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25-01-2012, 08:00 PM
Recently, I've been wondering about "animal totems". I don't know really how to be sure which animals would be my animal totems because I'm an animal lover (if it was up to me I would be surrounded by all kind of animals...). I know we are supposed to watch for "who" comes up in dreams but is that always the case or are there possibilities that we would dream of an animal just because it is part of a dream???

From my experience, I know that I always had a connection with deers, I call them my "deer friends", they have often come close to me and I have had also the experience of deers following me in the forest. I dreamed of a deer, I actually got a focus on the deer, I had a deer in a forest where I was walking everyday who was always coming to see me, not afraid. He had a bad paw and I was blessing him each time I was seeing him, I wanted him safe knowing he couldn't run fast like the others.

Then, horses more precisely wild horses, always been attracted to them, I love to see them run (of course where I live that only happens on TV or then it is my own horses). What I love is to see the horses free, running with no rider...before I thought that I just loved horses and that they were meant to be free, running across the land...and that it might be linked to the fact that I'm a free spirit....I dreamed of them also.

Turtles, I love them and care for them. I will stop on the road (whether walking or driving) to help any of them to cross safely to wherever they were going...I ended up being "a turtle rescuer" (LOL) there are a lot around me, so during the season I've got a lot to "rescue"

Butterflies, love them also from childhood, drew them, observe them, saved some too (brought one back to life), pick up the dying that I find on the road during summer and place them on wild flowers to finish their journey nicely...

Felines, like tigers always wish they were not wild animals...but I have always comforted myself with what I call my "tigers miniature", so I have always had cats, right now I've got 5. I've always had a deep connection with cats...straight cats like me. One of my cat saw me walking in the forest and called after me, over and over until I saw him (it was a tiny starving kitten) and ran after me...so, as you can expect he got home with me that very day....then 3 who became my pets came by themselves all the way to my house (I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Mother Nature) they were 3 kitten and they cried under my bedroom window, I could not figure it out first, and they remained until we found them one morning, and they are with us since.....but I thought that it was just that I was a cat lover...Seen them in dreams too.

Wolves.....like for the cats, I turn to dogs as being a form of wolves...always had dogs, stray dogs, or somebody else dogs, always act like they are mine...Like the other animals I spoke about dogs as being my friends, my 4 legs brothers and sisters. I thought it was just because I loved dogs...but more and more I started to wonder like for the other animals I mentioned. I dreamed of dogs and wolves and many times of my dogs that have gone to the other side. Especially for 2 of them I am sure they are watching over me, still being with me like when they were in this realm...It's been 2 years and I still can't accept that they are not physically with me anymore...

Dragons...but that I'm not sure, I love dragons, got wallpapers on my PC and like dragon movies where the dragons are not portrayed as the typical "bad guys" so they are not killed...I like dragon decorations (can't wait to be able to buy a particular dragon figure by Pena...), but I have never seen one in a dream. I just love them.

So that was my story, now here are my questions:

Does anyone of you know if I just have a connection with these animals or if I have a deep connection because they are my animal totems? Or do I just love them because I'm an animal lover?

If they are my animal totems, how do I communicate with them? Do I speak out loud or do they hear if I speak silently?

Are animal totems another name for spirit guide???

Thanks for your insights, :smile:

Peace :hug3:

25-01-2012, 09:54 PM
Very nice story Shalimar.

One thing has to be said though - what you are describing is not animal totems. A totem is an ancestor and protector of a clan. There's a myth surrounding the animal as either helping start the clan through aiding the human ancestors, or directly being a progenitor of it. The word totem is misused today, and is mistakenly thought of as a synonym for animal guides or brethren.

No one can tell you if your connection with such animals is due to a spiritual reason. But, you can start by meditating and asking your ancestors/gods/higher self/whateverfloatsyourboat to help you learn more about this creature in question and whether it has any messages for you.

Many times animals appear in our life because they are a harbinger of a message, rather than being the message itself. For instance, seeing a raven a lot or having dreams of one isn't necessarily a sign that they are some kind of protector or guiding wight, but instead they are a portent or symbolic of some knowledge.

My advice overall would be to meditate upon whatever animals catch your fancy, and work from there. And some studying of animal symbolism and omens can be helpful in getting a broader knowledge of how to interpret your experiences.

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Thanks a lot for the link, that's a wonderful website! :hug3:

27-01-2012, 03:18 PM
Like anything else, animal totems IME are an aspect of ourselves that are speaking to us in a unique and wonderful way, thru the characteristics of certain animals.
Shamanic journeying was how I met and fulfilled this part of my journey.
Fulfilled meaning that it is not apart of my journey any longer but I am better because of it.
Ted Andrews is the one I value in regards to learning about the characteristics themselves. He has a book called "Animal Speak"

Blessings, James

27-01-2012, 06:33 PM
As a Native myself I think you are confusing animals you like/ have an affinity towards as your totem animals. I have two myself. One, the mourning dove, was named for me fairly recently by my dad (who is 100% native) because he said he heard it's song. It was actually really interesting because I always saw mourning doves as personal messengers for me and I always felt connected to them. Just their coo would soothe me. My second totem, the rabbit, I kind of "assigned" to myself, because rabbits always were a theme for me growing up. I would always see rabbits, and I would feel safe with them. Totem animals are kind of who you are, you embody some of the traits of that animal. For me the way you describe your relationship with deer makes me think they may be your guides or messengers. Really though don't worry so much about labels about totems/guides etc and let your own spiritual experiences come to you without being forced and maybe you'll be able to find answers :)

01-02-2012, 06:47 PM
Thanks WhiteShaman and Cahro for your insights :smile: I'm gonna look into the book by Ted Andrews.

Peace :hug3:

01-02-2012, 08:46 PM
I think you might be refering to AnimalSpiritGuides and I would like to suggest a book by Ted Andrews entitled, "Animal Wise".

It included a CandleRitual/Visualization that helps to put you in touch with your Guides. The journey took me 8 months--one for each Chakra involved--during which I met my 12 Guides.

Peace and Love on the path of your choice...

Blessed be...

02-02-2012, 11:08 PM
Thanks LadyTerra for your input :hug3: ! Recently I sent out a little message before falling asleep, asking if my Spirit Guide or Animal Totem could show up in my dream. And that night I woke up after a dream where a Ferret, she was mostly white with some brownish hair near the face. She was adorable. She was talking to me sitting on a couch, looking me straight in the eyes and in my dream I was understanding everything she said (but when I woke up I could not remember what it was), so we were talking back and forth to each other. At the end of the dream I was getting her a cookie.

I've got to say that I had not thought about any kind of animals before falling asleep and Ferret are not among the animals I have around, never thought about them before, so that was a surprise....

As soon as I can I'm gonna buy "animal wise" so many people likes it! I checked at my library but they don't have it:icon_frown:

Peace :hug3: