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24-11-2011, 01:47 AM
Hi Everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

I had a few question I was hoping someone would answer. I have used a pendulum on and off for a while now. I dont get it out that much unless I am really needing some clarity on things. The rest of the time I like to rely on my faith and intuition. Anyway I have read a lot of posts on this sub forum about how our higher self directs the movement of the pendulum. I was under the impression that we could also contact our Guides using our pendulum. I thought when I bought it that the shop owner told me that it was possible to have spirit communication through it. Am I mistaken by this?? For as long as I have used it I thought I was communicating with my Guide. I would be devastated to know this wasnt the case after all this time and the accuracy that it worked for me.

If any of you have any thoughts or feelings on this please respond. Have any of you contacted your Guide or loved ones using your pendulum?? Is it purely your higher self that works through it?? Laura what are your thoughts??

Thank You!!

01-01-2012, 07:41 PM
I believe the pendulum connects to your higher self and to your Guide/or Spirit.