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27-02-2007, 03:13 PM
Too often we pass through life never really giving much attention to the spiritual messages being sent to us. Some of these experiences are so profound we have trouble believing them ourselves. Others are so suttle we blow them off as nothing. As I listen to myself and others try to rationalize and justify what we should simply accept as our spirit message. There are not very many places in the world today receptive to these kind of messages.

Recently I had a vision not a dream, I was awake wherein my dog and I were battle. Hind sight is 20-20 vision; it seem as if the spirit of my dog and I together took a trip to the future and created the best out come of a horrible situation. Which I believe some events are destined, inevitable, unavoidable and directly in our path of life because that event is a prim factor in shaping our destiny.

These messages are strictly for the record, just a little note to remind us of the power we posses inside. Have you receive a message you would like to share with us.

Love to all

27-02-2007, 03:57 PM
I agree.,,, funny cause right before i read your post, i thought to myself...how many times i haven't listened to my spiritual messages...it seems that i live in a illusion...i sugur coat..and if i would have more faith and not fear, my destiny would be fullfilled........thank you for your message

god bless

01-03-2007, 01:24 PM

It seems to me, that Emotions are true spiritual messages.. it is our spiritual aspect trying to give us direction, but.. as usual, the mind manipulates these messages into our preferred and prejudiced experience.. emotions are generally spot-on, but quickly we convert them to ego-serving devices.. i think a lot of what people refer to as "spirit messages" are coincidental random events that are shaped by preference and prejudice to fit a chosen path.. most people are initially attracted to a particular path based on preference, desirability, and goals, as well as some ego-satisfying aspect of the path, too.. then, characteristics of that path are sub-consciously manifested into their belief system..

Like the Lady that works in the same building as me, we watched a Bald Eagle soar and swoop within a couple of hundred feet of our vantage point.. she exclaimed what a good omen that was and she would hurry back to read her Runes.. i mentioned that maybe it was just an Eagle flying by.. she shook her head in disbelief, no, she said.. there must be a message there.. it seems that she was creating the message for her own benefit, based on input by her mentors.. The message i got was, Life is Great!! and Eagles are very cool...

Be well..

01-03-2007, 02:45 PM
Thanks TzuJanLi, I do agree some spiritual messages derive from emotions or intuition. However the reason for this tread is to explore the many different kind there are, As you have described animals, nature, and the elements are a few of the many aspect of receiving spiritual messages.

Have you ever glanced at the clock, quickly noticed the time, then shortly after a sudden burst of bright light come across your face wherein it seem to only last for a second or two; but when you look at the clock immediately afterward an hour or two has passed, then suddenly you remember a conversation wherein a message was imbedded in your heart and soul. These messages are like a guide or map for your life.

Has anyone ever experience anything like this?

Love to all

01-03-2007, 03:50 PM
There is no time in spirit. During meditation only a moment can feel like an hour on the body, or vice versa. Even when I look at the clock as I come out of meditation, it tends to blur the line of time.

The spirit being open in meditation leaves a tred on the heart and mind.

God bless, J

Ascended Master
01-03-2007, 07:12 PM
There is no time in spirit. During meditation only a moment can feel like an hour on the body, or vice versa.

Lol, completely agree.

Sometimes, when I haven't got much time, I'll do a 15 minute meditation. And half way through I'll think to myself... "Errrm... is this a 30 minute meditation or what??..." lol

As sure as the day is light however, when it's over, only 15 minutes have passed!
Time indeed seems endless when your in the land of your own spirit...!

Love and light everyone...


01-03-2007, 07:29 PM

Time, is what keeps everything from happening at once..

It is the tool we use to categorize experiences in an understandable order.. when we suspend the need to categorize (thought) we also suspend the reference of conventional time.. (meditation)..

Be well...

01-03-2007, 10:38 PM
Kia ora CW,

The well developed intuitive bond I have with my twin makes it easy & effortless to hear the 'Inner Windom' of the 'Inner Voice' and also see the signs. Following spiritual/ divine messages as best I can, is now a way of life for me.

Here's some examples of how I've experienced spiritual messages while I explain............

With faith & surrender I trust it's all "for my greatest good and for the good of all concerned."
I received this 'divine message' which stuck in my head. Then 2 weeks later I read a book to find the author uses "for my greatest good and for the good of all concerned" at the end of her affirmations, like, all the time. That book lead me to other books, that elevated me spiritually by giving me the who's, how's, what's, & why's of the spiritual evolution & development I was, and still am, going through (I have an invisible 'Work in Progress' sign around my neck, hahaha).

When I get a message, I will either consciously or subconsciously receive, and act on it's request.

Consciously, I may instantly get an urge to do something immediately. An example: I get the message "Turn the radio on, Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina & the waves is playing." Compelled to turn the radio on, I do it and that song is playing. Why this happens?
Because it's for my highest good & the good of all concerned (who are those around me. By instantly "Lifting my Spirits" listening to this song, I project happiness & joy to them).

