because, of everythink in such a short space of tym.lol. so i dnt know whats gona apin now wether am allowed to go bk there or not?
she again asked me "do you want to open this up and develop" as theres most defenatly a gift there, "i sed yes" she said to me because one opened, will i still be happy once its there , then she laffed, and said can get very busy, and inidated lol.

so now i just have to play the waiting game, and see if she rings me, and comes to see me.

fingers crossed ayhe hehe....

we also chated about courtney and adam, these are my children and she said she would love to meet them also, as there seems to be alot of us in the one house hold drawn in this spiritual way, as my daughter is very talented in this area. SHE IS ONLY 8YRS OLD, as been since age 4yrs.

It is good that i have my mum, also my sisters are into this too, theres one thats not so much inclined, but as interests ,my family are quite intuitive, but no one would tell no one this, {as incase they thort they was mad}lol, so i decided to break the mould, nothink ventured nothink gained lol, my b/f is a spiritual healer, and is very highly on the spiritual ladder, we have receantly gone through a split, but i think we will be getting it bk.
He as also helped me lots, and its good also, him being a healer, as he has helped balance my chakras, and removed blocks, he is also a teacher for me.
i am coming into contact more and more with like minded ppl, which is good, everythink about me is changen, which is always good.

that 5 week development course sounds gr8, will help you lots , wish there was one in my area, i was thinking about going to stay in the Arthur Findlay Colledge, they run development courses , your there a week, soposed to be good, this is some think i will be looking into soon.

Another qstn 4 ye lol ?
How did you 1st start off? what was ure 1st experience like for you, and how did it happen? just curious because myn has been all over the place, everythink at once lol.and how long you been developing?
you can p/m me if you dnt want to post here lol. ty.

was very nice catching up with you again, always a pleasure ,
much love and light,

24-04-2006, 10:10 PM
hi there kez

good to hear ur news. i think that lady will come and see you. Don't go stressing bout whether you will be going to the circle again - is it an 'open ' circle? I'm sure you have found your thing and place! I think you don't have any choice but to open yourself up ... you have opened up!! I think if you are of a sensitive nature then spirit will want you to act a s amedium for them. So you need a circle to help you understand whats what - i bet you got messages for people when sitting but didn't realise which thoughts are from spirit and mixed them up as your own!! But bear in mind that you might end up in a different circle in six months time and then another in another two months; that's what happened to silver and me!

I would say that i became aware about the age of 16 or so but not very much if you know what i mean! I had a lot of dreams that then came true - not major things but enough to stop me in my tracks and make me think. Then one drunken teenage night i was puking up from the effects of the 20 20 and thunderbird and saw my grandad standing over me asking me what i thought i was doing! By the age of 18 i had worked out that i could talk to the dead!! I didn't tell many people because i thought they would just think i was a lune (and i was still wondering myself if i was 'all there'!). At 25, very shortly after the birth of my second kid, Spike, it came full on and didn't stop - it was mad - honestly i thought i was losing it!! I felt my great grandad around me a lot - helping me through what, at the time, was a trying time. When i had in my heart acknowledged that he was really there other spirits started to come. Then i moved. And it was mad!! The house i moved into was an old property and had a cellar (cliched i know...!). There was a problem with the cellar. As i walked down into it i was hit by a mad whoosh of energy and i couldn't take a step further - no way. But the spirit had come to me! Well, and it sounds quite unbelievable really i know, i had to rescue him and send him to the light. His name was Tom and he had hung himself in the cellar in (i think) the 1930s because he was gay and this i felt was a problem for him something to do with his mother... anyway, i sent him to the light and i still sense him around me now 5 years on. AS it was a new house, this whole experience seemt a bit weird. I still couldn't rest and settle in the house. I kept feeling that i was being told that there was something in the left hand chimney floo (spelling?) Anyway, after my partner had hacked the painted up floo open we found a dead raven lying there - mad - well i thought it was! It was at this house that i started to live with spirit as part of my everyday life. Those around me still thought i was off me rocker though!!

I started going to one Spiritulist church, joined their awareness group that worked for a bit - was told by the woman who ran the circle that i had gone there for a reason. I went the next week and the doors were locked - there was nobody there. I didn't go back to that church. A few years later, i bumped into silver after not seeing her for a while, and she suggested we go to this church she had tried before. we went, joined their open circle, met many people. We have joined another circle and so on it goes.

I have found it a really enjoyable but strange experience. Like you say, loads of changes all of a sudden in your life - all for the better.

So let us know what keeps happening with you and i hope that you get it back with your partner - i think you will! X

Love and light Starlite XX:coffee2:

Love and light Starlite xx

psychic sue
03-05-2006, 10:41 AM
First time I sat in circle I was absolutely crapping myself! I don't know what I thought would happen - headless bodies floating around? LOL

I've never sat in a circle like yours though - we don't really give messages, just work on opening up, but if you like it, then keep going!

