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16-04-2007, 09:41 PM
over the past weekend, sat night sunday morning something happened to me that shook my world to the core. so much so that i seriously considered the fact that i might be losing my sanity. At its peak i found i could not speak, i was very fearful, i felt like somethin deep inside me was bursting wide open and filled with the most amazing light, i could not properly think straight and I was gettin extremely strong telepathic messages from someone who has recently com into my life. (this person is a very wise expereinced spirit) (possibly my guide??) i had pretty nasty head pains and i felt like my eyes were vibrating.... i finally managed to get a grip of myself, although i found drivin quite hard, after about 12 hours and now, 1 day later. i feel elevated and feel very aware of feeling energies...( although i have been feeling energies most of my life - but not to this extent and not with this much confident and belief).

can someone please give me some help, advice or relate their experiences. I am pretty sure and aware of what is going on but after some kind of reassurance. the last thing i want to do is to see a dr who will then give me medication and suppress what is happening.... that is unless i truly am losing my marbles lol..

16-04-2007, 09:56 PM
good day,

have no fear it may be stressful but its naturally occuring. If you feel the need to ease the trouble perhaps you should look at your chakra balance and bring yourself to a desireable level. Take time to do physical activities to make sure your in this world which will help you confirm your not losing it. Sensitivity will make you disoriented for a while but it may be that you should get to the point you are at now. Search for the advantages yet if its too much lower the influence.

Love and blessings to all

16-04-2007, 10:01 PM
thanks for replying. disorientated, your not kiddin lol. what you say pretty much how i thought when i started to calm. i intuitively felt the need to look at chakra balancing, as did i feel the need to " get my feet on the ground" by going out and carrying out normal tasks... it sure is a pretty amazing, yet slightly fearful experience..

16-04-2007, 11:17 PM
Hi Paul, you are correct - the first thing to do is to assess whether there is an undelying psychiatric issue. Try the tests on pyschcentral.com/quizzes, particularly for schizophrenia & bipolar disorder. Medication won't make you lose your psychic abilities, I promise you.

On a spritual level, the content of the message is more important than your psychological & physical response. Only you will know the significance of this.

I sense your awae at what is happening & wish you well.

17-04-2007, 12:21 AM
Hi Paul, you are correct - the first thing to do is to assess whether there is an undelying psychiatric issue. Try the tests on pyschcentral.com/quizzes, particularly for schizophrenia & bipolar disorder. Medication won't make you lose your psychic abilities, I promise you.

On a spritual level, the content of the message is more important than your psychological & physical response. Only you will know the significance of this.

I sense your awae at what is happening & wish you well.

Hi Muddler,

This is quite a helpful reply to pjh1974 and whilst I do agree that some medication may not affect a person's psychic abilites, many renowned psychic and spiritual mediums have said that medication of the pill/tablet form does negatively adverse the electromagnetic aura and chakra system of human beings. Taking medication is said to create blocks in the energies. Of course, there are also homeopathic and complementary medicines which may better serve to treat psychological problems. I'm not debating with you though Muddler, just giving another opinion. Pjh1974, use your intuition on whether medication is suitable for you or not.

Pjh1974, you have expressed some thoughts about your condition/symptoms that to me, perfectly describe a sudden release or opening up of energies around your third eye chakra. This could be what is called a kundalini awakening. This would also fit in perfectly well with the head and eye pains you experienced and certainly the greater awareness you felt.

I also feel you did the right thing by immediately going out and doing tasks to ground yourself. This would have allowed the psychic awareness and telepathy to settle down. It is not surprising that you feel drawn to doing chakra balancing as I feel that this is what you may need. Can I ask, have you been working with any crystals; in particular, amethyst?


17-04-2007, 02:37 AM
yes, i agree with kundalini, for the most part. there does seem to be a "phenomena" that exists (kundalini awakening if you want). for this brief time, you may have experienced this phenomenon (this phenom is surley "there" regardless to your experiencing it), and the symptoms of which, quite logically, may cause discomfort to the tissue mass that is your brain and body. i experienced this myself (at a semi-critical time in my "spiritual life"). while i can't offer any mastery advice, i can confirm that this may have been an "upheaval" of energies, mabey. if this is/was the case, don't get frightened, im thinking fear may make it "worse". use your "practices" (if you have any) to calm down, and "let it flow". if you have no "practices" try meditation. its (mabey) just a little energy (your/all) so have no fear!! have no fear!!
(but if you think you're nuts, well check that out too, but remember, big pharma companies LOOOOVE inventing new "disorders" for buisnesses sake!!)

quite possibly this is very good, but you must calm yourself so the experience will not be wasted; don't get too terribly distracted by all the info on the web and all the books in the stores. they may help with some aspects but this expereince is personal. it is easy for anyone to have a personal experience corrupted with what the "movements" dictate as being "gold". let the expereince "cycle" through before trying to analyze it to death with all the so called "facts" (note* i am not against research). stay calm, be well, love your life!!

17-04-2007, 09:37 AM
I agree with Kundalini, on most issues too, In my opinion, there seems to be a big spiritual shift going on. You could try some Reiki or other types of healing, and see if you feel more centered. Please try not to get more stressed, things happen for a reason, although we may not actually always understand it at the time.

