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24-04-2007, 10:17 AM
Does anyone else feel that as they develop spiritually, they feel less need to hold onto material items that have personal/sentimental value form the past? If so, how far would you go with that? Is it healthy to hang on to a lot of childhood items or things from important times that have past?

I've been clearing out the clutter recently and although I've got rid of a lot of things, I didn't manage to do as much as I wanted to. I'm stll holding onto items from my childhood, even though they hold negative memories for me, because they're so significant. I'm also hanging onto things from my marriage (which broke up a year ago) because I'd feel awful at parting from them. This includes my ring and all our wedding photos and wedding gifts. They're in a box for now but it seems like they're just taking up negative energy. I know I want to move on and free from the clutter, but I can't bring myself to get rid of these things as they represent such an important era of my life.

Should I just let this happen naturally, assuming I'm not emotionally ready to get rid of these things, or try to help myself let go of these things? I'd appreciate your thoughts.

24-04-2007, 11:28 AM

"WuWei".. "to do without doing".. let nature take its course, it is through our manipulation of natural processes that we experience conflict.. your post indicates that even the consideration of acting against your natural inclinations to hold on to these memories, conflict arises..

Be well..

24-04-2007, 05:48 PM
I'm finding that I'm starting to want to get rid of childhood items too...I realize that I've held onto things, but like you, they're in boxes. I'm finally realizing the significance of that, which to me says that I don't really want them in my space.

I think that because these items bother you and "take up negative energy", it may be better to try to let go of them. I'm not saying throw the whole lot away at once, but getting rid of an item or two might start to loosen their hold. I think you might feel healthier without the reminders, because much as they represent an important era in your life, they also represent how much of a hold that era still has on you. So start small (maybe with something that isn't quite so sentimental) and see how you feel. Maybe take some time to look them over and honor the memories. You might find that getting rid of one thing leads to wanting to toss the whole box!

24-04-2007, 07:21 PM
This is an important topic for me too, since I am going through a marriage break-up, and this will soon include a massive clear-out of lots of things which I am either unable or unwilling to keep hold of. The main 'sticking point' with me is my house....a lovely place that is just recently done out exactly to my liking, but that I am unable to afford to keep on my own.:icon_frown: But it does contain all the memories from my marriage - and I really want a fresh start with my own place and all my own things inside it! In fact, I know it is the right thing to do and I'm generally accepting of this, it's just sometimes I get pangs of 'regret', I suppose you could call it, thinking of all the blood, sweat & tears that went into getting it into it's current state.

Things like the wedding photos don't bother me tbh, I will keep them, if only for the kids to look back on if ever they're interested. But if I had to get rid of them, I wouldn't mind. I am completely emotionally detatched from the event itself, it's just a day from my past which put me on a path of growth in order to be the person I am today.

It's healthy to de-clutter though, most of us have far too many material possessions which really are surplus to requirement. Whenever I start to feel a little upset when I think about what I am about to part company with, I remind myself that they are only objects, and no amount of them can make you happy deep down inside. Only love can do that! :wink:

In fact, I chose my current signature line with this subject in mind....

24-04-2007, 08:25 PM
Hi Everyone

I went to a funeral last week an aunt of mine a wonderful soul 83 years. When I went to the funeral I put on an immitation animal print coat deliberately with my aunt Gertrude (Gertie for short) in mind she was always ahead of her time & adored anything that was different a trend setter before her time. The comments I got from my cousins were, Mum would have liked that, I knew Gertie was there in spirit loving it all.

My Father who is 86 years young lol Gerties brother still goes out dancing every Saturday night & they used to love to dance together was talking about how his Sister Gertie used to work at the brickyard taking the green bricks off & stacking them on a pallet for 4pencehalfpenny a day (old money) but he said even at that time she would wear a baseball cap & pull it to oneside. We are talking around 1939.

I digress her daughter a cousin of mine who is more like a Sister to me commented that she wished that she had kept some of her Mothers clothes & things instead of disgarding them & some of her clothes would certainly now be back in fashion :cool: ..

Me personally I do not keep anything that is of no use to me pretty minimilist but I still appreciate history & older people, old photographs & people are like story books & have & hold some wonderful memories so I would recommend that when you discard things you do so with a great deal of thought before you action it.

I waffle on u may or may not get my point lol Moonflower x

25-04-2007, 09:32 AM
Thanks all, it's been useful hearing your thoughts and experiences. I think I will aim for a little at a time as Roo suggested. I won't throw out my photos, as I like to keep all the photos I take and put them in albums. I think I will eventually take them out of the box and put them on a shelf, but at the moment the pain is still a little raw. However I think I will attempt giving away some of my wedding gifts, as they weren't directly from my ex, then if I can cope with that I will work up towards the more sigificant things like my ring. I agree that the most important things in life are always from the heart, from inside. I think it's a balance between that and having some personal things from the past that don't carry negative energy, only positive. I'm trying to surround my room in happy and positive items like crystals, as well as meditate regularly and make it a happy place from my positive energies.
Hugs to people going through similar decisions.

25-04-2007, 08:42 PM
Hi Starbuck,

Have to agree with you totally. I have been growing spiritually, and have found that I too have been getting less attached to things that used to mean alot to me.

I have found that as all the usless junk has gone, so my mind has been clearer, and, I have been able to focus more.

I made a meditation come healing room, and filled it with crystals, dream catchers, buddhas, sun catchers, etc etc.

Like you, have kept photos just as a reminder. Now the negativity has gone and positive energies in.

I wish you happiness from the heart in your new room, and im sure it will be a lovely place to meditate.

27-04-2007, 01:28 AM
Apart from the usual collection of books, and more books, plus recent accumulations of DVDs/VHSs, and CDs, I've kept lots of things over many years with the idea in mind of maybe starting a newsletter one fine day. The idea has never jelled in 25 yrs. so probably it's time for me to thin the ranks. There are a few things I'd keep for sentimental reasons, photos and albums of course, but on the whole I usually think of material things in terms of how they might be useful at some future time.

- g.