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21-04-2007, 05:08 PM
ok i'll try keep this as short as poss. I have met someone recently and since i met her things have started to happen. visions, telepathy etc etc.. i feel very strongly that we were meant to meet and that we have known each other for a very very long time. we seem to know each others thoughts and souls to a very very deep level. the problem is that i have sensed many spirits around this person and one of them feels like a bad misguided negative spirit. I felt this before she told me. a spoke to my friend who seems to be very gifted and he has sensed this energy too. may i say that the 2 have never met. he was confronted by this energy and in the process his guide was used to keep the energy at bay ( so to speak). the girl in question has various medical problems that cant be cured, she is being treated for epilepsy but the pills dont work... i have been told that this spirit is lost and misguided and blankets the girls true soul, he feeds of her energy and this is makin her seriously ill, to the point where it will cause serious damage. my friend wants to guide this spirit away to where it is meant to go... on the other hand the girl is sayin she is aware of this spirit and that it is part of her and she feels its pain, if it leaves she will not survive. the girl and my friend have never had and contact as in the normal way... but they have felt each other searchin...my friend also had one of his friends contact him (by phone lol) and explain the situation, yet she had never met me nor the girl involved... i feel that the girl feels the way she does, because the spirit is in so deep. but i also feel the risk is if we get things wrong and take this spirit away then she will have nothin left and not survive... by the way this is my first experience of anythin like this, and although i feel it really is a very serious matter, i feel perfectally at home.....any guidance would be very gratfully recieved....many thanks...

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21-04-2007, 05:36 PM
Let your heart guide you. Go where it takes you. So long as you keep her well-being above your self-interest, you can do no wrong. This will also keep negative spirits at bay. Just what comes to mind.

22-04-2007, 08:36 AM
oops - sorry. didnt realised i used a naughty word, got a bit lost in in putting the ordeal down in words, i have edited.

22-04-2007, 08:55 AM
oops - sorry. didnt realised i used a naughty word, got a bit lost in in putting the ordeal down in words, i have edited.

Three things I like to mention at times like this pjh1974. Since this is a spiritual forum, it's not very cool to use foul language. All the more os since we have youngish children who are members. And besides, how would you feel if your grandmother read your post and saw you cursing? Some folks may feel it's no big deal, but for the staff, it is a big deal.


22-04-2007, 10:54 AM
Getting back to your concerns pjh1974.

I once had an experience where I recall being affected by a negative energy. It had taken me a while to realize but from day one I felt that there was something not quite right. At night I would wake up from nightmares to see dark shadows leaning over me, I felt almost constantly fearful, I found it difficult to meditate and all communication with my guides were shut down.

A friend of mine, whom I like to call my spiritual mentor (although he claims is an inappropraite term), came to visit to ask for help where I needed to contact my guides - I explained what I had been going through and at first he did not recognize anything. When he discovered I was pretty much completely unable to connect he noticed there was something not quite right. He asked me to close my eyes and to see the being which was feeding off my spiritual abilities. The 'creature', for lack of a better term, was hideous and I immediately recognized the feeling of fear when I confronted it. I called my guides and the arch angels to assist in removing this negative being. My guides are extremely protective and I was almost shocked to see them come through and practically rip the being apart.

The being was negative emotions I was carrying, it started feeding off my fears, it couldn't allow me to connect spiritually or it would be recognized and removed. This is a bit more dramatic than I am used to, however, your story called upon me to reveal this experience.

It's important to recognize that the being and the feeling are the same things. Looking at the 'creature' was looking at my own fears and negative emotions... I gave it a form - and it was horrifying.

It is possible that the girl has become dependant on this being/feeling, regardless of the fact that it is hurting her. If she is containing emotion from one or multiple passed experiences, it is possible that the being/feeling has been there for an extended amount of time and she is almost fearful to live without it.

She must realize, however, that no being or emotion that damages her spirit and wellbeing, is one worth keeping. She must confront the feeling and overcome her dependency so that she can remove herself from her fears and heal herself strictly through the power of love - for herself.

She will soon discover that existing in any other way just can't compare.

22-04-2007, 01:41 PM
Hi Pjh and daniella ( edited because I put the wrong name in sorry daniella and pjh)

I know that epileptics are very vulnerable to pyshic attack as they are very pyschic but it gets closed down, a dear friend is epileptic and I know the tablets that she takes are making her very ill and it is impossible for her to hear from her inner guidance.

I do wish you the best with this part of your journey, you are very kind that your heart goes out to help this friend that seems to have come into your path for help. It is very difficult I know as I want to help my friend but I cannot except with my thoughts. When I leave my friends company I always feel like I need to have a shower and wash away all the negetive energy that has surrounded me while being with her, it is so sad because I really want to take it all away from her but she is holding onto it and does not believe, she is so used to feeling the way she does that she feels that it is normal and I wish I could give her just a glimpse of how good it could be but she always has a commitment or excuse as to why she cannot bring about the change.

Also I am sure that your friend will survive without the attachment but she just cant differenciate between what is her and what is not. Spirits that are of a low energy will look for a way in to a body and often this will happen when someone is vulnerable. I would reccomend a good healer, getting the spirit away from her would be easy if she was willing but what to do with the energy after is not so easy, having to get it to go without attaching on to someone else.

The only thing I can reccomend is love love love all the way.

good luck and god bless


23-04-2007, 10:29 AM
Hello pjh,

Daniella's story about the fearsome being she encountered being her own negativity harks back to the old idea of the "Dweller On The Threshold" that is mentioned in the older occult books. And it is true that one's negative thoughts do have eventually to be faced and transmuted, and as far as I know, can take on shape like that and appear to the person whose negativity they represent.

These things always happen for a reason, as an aid to awakening us to something that we must do or be, in order to complete fully our Soul purpose for the embodiment... its an opportunity, no matter how horrendous it may seem at first consideration!

In my opinion, there are two issues involved: healing the epilepsy and transmuting the "Dweller"... If you are interested in further explanation, ask or PM me. There will be some, no doubt, who will think this is dangerous stuff to be talking about and engaging in, and it can be; I can only say that I wouldn't do it if I had not checked with my inner self first, and that of course it would be advice that you / your friend have the responsibility to weigh up for yourselves and decide whether to act on it or not. But I make the opportunity available in case it may be helpful.

Bless your day!