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31-03-2007, 02:06 PM
This may seem like a daft question, but I am trying to look at this from an 'ordinary' persons' point of view - how much of your life is taken up with your quest for spiritual truth? How often do you read spiritually-based books, websites, attend meetings, development circles, etc..etc.. and do you tend to surround yourself with like minded people wherever possible?

Also, how much of your life is spent doing 'ordinary' things other than going to work...like different hobbies or past-times that are not of an obvious spiritual nature? Do you believe you need a sort of balance with this, or is it a non-issue?

Personally speaking, I see this path that I'm on as all-encompassing and I am compelled to learn & experience as much as I possible can. Yet others in my life dissaprove of the extent of my focus on this, and I have actually been called "obsessional" today, and told I need to live "in the real world" - haha!!:icon_eek: I believe I have my feet firmly on the ground (most of the time anyway, lol) and if I was away with the faeries most of the time, I wouldn't be able to keep two jobs going, plus look after my kids, the pets, the house...etc.etc. And I do get on well with others who don't have the same outlook on life/existence as I do, so that's not a problem for me as such.

I guess I've just been on the receiving end of judgement & ignorance yet again today, and I'm a little tired of it.:icon_frown:

31-03-2007, 06:54 PM

I can't tell you what to do. But I experienced what you are experiencing now. And I was left doubting myself, just as you are. I learned that the further along the road I got the more confident I became, and the more confident I became the less other people's opinions mattered to me.

We have every right to live our life any way we want so long as we don't deliberately hurt ourselves or anyone else in the process.

Others are apt to treat us how we treat ourselves. Continue to treat yourself with respect and others will be respectful.

31-03-2007, 10:06 PM
Don't worry I get that as well!. Everyone thinks I've got some strange obsession with spiritual things especially my family who are just about all left brain thinkers. I think sometimes its important to be reassured that your not crazy...so your really not crazy!...all of us are on the same path and we all see, think hear etc different things to most people out there. To avoid the put downs you just need to avoid talking to certain people about it. They can't handle it and they don't understand it. Your living your truth and thats the most important thing...don't let others put you down for that!:)


31-03-2007, 10:18 PM
hmmmmmmm........sometimes it could be so very easy to get so absorbed in the spiritual that you're almost up there in spirit yourself, on the other hand i couldn't bear living in complete ignorance of spiritual things either i think the secret is balance

Wind of Grace
31-03-2007, 10:21 PM
Dear Jaycee,

I personally don't give one poop, to say it nicely, about what others may think of me, or the life that I lead. I live in total and complete freedom, being exactly who I am. I gave this ultimate form of freedom to myself, when I totally stopped worrying about the negative opinions or judgements that others may be entertaining in regards to my person.

Whatever is most comfortable, and best for you, is strictly for you to decide. Nobody walks in your shoes. Nobody but you, lives in your own heart.

I wrote a personal quote about this exact situation:

"Others will always think what they think. If you allow their thoughts to hinder your lifestyle, or your choices, you will never experience the true joy and complete freedom of being yourself."

You have your own wings. Spread them, and fly freely in whatever direction you feel is yours.

What's good for the goose, may not be good for the gander...... For me, that is truly the way it is...... So be it :smile:

Lots of Love & Hugs to you xo.... :hug3: Wind of Grace

01-04-2007, 02:17 AM
Hi Jaycee,

Well, it has ever been thus, that people with a different outlook on life usually find it hard to understand others' point of view; and this is especially true of the spiritually-oriented life. The others usually simply don't have the previous soul experience and the consciousness to make sense of many of the things a spiritual person may do. Its not their fault, as they simply don't have the capability of understanding it... some few have sufficient ability to be open-minded and tolerant enough to refuse to judge, but perhaps are in the great minority. My family acknowledges that I have a very different view of life than they, but they carry on with theirs, and I do my best to keep my own counsel with regard to it, and do my own thing. I think you have to do that.... it is part of one's sovereignty and self-respect to do and to be Who You See Yourself To Be. After all, we are each responsible for our own lives... in past ages, people in authority would simply get rid of anyone they didn't agree with... thank goodness it is much less like that now than it once was!!!

There are many examples among the indigenous people of the world, whose lifestyle incorporates their spirituality in virtually everything they do... Those brought up in the Western traditions have a very different life-view that is by and large greatly lacking in this way of looking at things. So its not surprising that many in Western society don't understand the way of life that a spiritual person might want to lead.

I do my minimum half-hour meditation most mornings; shower most every day; read spiritual books mostly; spend time on the internet looking mostly at spiritually oriented sites; try to walk in Nature as my recreation as frequently as possible; eat vegetarian food... I think the main thing is to be gentle but determined to follow one's heart and do what is practicable to BE the offspring of God / Goddess All That Is, that we know ourselves to be, and to bless and allow others their chosen pathway. If they criticise us, that's their responsibility and it is they who will wear it in the end!

{{{{ friendly hugs }}}}


01-04-2007, 07:11 AM
Hiya Jaycee,

I'm actually fully supported by the people I come into contact with in life so, I can only imagine what you might be going through.

