23-06-2012, 08:07 PM
We are here as the Family of the Joint Light. The wholenesses who go round and round knocking on each door are all being are being united on earth. The wholenesses are being controlled. The curtains of the fog are being opened up. We are singing a song. The song is the song of Atalantia.
Allah is in the saturation of the ONE. HUMAN is in the scheme of the Unity. Human is being born from itself from the scheme of the Unity. There are ones reading poems with us today from the saturations of “Artemis”. There are Supremes who transit back to the earth through our unity. There are also ones who complain….They are the ones who say that we have taken them out of our heart. However, what they don’t know is the fact that their lights are being split away from the saturations. It is of no surprise that once they start to give voice to themselves with the Wisdom of Justice and record themselves, they will be with us again.
Human beings are powerful enough to be able to control the scoch waves and the saturations of the lights. The neck and the area around the head is important. The work is being carried out even in sleep. However, it is important to become aware of it and thus be in the saturation of the joint light.
As far as the saturation is concerned, the physical body is different to other forms of our bodies and more permeable studies are being done in sleep. In order to get some benefit out of these studies, it is necessary to be alert while being asleep. The centre of the saturation is on earth and the stars are within the area of attraction of the earth. The effect of the earth is far beyond what the scientist are calculating at present. The reason for this is that in other universes, you can find the projections. The work being carried out on earth and the work being carried out at the Realms match up, interact and thus the more permeable saturations of the earth exists in the universes.
Allah says “I created the earth for HUMANS. I let the humans to re-create the earth which is the ball of light. The earth is being re-created as the saturation of the light. It was done so in the land of Atalantia. It was created in saturation where there was no notion of time. Now, this is being put into service. Supernova systems are being set up on earth. Appropriate paths are being laid down to the earth. These paths are now reaching to the consciousness level ready to be activated on earth.
The saturation of KATIANA is also working with us. We are controlling the whirlwinds of the lights. The seas and the oceans are drawing back. The saturation of the water is being drawn back. The UNDERWATER COUNCIL is taking over the power. As the lights of the stars are being pulled towards the earth, the saturation of the water is being affected and the physical form of the water is being changed.
We are working as we had promised. What we had promised was the promise given to our God-like supremacy. We are welcoming the supreme beings who are returning back to the earth. There are high concentrations of lights in them. There is light everywhere…..the ships are under control. The earth has a governor. We are increasing the saturation of the earth as the Power of the Emperor. We are working in the saturation of the light.
The saturation of the earth is being controlled. The sysmic exploration ships are on earth. Human is an honourable code. The technological saturation of Allah exists in human beings. The saturations act as the seeds are on earth. The real lights are on earth; they are not holograms. The light with high vibrations are pouring towards the earth. The vibrations are being balanced and adjusted to our physical bodies. Now, we feel the saturation of the light with our eyes closed. Communication with the galexies is taking place. The earth; at the centre is establishing control. The human beings are travelling as the light. The trips take place in the saturation of the light.
The mentors are joining. The studies which have been done for centuries are carried out to strengthen the lights on earth. We are opening up the circuits of resistance. We are establishing the Order on earth. The order is the Order of Atalantia. There is pure wisdom in this Order. There is control of the physical body in this Order. There are ones who read themselves in this Order. They don’t read what they are given to themselves but they read their bodies stitch by stitch. These bodies are recorded to the source. Numerical systems are being used in the coding of the light. The energy of pure gold is embroided to the physical body.
The emperor is giving voice from the saturation of the One under the control of the Golden Light. The voice it is giving can knock over the mountains but we have to be establish control.
Celestial saturations are being controlled on earth. Doubt kills wisdom. And we are carrying out this work without any doubts.
With peace and love....That’s all for now. Amin.
Super Reality of Humanity, İstanbul Turkey