It happens when driving (get told to "pay attention", then a kid run out onto the road without looking, you miss him knowing that if you didn't take the advice of Spirit, that kid would get hurt).

Subconsciously receiving spiritual messages like the example above, of the author whose words I thought were random, come to me as inspirations, dreams, coincidences, dejar vous, etc., with results & outcomes happening in the future.

So, yeah, Rock On!

21-03-2007, 01:24 AM
Every incident, every person that we meet in our lives everything is destined to happen. If we meet a person for only a short time, we have some unfinished business with her which we complete. If we pet an animal we have a deep bond with her in the past.

I don't know if it is appropriate here but I remember Ramana Maharshi's words here ... when disciples carrying prasad (holy food) at his ashram were trying to chase away a monkey carrying her kid with her, he says - we call ourselves yogis.... who is more yogic than them( he always used to refer anyone with respect, men and animals as well, he used to say - who knows who they are ...we only see their skin and shape, they may be higher selves trying to complete some karma which they came to complete). She has no planning for future, never knows where tomorrow's food will come from, eats what she gets, feeds the kid what she manages to earn, sleeps on some tree and gets up with no worries about her belongings since she has none. She is a perfect yogi, you try to deprive her of food and keep searching for yogis and rishis.

We encounter so many people who we rarely understand. Sometimes we don't even try to understand. Last december I happened to visit India ( I stay in US but keep visiting my native place in India often).I met this person ..a friend's friend. He is a seeker with not much attachments to the material world. I asked him to take me to a spiritual master for introduction. He told me earlier in the day that whenever he happens to leave the town - even for a few hours his spiritual guru appears before him and blesses him. When we were driving out of the town, I saw this guy who was totally naked and roaming in the bushes on the side of the road. I was looking at the strange person when he said gently - did you see my guru? I was startled and kept on driving. I forgot about it in a few mins. Later when we were staying in the ashram of the master he casually described several incidents with his guru- a few years ago he gave up wearing footwear and was struggling to walk on the road in summer and started thinking about his guru - how was he managng to walk without any clothing, not to mention shoes in this scorchin heat. Next minute the guru was a few yards away from him and was walking in a particular way - only toes and heals touching the ground and with not a lot of pressure on the feet. Another time he was thirsty and was wondering how his guru can get water when he needed it. He appeared again and as he followed him, he took to a construction site where they were watering the second floor of the concrete structure. He caught some water with his hands and was drinking. At that moment there was this small kid who was relieving himself from top and he was not paying any attention to where the water was coming and was drinking it anyway. And some more incidents like this....

I came back in a few weeks. While I was getting frustrated at my slow progress and eager for guidence from a guru, I happen to encounter this concept that when the disciple is ready Guru comes searching for him. It suddenlt occured to me that I never even bothered to meet my firend's guru although it is very clear that he is at an extremely high level of consciouness.
I blame myself for losing an opportunity but may be I am destined to go to him with at a later point of time, I don't know.

I am made to believe during the last few months that it is true that we have a relationship - smaller or larger with every person that we meet in our lives. It really feels so reassuring to think that we have a relation with the great masters that we meet in our lives. It means we had done some really nice things in the past to have earned the right.


21-03-2007, 04:20 AM
I've received many spiritual messages in this lifetime...though they often appear like the Eagle (not so much in words, but as symbols and ideas). On occasion, I'm warned of something in a vision or dream...other times, the spirit world conspires with the physical to get me to confront situations I'd rather avoid. Recently, I've been seeing many crows around my house, and my cat has taken to sharing my bed (which he doesn't usually do). To me, these have meaning...and so they're messages.

21-03-2007, 12:28 PM

Every incident, every person that we meet in our lives everything is destined to happen.

How very sad that belief must be.. we create our "destiny" with every choice we make.. giving over our gift of creativity to a predestined existence eliminates purpose and meaning from that existence.. we become puppets in a predestined script..

"Destined" by whom or what? Why?

Be well..

21-03-2007, 01:51 PM

The second quote in your signature is so interesting.

I don't know about the why part of your question. Also try to see if there could be some truth in what I said from the context. I see your point.

We can create our own karma by our actions. But the karma provides the opportunities for you to be able to do certain actions.

21-03-2007, 03:59 PM
I totally agree with Roo we receive spirtual message in many ways, seeing that all is spiritual.

I feel Romana and TanJanLi are both on the same track:

we create our "destiny" with every choice we make..

We can create our own karma by our actions. But the karma provides the opportunities for you to be able to do certain actions.

In reality, the end result was just as if I had plotted it myself. All but one tragic part the other owner lost his dog friend. The police shot and killed his dog attempting to protect my family.

I had much compassion for him, I could feel his pain, and anger. Although he had none at all for me, my children, my dog or the trauma we experienced with his dog.

