View Full Version : how can I shift or raise my dev.?

24-04-2007, 03:43 AM
What are some sure-fire ways to raise one's vibrational level? Do we live at the speed of light and would have to raise our vibrational levels in order to cope/survive the upcoming "global changes"?
Is it a matter of entering a new dimension such as when "visitors' pass NC273 in order to function here on Earth?
Im a little confused on the whole topic of a Piscean to Aquarius age as well as the planet shifting its axis?
I appologize for being here and there but in my case, I am sincerly going through some "heavy" changes and increased claraty..is it just me?


24-04-2007, 08:08 AM
Hi Satch,

Time is limited tonight - the races are on, so I may not have the internet for long... I'll therefore be brief.

Sure-fire ways to raise one's vibratory level:
(1) Set about releasing your karma, through the processes of researching what karmas you have, clearing the agreements to have to handle them and the agreements which caused your ancestors (mainly) to generate them; forgive as sincerely as possible all concerned, release the karmas for transmutation in Love and the Fire Element within your own inner being; ask for the healing necessary to bring your being back to its original designed state of good health and functioning.
A reference which may assist is the ascension website at:
(2) Set about a lifestyle that avoids creating more karma in this life (for example, look into the threads here on the reasons for becoming a vegetarian - you'll find more info on the Ascendpress site as well).
(3) Set about learning (or deepening) the practice of meditation, and the tuning up of your energetic, subtle anatomy such as the subtle bodies, chakra and other systems.
(4) Tear your conscious engagement away (gently but peristently) from things like TV, everyday magazines and such-like which tend to perpetuate the thoughtforms of the masses of mankind and their lifestyle of "every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost"... a corollary is to try to live from the heart as much as possible, and if you read books, let them be uplifting subjects... "What you place your attention upon, you become".

I am convinced that the coming global changes are going to be pretty difficult (read virtually impossible!) for those who do not make the effort or have not already prepared themselves pretty thoroughly for the hike in vibratory level of Earth Planet... If you can raise your vibes, you will be able to maintain much better contact with your guidance in times of global geophysical changes, and be able to move away from danger spots in time to survive for another season... So far, many unawake people think its "business as usual" for the next 20 years - the way they predict this and that - but I think there will be unavoidable times of some upheaval both geophysically and in human lifestyle.

Therefore, keep an inner ear to Mother Earth; she is guiding all her human children who can tune in, as she doesn't wish harm on anyone. And know that each human being incarnated has a team of non-physical guidance who are dedicated to helping them fulfil their Soul Purpose of being... so practice tuning in to them and asking to be shown what to do in your life.