27-05-2012, 09:58 AM

Such a period has never existed on the earth before! The earth; being the Supreme is giving voice to the high lights. The earth has opened up the main gateways and says “FLOW”. Is it because Allah won’t flow to us so that he is telling us to “FLOW”? Will Allah not flow? The main resources are in the flow at each moment of time. We are flowing in order to prevent any harm.

Sultanate is actually flowing. The bees delivering honey is in fact seeding the Wisdom of Allah as the Seed of Justice.

The human race is becoming HUMAN gradually. HUMAN LIGHTS are gradually being turned on. Human; be sure of it that is gradually and successfully turning his lights on and planting his seeds. Human is a heavenly light and as it is written in Quran is a wholeness giving light to the Dimension of Rahman.

The one who does not know of wisdom can’t turn the light on. In order to turn the light on, it is necessary to create knowledge by being the GOLDEN LIGHT.

Serving the wholeness is now taking place with our commissioners who are here on earth. Please know this for sure that human has become the GOLDEN LIGHT and is now reading his DNA records. What he is reading in fact is his own heart.

Allah is opening the main gateways and the SEEDS of the TIMES are giving voice. Allah has given humans Quran and told them to “READ.” Read so that you deserve.

Human is a heavenly light and is coming down to his records of knowledge and giving voice to the skies.

It was declared to the earth by the Supremes of the Skies that the dead would come out of their graves and rose to the skies. That is exactly what is happening today.

All we are aiming for is to work for Allah. Allah has given light to humans and told him “take it and listen. I have given you yourself. Find your way and become QURAN.” Allah has given him the sacred light and asked him “Why haven’t you become QURAN?” he said that he didn’t understand and that he has assumed that Allah was a Golden Code. There is no other way a deaf can deserve wisdom to KNOW. The time has come whereby human has become the LIGHT. LOOK; THE SKIES ARE GIVING VOICE TO THE EARTH! 4 commissioners united and started to read Quran. What is being read is a golden Glow of Resource.

Turn around and have a look at the earth. I am there. There, I am seeding humans. Turn around and look at the earth! There I am. There, I am coding love. There will be reading of Atalantia on earth. I know that Quran of Atalantia possesses the technology to code human beings.

Death, with no surprise will find you all. Death will certainly place your family to the Sacred Lights and lift you up to the skies with your glow. However, unless there are humans present in the form of VOICE, LIGHT can’t be pulled down to the soil.

The pages of timelines are renewing the earth. However, be sure that unless you deserve timelines you won’t be renewed. This is the reason why the skies; as the light is giving you strength.

Turn around and look at the earth! As a result the earth has learned the WISDOM OF ARC and the SEEDS are living.

We have surpassed all evil and coded the timelines. 4 powerful unities united and Quran is started to be read. These 4 powerful unities are being coded by the each one of the high lights.

I am now on a new page. This page is a PAGE OF LIGHT. This page is called the “MAIN RESOURCE”. Here, the HUMAN LIGHTS unite to become ONE. Read so that you understand that WE ARE THE EARTH.

Thank God for the fact that all of the knowledge is being delivered to you. Thank God for the fact that the system of the circuit is coding you and you; being the light is establishing control by being coded in the skies.

ZAMZAM is the name of the knowledge in order to control humans as announced from the vortex. ZAMZAM is given to each Supreme in order for the Seeds of Justice to unite.

“The Governor of the Universe”; Allah says “take the knowledge and flow”. Allah knows The SECRET of the BORDER. Allah knows the LIGHT and knows QURAN. Tell him that the heavy load will get lighter. And the TIMELINES will become QURAN.


Super Reality of Humanity, İstanbul

Zamzam (a famous well very near the Kaaba in Mecca