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26-01-2012, 02:38 PM
I had a dream awhile ago that was awesome, it was so vivid and real I played it over and over in my mind so I would not forget it. To this day I have no idea what it means tho.

I was in the forest alone following path, I came to a cottage (right out of a story book) with rays of light shining on the roof through the tall trees. The door was wide open so I walked inside and it turned out to be a craft shop, the girl in the shop I knew was a fairy tho she looked like an adult in a 3 year old's body. She had on a white, light blue translucent dress, long dark hair and a white headband. We talked and browsed while she showed me the items made from nature I was in awe and loved all of it. (Then it got kinda weird) Later she told me about a person that needed to borrow $60,000 dollars and was desperate. I tried to explain that I did not have the money but was feeling like I needed to get it and give it to her. The only way I knew of was to sell my house, but explained that I couldnt do that because it was not totally mine. The person was persistant, then suddenly the Fairly ushered me away and not another word was said instead she led me to a beautiful waterfall we sat on the rocks and soaked up the light rays, she said "It is so good to just Be".....I agreed and enjoyed the moment.

Then I woke up but never forgot the Fairly and have no idea what the $60,000 was about, other than perhaps it was telling me not to worry about trying to please people that expect the impossible of me?

peace out in unity and respect

30-01-2012, 03:06 AM
What a beautiful dream!

04-02-2012, 02:46 PM
Hi,this dream seems more than just an ordinary dream--It does seem that she was showing you that-- not to be anxious about the monetary affairs of this human existance, but to learn to just "be" and enjoy the simple things of life.
If the humankind learned to live like that- many of us would NOT end up in credit card debts or loans that we end up over our heads-- and we would be satisfied with less material things --yet would appreciate the natural beauty that is all around us. In general, mankind has lost our connection with the rest of Creation-- the simple things that are TRUE luxuries in which this Faery was showing you when she was soaking up the light rays and luxuriating in that beautiful waterfall.

12-09-2012, 06:11 AM
First of all.....so sorry for not getting back to see your reply, busy with foster children tough to get online lol.

But OMG.....this had me puzzled until now your interpretation makes total sense and resonates entirely with my view of things. Exactly as you say, I often find myself thinking "It is just wrong that anyone in this world should hurt or be in pain because of money/lack of it"! Imagine if it was all about 'people' living in harmony, taking care of each other and co existing on a level plain. hmmmmmm

Thank you!!!!

peace out in unity and respect

16-09-2012, 03:23 AM
That sounds like an excellent dream :)

28-09-2012, 07:48 PM
Thank you xdxb! It was, I love dreams like that and wish I had them more often!!