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Rolling Thunder
23-05-2012, 03:00 AM
I wanted to share a little bit about myself.

I used the username: Rolling Thunder, to honour all the females in my family as they are part of the Thunderbird clan.

I was introduced to my Culture and Traditional way of life during my younger years and have been following the Red Road or Medicine Path ever since.

Only these past few years I found myself walking the path of a Medicine Carrier and has been a blessing ever since. I am a Sundancer and lodge holder.

I love to share, tell stories but most of all I Love having fun. I'm pretty sure many would agree that laughter is a powerful medicine.

That was a little bit about me and wish all of you the best of what life has to offer. Ekosani

23-05-2012, 04:44 AM

Its sure great to see you back here again, agreed its a long yet interesting path that we follow and I do have to say laughter really is the best medicine.
As always Bro your welcome at my campfire anytime to share and tell stories, I've sure missed sharing those chats lol.

Welcome home Bro


23-05-2012, 11:44 PM
Kia Ora Rolling Thunder

Glad to see you back too and come visit chat faster than the speed of lightning.

Im looking forward to listening to your stories - be they about your journey or whatever it is you care to share:hug2:

24-05-2012, 12:05 AM
Hi Roling Thunder, I seem to recall see a book by an author with that name back in 70's.


Native spirit
24-05-2012, 03:24 AM
:hug3: What a nice way to honour the female members of the clan by using their name,


24-05-2012, 05:17 PM
Could you tell us a little bit about your culture and ways? Whatever you feel you would like to begin with :)

Rolling Thunder
25-05-2012, 05:15 AM
Thanx for the warm welcomes :smile:

I have a mix of a Cree/Ojibwa heritage.

I follow a lifestyle, as well as spiritual practices which my ancestors followed a few thousand years ago. As I experience another moment of life, I also experience another momental thought. I'm always searching for a purpose of a particular purpose that made me search in the first place. I believe in one 'Creator' or god, and I also believe in spiritual helpers/guides/protectors, and so on ( we call them Grandfathers ).

I am a Sweatlodge holder, currently being taught the 'shaketent' and later on in life am going to be a 'sundance lodge' holder. I'm still very young but my world is full of other responsibilities, so as I always say " I go with the flow ".

I follow my Medicine Wheel and look out for all the people/living things within. I Love my Earth Mother very much and also acknowledge every living, breathing organism on this earth, with a word of thanks.

As a small example; One probably wouldn't think that the water is alive, "I do", How about the Rock? Fire? Wind? It's up to any person to distinguish I suppose. :smile:

All in all I'm just 'me' .. nothing more or nothing less . Hope this helps even a lil bit .. ekosani