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02-10-2010, 03:51 PM
Is it true that a spiritual-minded person, upon departing from the physical life, may have full memory of that life and all previous existences as well ?

  This question was asked of Edgar Cayce and this is what he replied :

This is correct. For life in its continuity is the experience of the soul or entity, including its soul, its spirit, its super conscious, its subconscious, and its physical consciousness or material consciousness.

As its development goes through the various experiences, it takes on more and more ability of knowing to be itself, yet a portion of the Great Whole, or one Creative Energy that is in and through all.

Does one have to be Spiritual in being to have this knowledge come back with one ?

Or is it for all to have no matter what ?

Do we really bring back with us knowledge or do we simply learn as we grow ?