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08-07-2012, 06:21 AM
For a long time, my totems have been the owl and the wolf. Recently though, we rescued a small swift. For a long time, my friends have been telling me that while they may stand up for a tree, I would stand up for a single blade of grass. But almost directly after we rescued this swift (which has been my favorite kind of animal for a long time, besides wolves and owls) animals and other creatures began calling me names like swiftwing, and when I would picture myself, it was in the form of a swift, similar but different in color from the one we rescued, I was black gray and white. A fox contacted me not to long ago and called me "little one that flies swiftly" and a other animals give me similar titles. Now some ppl have been jokingly coming me a swift, and in my dreams I'm constantly constantly coming across number cards and names like these. I don't know if this helps, but Christmas morning this past year, we rescued a seagull after it flew into our house. Just down the street we have a bird sanctuary which takes in and rehabilitates the birds.

I am curious for any insight on this, for these things are newer to me and I don't quite believe I understand them yet. Or possibly some insight on what you may need to answer this question? When I was a little kid, an older man would always come by calling me birdsong, I understand most of this has to do with birds, but I don't know why or what to make of it. What is my name really then (I think I should be asking myself that :P) why all these different names, or maybe what do they mean? I'm uncertain of what I am looking at and what I am seeking, just the gut telling me to ask.

08-07-2012, 06:00 PM

I can't wait to read what somebody more knowledgable has to say about what you wrote. It's wonderful!

I have a relationship with Crows. Ever since I can remember they have been my favorite birds. Sometimes there would be 50 or 60 of them lined up on the telephone/electrical wires as I would drive home in the mornings. I swear they watched me as I passed below and then they would fly off. They would warn me of danger when I was out in nature and sometimes leave me feathers when I would walk to the corner to get a paper on Sunday mornings. I once had a powerful dream where I was carrying 3 baby crows around in a box first in my car and then on foot. After I shared the dream with someone I was told that I was a "keeper of crows" (guardian/protector)

Maybe you have a similar relationship with Swifts.

08-07-2012, 07:27 PM
shadedragon... I suggest you follow the example of the birds and not think about it much, if at all. Just feel the birdness in yourself, and enjoy.


09-07-2012, 11:23 AM
Emerge, :) thank you for sharing this, we have many kinds of birds here, and not to many swifts but they've always found a way into my life since I was a child. Xan, thank you as well, but my gut is what told me to seek an answer, prior I was not as curious, so I wish to see what will come :hug2: my gut had that feeling again and tlbasically told me to put it in here, although I'm unsure if there is a better place for it :) but I will continue with my birdieness and whistle as I allow the universe to draw the answers eventually :P
The birds really do love to chatter as well, all these years we would whistle back and forth and now they help me in singing, even when I'm whispering my song they seem to pick up on it (I love to sing in dragon so it is quite lovely to have someone there to help me along with it recently.)

14-07-2012, 06:17 AM
Have you ever tried to communicate with or connect to the spirit/energy of swifts? Like going to a place where they are and meditating with the intent of communication with swifts? I know there's a way to communicate with animals and all of nature. I just don't know how to do it.

It's a thought.