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24-05-2007, 08:14 PM
My current understanding (not a feeling) from life and my beliefs about the soul is as follows:

the world <=====> the body <=====> the soul (myself)

the body is just like a machine or robot that shells the soul. the souls use these bodies to communicate and interact with the world (the environment). from these interactions we learn and develop ourselves.

let us look at two people talking to each other

person#1 (a soul)<===> body(of person#1) <===> world <===> body(of person#2) <===> person#2 (a soul)

the person is the soul. it does not make sense to me when somebody says "when i die my soul will leave my body". the person should says "when i die i will leave my body"

what happens if the body is damaged (the brain specifically). the person is not a retard or inferior to a soul with a healthy brain. the soul with healthy brain is more capable of developing and learning from this world. the mentally ill is less capable because the body (the robot) is damaged and not the soul.

however, a damaged brain can also lead a person to learn the wrong way from this world. because the soul (the person) is receiving and interpreting wrong signals arriving from the world or issuing wrong signals to the world.

i think it is one of the secrets of life is to realize and distinguish ourselves from our bodies (machines) and learn how to separate from them. maybe then we can detach ourselves from this world and find other ways of communicating and exploring around. the point ....... do not be so attached to this world since it is a phase of our existence (born --- live --- die) ............ do not go after materialistic gains such as fame, comfort, painlessness, money, .... etc ............. try to find a balance