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10-12-2011, 09:25 AM
Hi folks.

A while ago I was laying in bed doing some visualisation, I wrote down exactly what I visualised.

This bit of writing is simply named "Loveland", I just put into words what I experienced during my visualisation.


I transported myself to a place called Loveland. I decided that before I went to sleep that I would work on ridding myself of all my anger and negativity.
Firstly I pictured myself at this farm, I was greeted by a gentleman who told me some things about letting go of my anger. I forgot exactly what he said but he said "before I take you to a happy place you must do an excersize for me". "I want you to dig a hole but don't stop until I tell you to". So I did exactly that then he said "I want you to picture yourself dropping your anger in that hole". It felt heavy, like I was carrying a tonne of watermelons or something. I dropped it in the hole and covered it over with the dirt. The gentleman who was with me helped me to push the dirt back over the hole.
Then we hopped into his pick-up truck, he told me that we're on our way to a much happier place. On the way he turned the radio on, we listened to very happy singing. Can't describe what it was like.

When we got there we were greeted by some people, they introduced themselves and welcomed us with open arms.

I walked up the dirt track a bit to an old bloke, said he was growing flowers. He planted some seeds and said "in a few days we will have pretty, vibrant flowers growing here". I took a look around and saw that there were flowers everywhere, the hills and valleys were covered in them, lots of white flowers.

I walked over to a seat near a pond, the gentleman who drove me here sat with me. He introduced me to a younger girl who I think her name was Patricia. She said "I have an idea what your problem is", "You lack enthusiasm in your life so you need to practice loving". She told me to look at a rock on the ground and love it. So I did, I actually picked it up and looked at it closely, gave it some love. I noticed this rock was very colourful, when I first saw the rock I didn't see the colours, only grey as most rocks are. On looking at it again, I see the colours of a rainbow. It was the most beautiful rock I have ever seen.

We walked on a bit to a streetlight, it was daytime so it wasn't on. Patricia said "I want you to love that lamp post". So I did, then the steetlight came on and it was displaying colours of a rainbow. The amount of love I received from this lamp post was intense.

After that I looked behind me an noticed a horse in a paddock, so Patricia and I walked over. The horse greeted me with spoken word. I gave him a hug and kissed him on the neck, he hugged me back by resting his head on my shoulder with a bit of pressure.

Soon after I moved on, I noticed another old man standing in a yard. He and I introduced ourselves. He said "come and have a look at the hills, see all the flowers. Come for a walk and help me to water the flowers" As we walked down I notice an old shed, I walked around the side and notice a door. The old man said I am allowed to open the door, so I did. Inside was a flower in a pot on the table, it's only a small room about the size of a garden shed. Anyhow this flower spoke to me "I am The Flower of Love" and he began spinning his bulb around. He hadn't quite opened his flower yet, just the bulb. As he spun, the colours of a rainbow were eminating and spreading around the room. He said "fill your heart with the colours of the rainbow. I could feel a loving sensation come over me.

After this I moved onto another area. I found myself walking along these paths that were rainbows. The gentleman that drove me to the other area greeted me again. He said "when you address anything by name, it is always preceeded by "love". So if you call someone by name it's Love Michael, Love Patricia. It's the same for an "inanimate" object, so a fence would be " the Love Fence" or "the Love Rock". I say "inanimate" because everything in Loveland is living.

Anyhow, as I walked along this rainbow path I have nothing but love fill my heart. Everything about this place is pure love.

I came across a young lady with a rainbow for hair, her colours were so vibrant. She said "I am The Rainbow Girl", "I will fill your heart and mind with love" and projected rainbows into my heart and mind. Again, I feel a loving sensation as I see with my third eye rainbows entering my heart. I feel a lightness come over me as I received it.

All the while this was going on, I noticed my third eye. I could see colours of a rainbow in the center. I would see a bright light and a colourful rainbow bordering it. As I focused on the light, I see more vibrant colours.
I could feel things were happening, what's funny is that at times I felt I couldn't feel any change at all. However my third eye was making minor changes to make me think that I could have done enough to at least change its appearance. What is normally a solid white light with maybe a tinge of purple had turned really colourful. I could see colours of a rainbow, the aura surrounding the light was many colours. It was spectacular. What is normally a black space with stars had turned a very faint blueish/greenish colour.

I thanked The Creator for showing me something so spectacular, he really is letting me see things and experience the spirit world.
There are so many other things I experienced that escape me now but as I lucid dream and purposely picture myself in a happy, loving environment, it really got me thinking that our thoughts are indeed very powerful.

I experienced some things while lucid dreaming because I put myself in those situations with my thoughts.

As someone who has battled depression, negativity and anger for the majority of his life, I can see that thoughts have such an impact on us. More so than we realise and if we all make the conscious decision to change our thinking, we can experience a reality that I did with my lucid dream.
Thoughts are things, they are reality. Dreams are real and make us more aware of our consciousness as souls.

19-12-2011, 08:18 AM
Thanks for sharing your unique and interesting experience. It is always nice to experience or at least read something as positive and as loving as what you had experienced. Love and Light.

23-12-2011, 03:39 AM
Is this place somewhere you have been before in waking or dream life?