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Pien Opi Koko
15-12-2011, 10:06 PM
Hello Everyone

I made a decision to seek out a forum, because now feels the right time to join with others on this path.

I'd say I have been on 'a' path since I was young, but just never knew exactly what it was. I have always been alert and sensitive to my physical surroundings and those around me since I was a child, but it was only through my learning of the tarot fourteen years ago, that I became more open to it's uses. I now see my compassion for others as a gift, but something I must continually work at.

I enjoy to walk amongst nature, never feeling alone with the trees, birds or rain. In recent times, I have read more about both witchcraft and wicca, finding the story of the sabbats beautiful; and now, I want to immerse myself in them as the wheel turns. Yule will be my first real festival for celebration. As I say, now seems the right time to bring everything together.

But I am still very new to this. I want to take this new journey slowly and appreciate every detail. I want to really 'live' the seasons and look around me with open eyes at the world and what I can do to influence it for the better (I believe that the best first step to help change the world is to change oneself for the better).

For the moment, I am reading books from my shelf. I own the 'solitary practitioner' book by Cunningham, which I have had for some years, and was recently gifted a book called 'Solitary Wicca for Life' from a friend. I am expecting some cards to inspire me on my journey also. But generally, I am trying to live each moment with good intent and am currently thankful for the wonderful changes in life that have been bestowed on me. I am thanking the god and goddess in my thoughts and through my actions.

Does this sound like the right first steps to be taking? I don't want to get involved in too heavy rituals or spellwork just yet; with little knowledge, I think they will not hold so much meaning for me at this early stage.

Any tips about where I might be going wrong or what else I could do would be greatly appreciated.

Yours kindly
Pien Opi Koko

Blooms Bright
16-12-2011, 01:36 AM
Welcome! Your journey sounds very exciting...its sounds as though you have put much thought into traveling on a new path. One that many of us share : ) I would encourage you to listen to your heart, listen to the trees, feel the pull of Mother Earth, and the guidance of the Goddess. I would also keep a journal of your adventure. There is so much to discover...

~Bright Blessings

16-12-2011, 07:42 AM
Hi Pien. Take some time and read the posts in the Wicca and Pagan threads here. Lots of good, robust discussions to consider :D