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19-06-2012, 11:32 PM
I'll try to make this short as possible-but I also want to get all detail I remember.

To begin with I was driving-to a house I grew up in from middle to high school with my mom, step dad and brothers. (my parents sold the house-i never met the people who sold it-i have no connection to the town anymore or where the house it)
In my dream its just my mom living there-and she has sold the house-the people who bought the house (a large family, it was 4 bedroom house) but she and the new family are living there (like my mom still has some time left in the house before she has to be completely moved out) but she only has the master bedroom as if its still hers. The thought of my stepdad nor brothers came into view. For a moment it was just me running around-talking to the new family and my mom-until I thought I had to get something back at my place. Now in my dream-I go to my real apartment...which is hours from where i used to live.In the dream it wasn't long at all

On the road, driving I feel like I'm bout to pass out-trying to stay awake but still got a good hold of the wheel. At one point I turned to my left or something then felt myself loose control-I couldn't turn my body to see the road and knew I was going to crash into the trees on the edge. I could only see a small section of the glass and saw the tress getting close, and felt the car going sideways when it should be going straight (it was a straight road) I got scared and fought with my might to turn and couldn't. So in my dream I just closed my eyes and focused on feeling the wheel and and the break, focusing on remembering what the road looked like and stopping while still on it. I'm doing this while apparently almost on my side, like something is weighing me down, or pushing me down so I can't see.

When I feel I've stopped, and realized I'm still safe I open my eyes and look up. I'm sitting perfectly straight, I see the road-and i see I'm perfectly parked on the edge of the road.

The next part I remember Im back at my old house with my mom and that new family...and with my cat, Luna. (she's still alive, lives with me and roommate for real. I call her Luna because she has a white patch on her neck that when she sits up straight looks like a crescent moon) So she's there-I find another cat I thought was her-but turned out to be kitten that could change its color. It made itself black and white like my cat-at one point all white-and at another point a mixed of black and brown. In my dream I thought of it like auras but her fur really changed that color because other people saw it too. I took the kitten to my mom, to see if she wanted to keep it. She seems interested in the idea, and holds the car up to show me its a male and decides she doesn't want him. So I decide "hey, my cat is female and is already fixed! I can take him" So I have the intention of taking the kitten home to keep (as I found him outside on his own, a stray)

Next I'm upstairs talking to one of the family members when a man walks in, who I recognize and I can't believe it. (He goes by Lanipator on youtube...never met him but always wanted to-you could say Im a fan of his work) He only smiles, happy to meet another fan and hugs me. When I go into my moms room later (i did this a lot when I lived there growing, up-I'd go into my parents room and watch shows with them, or talk to them) I see another guy who goes by Kaiserneko (also on youtube, him and Lani with a few others work together to do these funny episodes on youtube-again fan of his work, he's an awesome editor) tho I don't see my mom I talk to Kaiser.

So I say hi, introduce myself. At one point I ask him if he could do me a favor and relay a message to another guy in the group (Who's name goes by MasakoX on youtube-him I've actually spoken to, um well only in chat but I have talked to him on several occasions) My intent was to ask Kaiser to tell MasakoX I said hi! But before I could ask, he gave me a look, that to me said "do you know how many fans are always asking us stuff?" So i quickly apologize and said that I'm sure he's a very busy man who doesn't get too many breaks and that I understood. He then asks me "then why did you ask?"

Last part of the dream I rememeber Me, Kaiser, and Lani are in a truck going to the grocery store. After we leave I'm told (or asked, dont remember) to drive. It's a huge truck and I feel nervous since Im not used to it. We apparently have to get out of this parking lot of some kind-with LOTS of vehicles. Where you are supposed to go had two cars parked not far enough away from one another, blocking the path to leave. There was a large horn on both sides of the truck-I attempt to go very slowly to try to pass them (the whole time I hear Lani yelling that I'm going to hit and reminds me of my dad-of his anger) and sure enough the horns go into both trucks. When I back up you see about a fist size whole on both-when I look I see another path to leave and quickly take it. Then at the end of the path there is a door.

Me and the two guys (and could have been more people that I didn't see or remember) jump out of the truck and leave through this door when another guy passes us by (walking). As we step out we hear him yell and turn to see one of the trucks I hit was his who starts yelling and cursing. I stood outside at the door, unable to see anything but the doorway and KaiserNeko who was looking in. I think Lanipator was still inside...and then I woke up and do not recall anything else.

OH! In the dream I saw a basinet for a baby....tho I saw lots of baby stuff I never actually saw a baby...I'm pretty sure I already know that one of the dream-because I do have a son whom lives out of state and is always hard to get in contact with his dad so I can see my son...and I cry a lot because I miss him.

curious student
09-07-2012, 09:45 PM
Dreams are always hard to interpret because different symbols mean different things to different people, but a few things stood out to me. When it came to the cat, perhaps there is someone new in your life who's got many different personalities, or that perhaps you keep bringing the same type of person into your life but it's a little harder to tell at first because they're different people so it doesn't appear that way at first, or maybe it could have even symbolized you. A lonesome kitten on the streets changing it's colors in hopes of getting picked up by anyone who might like those shades. Of course I could be totally wrong, really look within for the answers. Whenever I see random animals in my life or in dreams I also like to look up their totem meanings. here's what I got for cat:

Mystery, Magic and Independence

A cat totem encourages agility in both body and mind.
You will be challenged with new ideas and places.
The cat gives you clearer perception.

This spirit helper is resourceful, strong and fearless.
It will give you courage and confidence.

Examine the colors, character and behaviors of your Cat.
Everything about it will reflect in your own life.

When a Cat becomes predominant in your life,
magic and mystery come alive.

When it comes to the second part, about driving but then suddenly becoming paralyzed and thinking you're going to crash then closing your eyes and opening them just to see that you were totally fine the whole time.. Anything involving driving in dreams always makes me think it symbolizes a situation you're going through right now. Is there something going on that you thought you had control over but then suddenly things have changed and now you feel like you're stuck and you don't have that control anymore, and that its going to lead to a big ol mess? maybe this part of the dream is telling you that sometimes, even when we don't understand it, we just need to close our eyes and breath for a minute and trust that this is happening for another reason, beyond our control. Overall, it probably means that even if you feel like you don't have control, what you thought would be destruction, could be exactly what needed to happen, it just couldn't be seen yet.

I'm not too sure how to interpret the middle part but I can think of a possibility for the ending. The big truck could be a situation you don't feel like you're ready to handle but are being forced to. Look at everything that's going on in your life right now, do you feel like there are situations you have to lead that are damaging to others as well as damaging to your own confidence because there are those who don't believe you can handle them?

The sudden path that shows up after hitting both cars next to you, could further go to show that it's a situation you would quickly escape from if you could. however, the yelling man could go to show that you can never really run away from this problem, and not being able to see through the door may mean that right now, the answers to the questions you're looking for are being blocked by those whose views you look at before your own?

This is of course all speculation, but hopefully some of these ideas will help you associate your own meanings and find the true answer within yourself.