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07-03-2007, 11:12 PM
Smoke and Mirrors; An Ego-Centric Paradigm

I like to use the word “representations” because this term seems to accurately describe this ”illusionary” world; a series of “events” that represent facets of life; facets of life = facets of self (the illusionary world soul “manifests” to self discover). These representations show soul what IT is and what IT can do, thus leading to an understanding that soul can do what ever “it wants to do”; this life and beyond. Or so it seems.

These “movements”, or more specifically, this whole “2012 scenario” that supposed to bring a great age of beauty, enlightenment, peace etc. DOES seem to transfer responsibility to the stars or whatever; and away from the inner. To think that energy from the planetary bodies will change everything and all to be done is accept the change…, indeed, I wish it all were that “simple”. I’m afraid a lot of people will be quite disappointed when 2012 comes and goes and the world (and its inhabitants) is worse off than it was in 2007. But, use those events to come, right? Use them for what they are worth. Whatever wars, whatever fascism, whatever poverty may exist will surely be representations of facets of man and/or soul; the energy that IS; the limitations that we impose on ourselves; our own dampers of potential.

Now, I hope I’m very wrong about the near future, but I don’t think that I am. Ive been looking beyond the “surface” of things on our little planet for some time. There is currently nothing that promises world peace in 5 short years; other than a temporary fix by the U.N or some similar body, but even this is doubtful. So, I believe that those advocating this 2012 scenario have a part correct but the reasons all wrong: some are saying prepare spiritually for the love/ the shift in consciousness. I say prepare spiritually now, so we can survive through the (possible) worldly nightmare to come, so we won’t be victims, we’ll be experiencers; we’ll be warriors!

I am no “dooms-dayer”; I do not foresee an “end of time”. But lets face facts; “reality”, however one defines it, will proceed. Good intentions will take one so far, and the world will continue on its path, dictated by the decisions of the few that control the physical/monetary “power”.

Personal spiritual “journey” will be the salvation from worldly (emotional) suffrage. The “mainstream” will continue to work towards the demonization of religion, particularly western religion. This is a colossal “movement” that will ultimately confuse and manipulate the spiritually weak or lost (please note that I have not “found religion” or even promote it, as many of you should know). I implore everyone not to join this “movement” as it is divisive and destructive. I do know every argument in the book against religion. Truly I do (and I agree with some of these arguments). On the other side of the coin, though, there is an ugly, hidden purpose to consolidate religious belief into a watered down, singular set of “ethics” (as apposed to the “deeper” practice of living one’s “morals”). This system of religious manipulation has been a tool for hundreds of years. If and when one can step back and examine the “big picture” and the timeline of event in our pre-modern/modern history, it becomes clear that the many actions circling religious/spiritual movements have lead right to where “things are” today.

There is a rule of thumb that has proven accurate in my life: the majority can’t be right that offen. That is, if a powerful figure or organization backs spiritual movements (or spiritual practices/actions) there is usually ulterior motives/a “darker” purpose (especially now, as things really begin to boil/power struggle). Truly, throughout history, (many times) mainstream belief turns out, to the detriment of believers, to be outrageously backwards and ill-informed.

Let us all learn from one another, not just in intellectual ways, but also from our “humanity” (define as you please) and from our “character”. As the “axis of energy” continues to “spin wildly” there will be, I predict and regularly witness, many false promises and false information. This will continue as the “power struggle” continues. There are many, MANY, MANY veils of deceit wrapped in ribbons and bows.

There is limitless hope and possibility, on a “personal level”. While changing the world is an admirable aspiration, the few control the many; the cycle will run its course. A cornucopia of fulfilled wants, worldwide freedom, love and an end to all that is insufferable, will likely NOT come from a mystical “bag of tricks” promised from the stars, Gods or heavens, at least not any time soon. The “signs” of this are many, and obvious.

All is not lost. The traps are set, and many will fall into them. But one can always dig out, if not in “this” life, then in the “next”. Tread lightly (or headlong if you must) and believe not what the masses tell you is “the way” (and sometimes the masses DO NOT appear to be the masses at all). Interestingly many believe that religion is the ultimate mainstream and the non-religious (yet spiritual) are the “subculture”, and this is not so. Quickly, “new age” spirituality is being embraced across the globe, by the millions. With this (as was with religion) many ideas emerge that will be realized later to have been misguided and caustic. As they say, “history repeats”; this applies with spiritual “movements”, just like anything else.

We are Soul, yet for now we inhabit material; we “live” on earth. One can deny this aspect if one wishes, but it does not change the fact that we are currently experiencing the physical. One makes of it what one wishes.

So, I wish you all the best; sincerely. Though my abrasive nature sometimes shows otherwise, I do care about my fellow beings. We will “be together” for eternity after all (probably; I assume). And I hate to watch so many fall for all the tricks laid before us in daily life. Always question. External sources are many, question them. As a species, here on earth, we will survive for quite some time. I have little doubt in this. Spiritually we will live on. WAIT FOR NOTHING!! Never depend on some promise to be filled. The promiser may change ITS mind!!!

Many Blessings


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[QUOTE=BLAIR2BE]Smoke and Mirrors; An Ego-Centric Paradigm

We are Soul, yet for now we inhabit material; we