I guess, in my situation, it comes down to prioritising and organising time, plus, being totally comfortable with every aspect of my own life and live it just for me. That's very important. As soon as you live your life just for you, everything seems to fall into place & there's plenty of time to devote to whatever your heart desires. I noticed I began to create time for things that are important to me. Now my life is jam-packed with Angelicious delights and I love, love, love it to bits, lol. My life and the time I spend living it to the fullest is reflected back by the people who share it with me.

It's important to figure out what you want the world to reflect back to you. Ask yourself why other peoples opinions affect me in this way? Does it matter what they think or what I think? Whose life do I want to live, mine or theirs? I know what I opt for.
And Because I love and trust myself and the decisions on how to spend my time, others mirror this back by loving and trusting what I do with my time & sharing in the joy I call my life.

I devote plenty of time (don't know exactly how much) to me alone & all things regarding spirituality, psychic development also (I love "Me" time & get as much as I ever want or need), and I also devote plenty of time to my daughter whom I raise on my own, and to family & the pets, my artwork, friends, hobbies, chores, work, study, social life, sport & leisure, nature, volunteer work, rest, etc.

Everything falls into place nicely as if heaven sent. Yip, the universe in perfect motion.

I'm enjoyed by the people I work with & work for, my art is appreciated, singing in a band to an appreciative audience is my social outlet (it rocks!), I love laughing & hang out with my mum & sisters.

01-04-2007, 12:08 PM
This may seem like a daft question, but I am trying to look at this from an 'ordinary' persons' point of view - how much of your life is taken up with your quest for spiritual truth? How often do you read spiritually-based books, websites, attend meetings, development circles, etc..etc.. and do you tend to surround yourself with like minded people wherever possible?

Also, how much of your life is spent doing 'ordinary' things other than going to work...like different hobbies or past-times that are not of an obvious spiritual nature? Do you believe you need a sort of balance with this, or is it a non-issue?

Partioning of life into spiritual and mundane portions must be a Western idea. No wonder the West feels a need for religions. Quest for truth and meaning must be constant. Time spent oblivious to our essential nature is time wasted.

01-04-2007, 03:53 PM

Rejoice my good friend because you are seeing the place you are playing in the great game of life, love, and spirit. You are a path to God. Remember that whenever someone criticises or judges another it is because what they are critical of is some truth they fail to recognise within themselves. Your friends/family are seeing the path you are on, are unsure or sceptical of it, and ultimately recognise the lack of spirit in their own lives. You are the tool through which God is showing them the way. Gosh that sounds a bit 'late nightTV evangelical' doesn't it. Not my intention. But, you get the idea. This is a really cool moment to witness. You gotta love the synergy of it all. Even while they are criticising you, they are thinking about it, feeling something off centre in their own lives. They are resistant - but the thought, the feeling remains - you are the reminder of that.

Take pleasure in the part you are playing - even if they are being judgemental and hurtful.

Take care.

01-04-2007, 05:14 PM
Thanks everyone, for your warm and encouraging replies. :D :hug2:

Woman Who Loves Nature
08-04-2007, 09:24 AM
If I may be so bold as to interject a comment here... I do agree that maybe a lot of Western culture does not understand and practice the concept of seeking their Spiritualness on an individual quest for Spiritual knowledge. Although speaking for myself here, I am from the West USA and I too am one seeking the path of knowledge and feel I too am walking a spiritual path. And... I ferverently believe that we as individuals of the Divine Creation must be True unto our individual selves in our search for the ways one travels and experiences ones path or road. To be ever seeking knowledge, searching to meet that one moment that reveals itself to us in full clarity. Perhaps as some might say ,that... "Aha! I see now!" moment. Then to realize an understanding and merging with All Love to continue on in ones path of Service to Others and doing so "In Infinite Love!" The Affirmation I speak to myself daily is "I Walk In Infinite Love So That I Will Be Of the Highest and Best I Am Capable of, In Service To Others.
Love, Light, Joy and Healing To Everyone and Everything In The All that Is. WWLN :hug3: :wink: :smile:

08-04-2007, 05:31 PM
Spiritual practice? What is that?
I've found that people tend to separate life itself from spirituality. The question would be what is spirituality? What is spiritual?
Every single second of our lifes is spiritual and all we do, or think, or feel is part of this search and part of being a spirit having an experience in material form.
What we believe is just part of the process, part of a bigger truth that is not at all the whole truth as all of us holds parts of this truth and therefore we should respect what others believe.
Why believing in fairies is so spiritual? or in the power of crystals or in colours or auras or......etc.?
What has all that to do with spirituality if we live a life of disagreement and intolerance with all those who don't believe?
Spirituality is in our daily lifes, in going to those 9 to 5 jobs and show the light inside of us to all that passes by, even to those who criticize us or ignore us and also try to find the light inside everyone of them.
[I][COLOR=royalblue]There should not be such pain as the pain of recognising separation. We are all one, that