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13-11-2011, 12:49 AM
Last night my girlfriend was sleep walking and talking, she told me stuff that was extremely bizarre, first of all she kept saying 'they want me to cross over, they want to come inside, but im not ready' I asked who? she replied 'i cant tell you, they wont let me, but i wont let them i promise' then i asked how many of them? she replied 5. She then started talking about her Nan who committed suicide years ago, my partner was saying her nan wanted her to crossover and wanted to get in contact with my her.
After putting my girlfriend back to bed, she then started sleep talking and literally looking through me whilst talking, she was saying 'your different, ive known you for a very long time, when you was different, we have always been together but you was someone else' this stuff was really freaking me out! I asked her who was i before how were we always together? she replied 'i cant tell you, you will have to find out for yourself' then she started saying 'your here to help me, your here to help me astral project and see my nan'

I find it extremely bizarre considering she isn't really spiritual and doesn't practice anything to do with it. Could what she was saying be true?

14-12-2011, 06:04 AM
It sounds like it could be true and that when she said you were someone else but you've always been together it sounds like she's talking about your past lives together :smile:

29-02-2012, 06:36 AM
This is really amazing! i agree with what alamode said! definately sounds like shes talking about your pastlifes aswell :)

29-02-2012, 10:15 AM
I used to sleep walk up until about 15 years ago. What i found was that as i made my way around the house the situation that i was experiencing would be projected upon the house. I once dreamt of there being hot girls in my lounge room. I made my way out there and chatted one of them up that was laying in a bean bag. I asked if she wanted to come in to my room to scratch my back. I remember sitting on my bed waiting for her. I awoke in the morning and went out to the lounge room. My best mate looked at me very strangely from the bean bag :icon_eek: ...luckily he had seen me sleep walk before so he hung around.

My point is that even though i was talking to him in my loung room, in the dream he was only 1 of around 4 females in my dream and i assure you that what i said to him was not intended for him at all....AT ALL! It was intended for the girl that was sort of super imposed over him.

I think that in these cases the conscious mind follows the sub conscious and acts out the dream. The eyes are open so the sub conscious has to work within the parameters of what it is seeing and merge both consciousness's. Maybe she was consciously talking to you but it is possible she had no idea you were there and was interacting with a figment of her sub conscious mind. Something to think about anyway :smile:

Native spirit
01-03-2012, 12:37 AM
:smile: Hi erdz.

Your girlfriend could have had something on her mind in her waking hours,when you sleep your subconcious mind takes over,my sister in law sleep walks so much so that my brother has to lock the doors and hide the keys,because she went out in her pyjamas drove the car to a petrol station filled the car up with diesel then she thanked the petrol pump and drove off back home, when my brother got up to answer the door early next morning he found two policemen standing there because she hadnt paid for the deisel.only that the ppl in the garage knew my brother she could have got into trouble. but she couldnt remember doing it. but she knew she needed to fill the car up when she got in that afternoon but decided to wait till next day.
spirit find it easier to communicate with us during sleep because you are more relaxed,so who knows what your girlfriend was thinking of ,have you thought of asking her and telliing her what she said?

and knew of my sis in laws sleep walking

01-03-2012, 06:50 AM
Definitely sounds like she's talking about past life stuff, Erdz.

On a lighter note, I've been known to 'go walkabout' in my sleep after distressing situations....'nekked' as the day I was born, except for an ex's old white business shirt.

Can't tell you the number of times I've woken up miles from home, freezing cold (bare feet, of course), with no idea how I got there or why and then make my way home to find the house wide open.

Am soooo fortunate that nothing untoward has ever happened, though.


18-04-2012, 04:58 PM
Hi Erdz,

The subconscious is related to the soul's thinking. She's talking to you via her soul, as her ego mind is shut down, her subconscious (soul) is active. I suggest you keep a tape recorder that automatically records when she starts to sleep talk. It's important to keep track.

From what I can gather, in most cases during partnership, it's the female souls that are learning heaps from the male souls. Or it's often the case where the female and male chose the relationship where the male soul is higher, whether you believe so or not.

In your case, her soul is learning heaps from your soul, and her soul wants to learn more about spirituality, whether her human ego mind wants to or not. Souls are always yearning to learn more. Now, your ego mind is freaked out because you're not used to hearing what the subconscious or soul thinks..

Perhaps you should both start meditation together, or being more spiritual in one way or another? AStral projection could happen without the ego mind realizing it has happened.. in our case, the word "astral projection" meaning consciously floating out of your body.

In my case, when I was young I've had many dreams that came true, so in a sense I was "astral projecting" into the future, without my human ego mind realizing that.

Many people are already astral projecting during their dreams. It's just that they've forgotten about it or not realizing it.

Much love and blessings