View Full Version : Should I?

04-05-2007, 07:31 PM
I sit here thinking can I be dreaming
About the world that is to be
Maybe it is inside me

Everything that I desire
Yet I could retire
From this place of madness
That I dwell in

It feels like such a sin
Not to worry about that which happens externally
And to only concentrate on me

How could I ever fully equate
That which I have to offer?

I feel sometimes that the movement I start
Could light a spark
And create an earthquake
Were the land literally shifts from under me
And I go on tumbling

Down the hidden road that lays
Deep within a place
But every time I so desire to go to that place
And walk with an honest and true face

I am reminded of those who have gone before
Reminded of those who are currently on the road
How they have hidden shadows that follow them
They are watching and gathering their men
For the day that they can take them down
Without shaking the ground

So know one would be the wiser
That the contribution they had to offer was higher
Than those who seemed to be following

Fear creeps in me
Because I am afraid to be
All that is in me to give
For those who watch within the shadows
Might come and not let me live

Everything continues on this merry go round of mine
Yet every day that passes I know I loose a piece of time
A piece of a moment that I could convey
To others that are not grounded in their own special place

Offering them assistance if they are willing
To allow themselves to see
What exactly lies beneath the perceptions and illusions that have been created
By the invisible shadows that are not noticed

People would find peace
And no longer implore
This level of duality
That keeps them off their kilter

To tell them no more morality
Just sit and be
You know the way
You do not need societal rules
To pull the reins

All you need is to allow what you know
Come forward and not be bogged down
By that perceptional morality clown
That loves to be lurking around

The clown that keeps your focus from going within
So you forget to hook in
To your own answers
On how to participate in the world you see
With no ones perceptions being layered
On top of your own knowing

Because to the shadows it is scary to see
Any type of deviation
That is not apart of their own equation

So at every turn you take
They are hiding and lurking in special ways
To pull you along in their own way

But you do not have to go
Because you already know
What lies within you truly does exist
And you can no longer resist
That yearning to melt
And fully be your self

Because the truth of it all
That is when you are 100% on the ball
No matter what arises
The peace of mind you offer
Will be the best gift to give to this world in the end

Copyrighted 2006-2007 Angela Sacred Spirit Law, Inside Spirit, Inc