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13-12-2011, 11:08 PM
Hex is the German "Hexe", Dutch "Heks"), meaning "witch."
Hex can be used for good to ward off negativity to keep your things returning to you. Make a person who wishes you bad will to become uncomfortable thats why I have drawn a hex at all the entrances of my home and yard.
All my furniture has Hex's on them items in my home and my car.
These are some Amish American Hex signs

I just wanted to dust off the misconceptions in regards to Hex and bring it to the for front Blessings to you all. and please note these are not the symbols I use I use Celtic symbols in my home..

14-12-2011, 08:24 AM
I have the grimoire of the Pennsylvanian Dutch, the Pow-Wow magic and I believe they also used the hex. I wondered if there was a connection.

Pow Wow or Long Lost Friend (pdf) (http://www.cunning.org.uk/powwow.pdf)

14-12-2011, 11:14 AM
From a conversation with one knowledgeable of the Strega reported by Leland in the mid 1800’s whilst in Italy ~

When showed a picture of what we now term a witches ladder found in a belfry she referred to it as “ la guirlanda delle strege “and gave an account of its use

This is the spell of Il Pollo nero, or the Black Hen. It is as follows:--
"To bewitch one till he die: Take a black hen and pluck from it every feather; and this done, keep them all carefully, so that not one be lost. With these you may do any evil to grown people or children.
"Take the hairs of the person, or else the stockings, and those not clean, for there must be in them his or her perspiration.
Then with black and red thread sew the stockings across one another. And if you have the hairs of the person, make of them a guirlanda unita cop stoppa--a cord spun with flax or hemp--then take the feathers and si cuopre questa robba you cover (or work up) this thing in the form of a hen, and, taking the feathers, work or weave them with black and red thread into the covering of the hen, and put black pins ill the form of a cross into the hen. It must then be hidden in the mattress or straw bed of the one whom you wish to bewitch, and say:--
.................................{I do not think I should print the actual chant :icon_eek: }..................................
"To remove this bewitchment you must open the mattress and find the hen and wreath, and throw all that holds it into running-water.
"And then take the person bewitched, man, woman, or child, che sia, its it may be, and carry him or her Into a church while a baptism is going on, and say:--
This the one who is bewitched must say, but if it be a child who cannot speak, then the person who carries it must say:--
"'In the name of Jesus and of Joseph, and of Mary, may the blessing of that infant also bless the soul of this child!''
Then carry it to some place near and bathe it in holy water."

Leland goes on to say:
"This spell is considered as very terrible, and I had some difficulty in getting it. There is much curious lore connected with it, and there is every reason to believe that it is extremely ancient. In the museum (archæological) of Geneva, among the very old relics from Lacustrine dwellings, there is
one of a hen, flat, knitted or felted from black hair or wool, or both, I copied it with some care, and my witch authority in Florence at once declared it to be a black hen made for magic. As it was found in water it may have been thrown there to destroy the spell, as the counter-charm prescribes.
And that it is very ancient is effectively proved by the fact that other objects of the same material, and of the Stone Age, were found with it. This is presumptive evidence that the spell belongs to prehistoric or Neolithic times.”

For myself I find it interesting that this like many other items that are now seen as “lucky” or used to do “white Magic” are based on the Left Hand Path and it seems to underline the principle that any ritual or ritual tool can be used either for good or for what some term evil.

Bless, Raymond :smile:

14-12-2011, 03:54 PM
I have the grimoire of the Pennsylvanian Dutch, the Pow-Wow magic and I believe they also used the hex. I wondered if there was a connection.

Pow Wow or Long Lost Friend (pdf) (http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/redir.php?link=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cunning.org.uk%2Fp owwow.pdf)

Norsey! Where on earth do you find these??

14-12-2011, 04:00 PM
Now that would be telling, LG :D :hug2: Here is something else to while away your leisure time :D Herbal Manual (pdf) (http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/redir.php?link=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.spiritualforums.co m%2Fvb%2Fredir.php%3Flink%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww .cunning.org.uk%252FHerbalManual.pdf)

I dropped off some more in Most Anything - Books

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Raymond that is the reason why I posted this..
I am sure Norseman would also tell you that a Witch does not practise any religion including left handed path and also that Hex simply means Witch but people are afraid of the unknown so due to someone ignorance Hex got a bad name Hex is a type of protection. Witch's always get stereo typed with left handed path but simply not true.. Magick is not that simple to remove it has to run its course there things you can do to try to protect yourself but to completly remove that energy it would be hard to do. It would be like to me personally borning a child and having to push it back up inside me.
It is just not going to work. But Hex is not bad it can be used for negativity so can a Poppet or any other type of casting.

14-12-2011, 04:36 PM
I have the grimoire of the Pennsylvanian Dutch, the Pow-Wow magic and I believe they also used the hex. I wondered if there was a connection.

Pow Wow or Long Lost Friend (pdf) (http://www.cunning.org.uk/powwow.pdf)
Possible, your link was awesome btw. I am suprised they used Christian names and prayers for casting that is very intresting to me.
I use celtic symbols symbol is outside my front door. I also dry herbs and certain ingredient's make a sort of Wreath hang that inside above my door and one directly across from my front door so people can see it the moment they walk in. Then all my windows and porch doors are also hexed.