He was not a nice person, his wife who is my second cousin tried to compensate for him. To make a long story short, I feel Karma was already upon this young man and based on his choice in this situation, I feel he has chosen more Karma.

Love to all

21-03-2007, 06:05 PM
It's beautiful how spirit speaks to all of us. How we're awake, aware and taking action. I'm excited for the world that's developing for my son. I see an awakening, even amidst pop culture's materialistic ploys, and I'm hopeful and excited for what lays ahead. I can hardly wait to watch him hear Spirit. To discover how he sees and discovers his joys and paths along the way. I wonder, will he get it from Source like myself? Will there be new approaches that he'll teach me? How will he think of what I teach him?

Like what some of you've said, listening and observing every faculty of life and knowing that all that radiates is Love and inner truth. Whether it's a song, an animal that passes overhead, or scampers down the forest, whether it's words overheard, a phone call unexpected, a daydream, a premonition, a night wake, a meditation, a reoccuring thought, so much, so much. Yesterday, was another amazing experience. In fact, it's inspired two books I plan to write and I can't believe the affirmations I'm receiving for them! I'm so happy to hear how aware everyone is and how Spirit is coming across stronger, and stronger, to more and more people.

One thing on this site, is the avatars people use that I feel drawn to. Such as the dragon and the white dove. These images have significant meaning to me, some of which I've briefly mentioned to these members, others which will come out as they're meant to. I wonder if it is the same for other members. Is it synchronistic the ones you speak to, that respond, and what they reflect and show you that fits so spiritually into your life? And viewing the past lives, I do see some of you and feel we may have walked a soul walk together, long, long ago. As friends, as comrades, as Spirits on this amazing journey of life.

Well wishes~

21-03-2007, 06:39 PM

It's beautiful how spirit speaks to all of us.

I am going to begin by hoping that my opinion on this statement is taken in the spirit in which it is intended.. love and harmony..

It seems to me that there is much baggage, some of it confusing, when we begin to assign identities of spirit to each event that unfolds before us.. it could be that i am just a simple soul, so i don't take myself too seriously.. The same statement has so much more of a consistent and resonate feeling to it when i substitute "Life" for "spirit".. Certainly, i am deeply, reverently aware that Life IS spirit.. but, in the interest of fringe observers that are curious about such notions.. there is the risk of losing seekers by the appearance of similarities to primitive cultures that assigned deities to almost every imaginable thing or event..

It's just Life.. in all it's glory.. with all it's blessed nuances.. Life, the ongoing process of Creation.. This seems more agreeable to the uninitiated.. even to some of the well-initiated.. I am distressed at times by the appearance of "separation" between body, mind and spirit in our discussions.. as if there was a separate distinction between them.. when, actually, they are different aspects of a seamless whole..

LIFE speaks to me, it literally sings to me.. and i dance to its music..

Be well...

21-03-2007, 06:47 PM
I agree with you on some parts, and have a different perspective on others. Mostly, I would hesitate to call any culture "primitive" or to frown upon, or heighten oneself, or one's background above any man, woman, child or nation or tribe. In fact, I believe there is a beauty and transcedence, a connection actually, that these so called "primitive cultures" have never lost access to, and that the Western world is finally just beginning to reconnect with again. As for "Life" or "Spirit," these are all just terms in our "primitive" terminology and linguistics, and as mere terms, they can only remotely touch on truths beyond our current expression. And yes, body, mind, spirit - they create a whole, in holistic practices, you must consider all of the above in order to truly heal, and to live in health and happiness. However, although they are all part and parcel of the same package, they are unique and have separate functions and blessings that they bestow upon us.

Being interested in "life" and its magic and mysteries, or however you'd like to define them, more empirically perhaps? I'd be curious to know what your influences have been in regards to your ideologies, belief systems, and so forth. And I do wish you all the best in your endeavours.


21-03-2007, 07:51 PM

SpiritAwakes: Thank you for your considered response, it is appreciated.. i do not frown on "primitive" cultures, quite the contrary.. i hold their contribution to "who i AM" in high regard.. like individuals, civilizations mature.. they are exposed to more comprehensive tools for understanding their existences.. we are "here, now".. and, we have built on the concepts of our ancestors.. we have arrived at an age that has the tools to examine the fabric of reality, the most powerful of those tools is the experienced and open mind..

I spent the years between 17 and 30 something wandering many paths and experiencing many things.. then i began to focus of Eastern philosophies, Hindu, Buddhist, Zen, Jain, etc... then, near age 35 or so (i'm now 56), i found Taoist philosophy.. i have found no inconsistency between Taoist philosophy and my experiences of life.. those experiences include scientific research, religious concepts, previous philosophical ponderings, and general intuitive insights.. There is a symbiotic unity underlying all subsequent notions, paths, rituals, etc.. that is common to all things/experiences.. Taoists seek this foundational experience through the wisdoms of Nature..

Must run.. more later.. Be well...