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17-04-2012, 07:25 AM
Followed by either the Hanged Man or the Hermit.. just wish it would happen and get it over and done with.

Had the same combinations for the last 2 months..grrr

17-04-2012, 09:36 AM
Hi Froe .. I thought Id throw my two bobs worth in if that's ok ?

You may know this any way :)

My interpretations...The Death Card .. is the unraveling of the conditioned mine .. so basically.. any one that is moving forward... will have that card ..
It is not a repeat ..its another peeling away of the illusions ..that are presented daily in life. So its a Great Card IMO ..Its Like a form of cocooning ..( wonder why they don"t have a cocoon card ).

With The Death Card ..There may be battles that seem endless ....but they are not !...
Simply it is level's of understanding..And one may find after each element of a level is completed.. If they simply stopped for a few moments...take three deep breaths ...and look back on the path to the old them ..they can see how much they have changed.. ( for example: how u would have reacted in a situation once compared to now etc )...So there is a "Wow Factor " Hind-site contains so much wisdom .

I see The Death Card as Looking at old thoughts as they leave..It may also show us to let go of a negative thought..another's behavior ..thing..etc ..

* Its is well worth the embracing.. of that journey after-wards ( even when one is currently going ............. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! ). Death= transforming stages .

The Hanged man I love ..its individual spiritually ..( example : like every one talks in their tree sitting on a branch ..discussing all sorts of things.. ..whilst a person is hanging upside down..on a branch ..looking at things a different way.

*Its a great card ...So you ( like ALL of Us on earth) continue to transform... and will have your own uniqueness ..( what a blessing ).

The Hermit.. is the house ..the house is the body ..another great card ..as we reside inside our bodies. To truly know one self ...we have to go inside our self .

The miracle of it all... is there is SO MUCH in US that is Amazing !!! Our minds ..may say NAh! ( Ever Told Your Mind... To shut Up.. LOL ..its not that nutty you know )

Something occurs via our inner being or guides of love etc which pulls us back.. into similar events or emotions etc etc
To look at deeper or simply watch ...our own thoughts..patterns..feelings ..energy....perceptions ..etc etc
The list is endless..both physically and spiritually.

Great Cards in My opinion ....what a journey ...chop wood carry water before enlightenment.. ..chop wood carry water after !
I love that saying ..makes one realize that most of us are doing same ..that's a lot of wood for some of us ..and wood warms the heart if the fire is lit :)

Hope u don't mind my free thoughts that flopped onto my keyboard?
Love and a smile
:) x

17-04-2012, 04:09 PM
Don't worry about the death card it can have multiple meanings such as a big change and this was my future card like 2 years ago (i wasn't into anything spiritual or anything I would class supernatural back then it was just my brother told me if I wanted a tarot reading) so I guess I have changed alot now

17-04-2012, 06:46 PM
Thanks.. I am not worried ..more I know and can sniff a huge change and have anticipated it for a while, then the hanged man comes along...but I know I have to be alone to do this, hermit.

So yes a new start, the tower.. me not quite in control of it all though... something I am not so good at!

Just needed to get this out of my system.. thanks Smiler..the changes will be huge - scary and exciting and much needed.