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24-11-2011, 06:32 PM
The last surviving totally intact high-civilization of the Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, and such. If you wish to really understand those tribes look no further then here:

The Way & Message of the Kogi People (watch first)

Their warning to the world made in 1991.

May this be a blessing for your heart & soul.

In one portion of the film the director of the film is explaining a scene. The scene is they are all on a mountain and there is this one Kogi man giving a lecture to a bunch of Kogi men about all of the problems in the world. There are three Kogi women to the side who are away from him and saying the exact same speech. It looks weird but what is happening is that the mountain they live on is speaking through the woman, the literal voice of the mountain, in which speaking through the woman they authenticate the words for that one man who is speaking, who then speaks to men, who then spoke to the director of the film. (Just so you get a glimpse of what these people are capable of, they would seem magical to those who have not broken down the garbage shoved into our minds for so long.)

Their new film Aluna will be come out early 2012. They are making it because we didn't listen to their warning after 20 years.


Their movie Aluna is going to rock the world hheheheeheh