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07-05-2007, 07:16 PM
hi can anyone tell me anything about pendulum ?


08-05-2007, 09:26 AM
Hi mystic,

The pendulum is my preferred method of enquiry about "that which is my truth" concerning spiritual (and many physical situations - I have one right now: having to move house, where next, and under what conditions?). I also use Angel Oracle cards on occasion (put out by Doreen Virtue).

The pendulum's mode of operating is to amplify, by the principle of vibrational resonance, the minute movements of one's arm and wrist muscles that one's Body Spirit or Body Angel can make in response to a sincere question regarding guidance about "what is one's truth" in any matter. It is a method of kinesthetic sensing that many people can learn to use... If you find you are quite unable to do it, it is usually found that for some (karmic) reason or other, that faculty of oneself has been de-activated; by tracking down the karmic cause and releasing it, and intending to retrieve and reinstate this facility, it can often be used once more.

It is necessary to be well grounded to perform any divinatory method (such as oracle cards, Tarot cards, Rune stones, etc), to avoid interference by non-physical entities that have an agenda for leading one astray.
To prepare oneself:
(1) Intend to ground, and visualise yourself within a tube or great tree-trunk of light - say 50 metres in diameter - which goes up to your Soul, Oversoul and Source above, and down deep into the Earth below. Call on the angels of Mother Earth to help you maintain this grounding and to protect you, for at least the duration of your testing session - it will benefit you to get into the habit of re-establishing this each day for daily activities.
(2) Ask your Ancient Ancestors and other non-physical guides to help you to get your truth; Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdoms also.
(3) Intend sincerely to receive your truth, and yet be neutral about the outcome - as wanting it to be one thing or the other will skew the result.
(4) When finished asking your question(s), express your thanks to all who have helped you, whom you called upon. Check - "Are all these answers true to my truth?"... "Are any of these answers not true to my truth?" (and if so, check which ones). If at any time you are not sure of the answer, check it by asking the question in another way... or else at a future session. Ask again, "Is my name ........?" (Use your own name, then a name that is not yours, and see if the indications are correct).
(5) To start out with pendulum testing, ask your Body Angel to help you do this type of sensing; then holding the pendulum at a comfortable distance from thumb and forefinger holding the cord or chain (about a hand's breadth for me, some like it longer - experiment), ask your Body Angel to show you a "yes" movement, then a "no" movement. Confirm these by asking about some things you know are true, or not true. The movements will likely be personal to you.
(6) Ask only unambiguous questions which have only two possible answers - Yes or No. You can't ask a "double barrelled" question, such as "Is my name Bill or Susan", as the answer may be both yes and no, and at any rate is ambiguous.
(7) Some pendulum users suggest asking for a movement for "I don't know / can't answer that", and a resting swing which is a sort of neutral "ready" signal.
(8) As you gain confidence with the method, you can make a fan chart of spokes on paper (a bit less than 180 degrees wide), and label the spokes with anything you like - for instance 0% to 100% by 10% steps, for checking out ,say the health of a body system or energetic system, or, say, "how many days before .... happens". You can also mentally intend to change the scale of the 0 - 100 to mean 0 - 10, or 0 - 1000, for instance.

Must go - see if you can look up more info in your local library or a search engine on the "Net. Best wishes for your success, and ask further if needed.


08-05-2007, 10:44 AM
Hi Mystic,

Pendelums are an excellent Angelic tool, I use mine daily and would be lost without it, they are so POWERFUL but you must experience and learn for yourself...
You will soon know if its working, always ask 2 work with only the Highest and the Brightest and make sure that your Intention is only for the good, your Angels and Guides will very quickly teach you how to use it if you have those common thoughts in mind .
you have the best teachers around you
just trust in Spirit
Good luck