View Full Version : Free Will ? What is it ? Illutions What are They ?

02-10-2010, 01:05 AM
Free will, the ability of one to make choices, free from certain kinds of constraints.

It is the ability to make a choice on an action that might well have various alternatives. We can look at free will being connected to moral codes of conduct. Where one has to be true to the rules the govern one’s actions. It too goes deeper than just that as we are more than the physical body we have . There is a Soul to us that we too have responsibly to for that path of learning. Free will on that level might well mean just being able to show and know the value of LOVe and to extend that in friendships. NOT to always have it on the level of moral responsibilities.

When we think on illusion we might well think on distortions of the brain. We could well think on a disorganization or distorting of our very own reality. If we take it from the physical point of view we know ( or do we) that our feet are on the ground and we are walking on a solid surface. That is not an illusion.

What is an illusion is hearing a voice that is not there, or is it deeper ?
Do we have free will ?

For the most part yes, there are rules of social and moral contacts we must go along with ( or should go along with). That is there to keep society in check and to make it easier for us to function around others. Where free will comes in is maybe more in our alone and private time. In our Mediations and Dreams, where the brain is free to shut off some and the Soul is free to wonder.

There will always be one’s that want to rock the boat and test the limits of right and wrong, too there are one’s that suffer sadly from mental deficiencies that know not what is real and what is not. Til the one day man maybe maps and understands that human brain.

For now we all have to do our best to service our Soul . On that path to Enlightenment and Inner Peace.