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25-10-2011, 02:55 AM
The main reason I am writing this under Vodou is because I am interested in this religion. I have been for years, after I had a dream of a tall dark man, skinny, wearing brown long pants and a brown coat with a brown hat, and a walking stick. I woke up and it felt very real, so I went to a chat room and asked some people who recognised my dream as Papa Legba walking towards me. After that dream I have had a fascination and fear all in one. I feel the strength and power in Vodou and am not sure if I can be part of this vibrant spirituality as a solitary practitioner.
I read one persons post about having black magic on them, and I have felt that my husband is doing this to me. Actually I know for sure he has, because since I met him I have been having very strange symptoms frequesntly. Very weird ones, and seen very strange beings watching me when I wake up....and at times feel my spirit screaming for help especially at dawn. I have had dreams where someone is chanting my name and my spirit walks into their apartment and I see all these people in the room and they are very respectful and curteous towards me. This one lady gives me a little trinket box and tells me I need go with her. She leads me down a cave where many people are lost...spirits. Of living people. I can see them and they are confused and dont know what is happening. I can feel something slimey on the edges of the cave walls and realise it belongs to the stench which is off sewage. Suddenly I feel someone else is behind me as a helper and feels sorry for me. I suddenly grab her hand and pull myself out of the stench that is in the cave. I then wake up and feel confused. My son has also woken up feeling very confused and so has my daughter. We all often have very usuaual headaches which actually move around our head. I have actually been aware of a small creature with claws digging into my forehead moving around my head. My cat has actually hissed and did this strange squirming backwards walk on 2 occassions when she looked at me. My daughter laughed and thought the cat was just mental....but because I felt the energy on my head, and the reaction from my cat I knew what was happening.
My question is nothing to really do with this, but thats just a small background as to why I am writing. I wonder if I need to actually be a long time practitioner of Vodou to actually have protection from any negative forces for my family and myself.
I actually have a very strong relationship with my Angels and guides...and this stuff is still happening.

Is there anyone who knows about vodou, and about staring out as a protective thing?


25-10-2011, 11:29 AM
You seem to be wanting to fight negative energies w/ negative ones. This is a very weak way to go about this. The strongest way to deal w/ any negative energies is w/ positive ones. Positive energy is infinitely more powerful.

Has your hubby ever said he was practicing black magic on you or are you assuming he is?

25-10-2011, 01:35 PM
Hi Mattie,
There is many reasons for me to believe it is him. Mainly because I have caught him chanting and watching me and then snapping out of his trance and pretending he was yawning and stuff like that. Not to mention he comes from an island where people just live with this kind of culture of black magic.
Before I married him I never heard of his island or knew anything about it really. My dad set our meeting up. So I married him, and then learnt about who he is. I have never really experienced any weirdness as when I began to know him.
You are right, that I should not fight negative with negative. I am not wanting to do this at all. This is why I work with my Angels and guides so closely. Although it is very strange that weird things can still happen. Like when he chants and my necklace suddenly slips off my neck. That is something that has occured a few times.
Sometimes I will walk into a room where he is, and my head would begin to buzz loudly and the closer i get the more I would vibrate.
My kids have mentioned this too.
The above is just a bit of what happens. I am still married to him, and after leaving numerous times, and terrible misfortunes occuring in my life once I left....and he always happens to be there at the last moment...he always makes his way back. So I have given up. Now I am simply looking for a way to live in peace, keep us all spiritually safe. Thats all. I have also stopped contact with some mutual friends from his culture because I began to realise that after particular phone calls with them I would get terrible migranes that would last weeks....have had cat scans and physically i am ok.
I dont consider Vodou to be a negative way to go about protecting my self or my family. I actually am fascinated by it. Although do have a particular fear....I simply wouldl ike to indentify what this fear is. Why am i so frightened by it? It is such a beautiful religion. Am i scared of the Iwa? maybe some of them....but not all. I think maybe because I am a solitary practitioner...and if something goes wrong I cant ask anybody immediately for help or guidance.
Also when I mention anything spiritual about Angels or wicthcraft my husband gets very upset. Saying its not real and I shouldnt do things which have no history. He considers paganism to be like a mardi gra. When I mentioned Hallow mas and how I love to remember my mum and grandpa at that time he loves to mock my ways.
I used to get upset but not anymore.
I dont want to manipulate him, this is against my beliefs.... i simply want to disempower anything he may want to do in the house or towards any of us. I have mentioned to him to stop whatever he does...and he has gone into rages about it. So i dont bother with that anymore.
Thats the only reason i am looking into different options.

25-10-2011, 03:15 PM
I would just protect yourself and leave it at that.

Dont get drawn into his negativenes....Protect yourself and your family and leave him in his world. If he is bad for you then you need to leave him. If he tries to come back into your life then dont allow him.

26-10-2011, 07:22 AM
Thanks for your advice. Blessings to you.
You are right and this is what I have been doing...and acknowledging.
This is why I now am looking into alternatives which are more powerful than my beloved Angels, whom I have looked to for guidance all my life.
I still work with them very closely at all times no matter what. It is this reason that I am writing here. Simply looking for an alternative.
Thankyou and much love.

02-01-2012, 04:05 AM
Root workers aka Voodoo Hoodoo or Vodou,.
Are not evil I have dabbled in Voodoo hoodoo and know many who practise the craft of the rootworker. What aspect of this belief system are you finding evil?