Take each step at a time, and enjoy the moment, as Blair2be says if you are really worried on the health issue, you could always check it out too.

good luck in all you do elaine

17-04-2007, 11:43 AM

I am compelled to caution people regarding "medical advice".. it is very risky to suggest treatments and therapies without a thorough knowledge of the patient/subject.. while i favor alternative medicine, i also respect the balance inherent in multiple approaches.. i sense that, ultimately, there will be the highest benefit from using the best of many approaches.. as i struggled with a shattered wrist the choice between Eastern or Western medicine was easy, i went to the Orthopedist.. follow-up physical therapty was through Eastern medicine, a balance..

There may even be certain legal risks associated with indiscriminate medical advice.. as always, i advise my students to seek medical advice from medical doctors and other sources they deem appropriate, then.. make informed decisions.. i am trained in several types of alternative healing methodologies, but i seldom give advice without direct, in-person diagnosis.. Before you offer advice from an alternative perspective, be very certain that you are respectful, considerate, and compassionate about the welfare of the person you are advising.. what a shame it would be if they followed some alternative advice and did more harm.. our first obligation is to the safety and welfare of our brothers and sisters..

Be well..

17-04-2007, 04:18 PM
Hi TzuJanLi,

I understand why you are saying what you are saying and I also thoroughly agree with your statement. A balanced approach to one's health considering the best of modern medicine and complementary therapy is always recommended.

However, I personally feel that pjh1974's condition is not a mental illness but a psychic illumination. I feel that I was respectful, considerate and compassionate towards pjh1974's welfare.


18-04-2007, 03:02 PM

Hi Kundalini: I have no issue with your response.. just following my instincts..

Be well...

18-04-2007, 03:27 PM

Hi Kundalini: I have no issue with your response.. just following my instincts..

Be well...

Hi TzuJanLi,

Good instincts they are too. I hope I did not sound too stubborn, however your words did give me food for thought. It is completely important that with such a thread as this, opinions should be as broad and as informative as they possibly can be. Indeed, I fully understand the need for both modern and complementary medicine. However, I can see that in this case, I was perhaps a little too one-way with my perspective.

Having said that and having thought about the issues that pjh1974 has raised, I now do not feel it is a kundalini awakening either. From what I have heard about this concept, the symptoms that were displayed do not seem as powerful as I had heard a kundalini awakening to exhibit.

It is true that it could be an underlying psychiatric condition. On the other hand, I cannot dismiss the possibility of a sudden release of energies or a sudden opening-up of the energies at the 3rd eye chakra.


18-04-2007, 04:20 PM
Thank you TzuJanLi, good looking out for everybody concerned!

Love to all

18-04-2007, 04:56 PM
thank you all for your kind words.

Kundalini - i have never really worked nor tried to work with crystals, although I have been drawn to obtaining some in the past, and as it goes I have been drawn to an amythest that i could not put down, possibly a night or so b4 my experience. just to note. a very very spiritual friend of mine had extremely strong feelings of my energy whilst i was having my experience, this i did not know until today. he said he could not get me out of his head..

I have heard of the Kundalini Awakening and my intuition tells me that what i have experienced was not as powerful as the afore mentioned, but maybe a tremor leading up to something bigger...

Again completely listening to my intuition. I realised the beauty in what was happening and a warm calmness (if a little excited) has washed over me. I have spent some time in the prescence of a person who has had a very very strong spritiual gift all her life and there is someting way and above the "norm" going on. The telepaty is incredible. Also I am feeling very at ease now with the feeling i get, i no longer ignore them but feel they are more on the level of. believeing somethin you see with your own eyes - if that makes sense lol

I am pretty sure that I do not have a mental problem, as i seem far to aware and composed of what is happening. My feet are planted deep in the ground and i am exploring my conection with this new person that has come into my life. I am also in the process of making a reiki appointment, i also feel the need to take a course on reiki healing ( this is something ive been drawn to for a long time)

again, thankyou all for your kind words....

peaceful thoughts


18-04-2007, 05:05 PM
something i forgot to ask - i have read about self protection, has any1 any suggestions on this? the way i see it is. all things from the source are for the cause of good, the fear we see and feel is to do with the way we percieve these feelings, and the fact that the things we feel, when we first feel them are very different to the norm. using this i feel that to protect all i need do is believe that i am already protected, simply because the source would not give out any harm. hence you believe and install that belief into your mind which smooths out said fear.... god, sorry for rambling folks

18-04-2007, 11:16 PM
Hi pjh1974,

First, thanks for elaborating upon your experiences. Secondly, in response to your question about protection, you have some good solid thoughts there. However, I do recommend that you buy a rose quartz crystal. The reason I recommend this is that sometimes when a person suddenly opens up psychically and begin to 'see' deeper into the people around them and indeed their very own selves, one can become 'distressed' by all the messages.

A rose quartz crystal placed at your Heart Chakra will act to balance your psychic abilities and will allow you at the same time to feel more love for yourself and for others. Can you see how this acts as a balancing 'mechanism'?

However, despite this, the Rose Quartz crystal can also release some very powerful unexpressed emotions that you may have inside you...so that they can be released and healed.

It is just a recommendation but I do suggest to you that reiki (as you have already mentioned), researching and working with the chakras and crystal healing may all be of benefit to you.

Should you be solely concerned with the issue of protection, then I can advise obtaining either a Black Tourmaline crystal or a Tiger's Eye crystal; both of which are said to be ideal for protection.

I hope this helps, K.