View Full Version : Can anyone interpret this LUCID VIVID DREAM

28-06-2012, 10:06 PM
I was on a roof of house and on the backyard there was a party and everybody was drinking having a good time. At this point I thought "oh s*** I'm dreaming, try not to wake up." so I jumped down to the party and thought about drinking, and decided not to. I didn't recognize anyone, then out of now where I see my mom. I actually remember seeing her. Then she tells me "(my name), their serving food over there can you grab me something ?" I said sure, so I started walking towards the back. Then I remembered that I was still dreaming so I asked someone. "anybody seen my EX GF(her name actually)?" and a few people were like "the girl who got the DUI ? Ya she's in the back." I start walking toward this tree and she is squatted down behind it like shes about to give birth with a shrine on her head connected to the tree. So I see her and I kneel and see her stomach and say "hey baby" she says "hi"(both smiling). I Asked if it was true that she got a DUI and she said yeah, and I said you knucklehead "like father like mother" and we both smiled and I kissed her. The end. Extra info I have DUI's but they're old, I don't even know why that was in the dream. So I thought maybe she just got one? weird that she was pregnant(cause in real life shes not), but we did always want a daughter...

14-09-2012, 05:48 PM
It appears as though you are at a high point in your life (on the roof) that allows you to reflect on your past and where you have been. Your mother represents the nurturing side of you/ life. you will have opportunities that will try to distract you (people drinking) but ultimately you are on the track to new beginnings and opportunities (pregnant and baby) arising from things that have happened in the past (DUI). (this is just a general idea, i'm no pro)