I always go by a simple rule - if it doesn't "sit well" with you, leave it alone.

Love and Blessings,

Sue x

03-05-2006, 11:38 AM
H Starlite
Yes the women did call me, and arranged for her and her collegues to come and visit me, she bought her husband and 2 men and a women healer from the church, they was loverly ppl, any way she read through my notes what i gave her, and they all agreed that the circle i attended the week prior, was not going to be benificial to me, and that i had to go in a different one, this was a closed circle, they had to do alot of talking to sort this out for me as i shudnt of joined into this this way, but they felt was best for me, and cos i live so far away from the church they agreed i cud come straight into the circle ,but they agreed this as i lived so far away and the journey i make to there is 3/4 of a hour by taxi,there aswell as back, so costs abit, but worth it, so they realised i cudnt just keep goin every other service , especially as it wasnt helping me move forward more, so i was pleased with that, so i went to my nxt circle last night, i posted what happened to me, in the section mediumship, under development circles, as i had a experience there.lol.
wow when i was reading how all ure development started and how it has grown, very interesting , lol @ thunderbirds {hehe i used to get drunk on that round that age myself lol }the blue didnt like the red, but we mixed half in half some tyms lol...
Aw when i was reading that part were you helped the gay man in the cellar that was so sad for him, awwww i felt compassion there awwwwww, so cruel why he felt he had no other way out from that situation , glad he is at peace, {gold star hehe}lol.
nice that you and silver hooked up again, so nice to hear, and you can also now help each other in both your developments also,
again was a pleasure speaking to you, hope u are well and have fun and have a nice day.

that also goes for anyone who reads this also,
much love and light,

11-05-2006, 05:07 PM
hi kez,

lovely to get ur note (i'll read bout ur circle experience when i have typed this). They sound like really helpful people who you have managed to get in with. I tell you the church that i previously attended wouldn't move people into a closed circle. Infact, the woman in charge of development there had peolple wrapped around her finger. There was a closed circle happening in the back room as the open circle was going on. the woman (not fair to mention her name - but she knows who she is and she knows who i am!!!) would come to the open group and say 'well who shall we take tonight?' Then stand there keeping us really hoping it would be us! It was a joke, she would take people who were not that open and attuned and completely ignore those with the real true ability. I thought sod this for a lark (like sue says, it just didn't feel right) you, lady, are not controlling my development and silver and i walked out! We have managed to find lots more honest avenues since leaving and our development is still going strong!

Anyway, back to you! No im really pleased that they have taken you under their wing and doing the right thing by you. That is brilliant and i bet u feel loads happier now. Stick with it until you feel it is time to move on.

Sorry didn't get back earlier but i work and have to work at home at night and find it hard to find the time for my real interests!!

Lots of loving thoughts to you

Love and golden light Starlite XXX:wink:

11-05-2006, 11:19 PM
Hi Starlite,
Always a pleasure to hear from you, ty for your message , the ppl i have been lucky enough to get in with are loverly, the group are really nice too everyone is so freindly there, its more like going to a comedy night it is that relaxed lol, the teacher he is brilliant really funny, has a laugh with us, but very helpful also at the same time,i do feel lots better now and my experiences are more controlled now, i was saying to my teacher the last time i went tuesday, we was talking and i mentioned, i feel like its leaving me now am in the circle , lol, he said its not its just that am not so all over the place now and am more controlled, lol, also because been having trouble in the family, i think and he thinks they have takin a step back, as i was very stressed, things are pickin up though now, not as bad.
Also my meditations are alot better since learning proply in the circle, tryd to do a meditation today outside at the beach in the woods lol, thort it would be good to be sorrounded by nature lol, but i , well we couldnt get in to it lol, as there was flie s kept buzzin round us , distracting to say the least lol, so we give it up as a bad idea, and went an had a pic, nic lol, and some wine , and got sun burn at the same time lol, {some think to make you laugh hehe, we was lieing down me an my b/f, just talkin ,an kissin abit lol, anyway i looked up and there was a man watchin us kneeling down hiden behind the grass, as we was in a very secluded area, scarey , lucky i saw him, feels horible thinkin about it }
Sorry to hear about your development group, the lady seems well hmmmmmmmmmm? there are no words..... i have been told you get alot of *****en at these circles, and teachers are very strict on who they want and who they pick to come into the circle, {my thorts without any disrespect , an no reflextion, but maybe she was threatened by you all, and thats why she takin the weakest ability, so she didnt outshine herself in front of the group,} pretty petit really, as she would gain more respect by surely helping the strong ones as they are developing and need that next step.
was loverly catching up, speak soon, dnt work to hard awww,bless...
much love and light ,