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23-10-2011, 06:41 PM
Hi everyone,
i am new here.

The reason i registered here is because we (father, brother, mom and me) have problems with black magic.

first of all my english is not so good.

I will tell my story:
It started a few years ago, me father bought a car for my mom, for his self and he bought a new house. My father have 3 little brothers and 1 big brother. All four of them tought that he was a millionaire. So one little brother started to go to India. He sacrificed some animals to Ma Kali with my fathers name. After a while all the brothers of my dad are sacrificing things and they are going to some black magicians. This is going on for almost four years now. We did so many things to get out of the problems. Sometimes we see some result but after a week or 2 weeks it is just like it was before. We don't have money, my brothers car is falling apart, me and my brother can't find any work, our school is going bad. We are praying everyday for help. Nothing changed.... We worked with some mahavidya's and Bhairo. Nothing helped. God is with us and is telling everytime that everything will be alright soon. They are telling this for 2 and a half years. Everytime when it is going good our family is doing something again. So there isn't a way out. My family wants us dead. They are working with so many Priests to get us dead. I am happy that god is saving us, but i would be happier if they open our ways for succes, money and my way for my school and work. We are living from Ä250 in a month. So my mom needs to go shopping and get some food. She needs to pay the bills. There is nothing left from my dads money.

So if anyone knows a way for us to get out of the problems, i would really appreciate it.

23-10-2011, 08:39 PM
pray to krishna

23-10-2011, 09:07 PM
How will Krishna take us problems away?
We prayed for :Ma durga, ma bagalamukhi, ma chinnamasta, ma kali, bhairo baba, shiv, vishnu, and many other gods. Nothing helped, so i am wondering how will krishna take us problems away if the others gods didn't do it?

24-10-2011, 07:51 PM
I Cant imagine what you have been through, but sometimes you just have to trust.
you asked for an answer i have given one which I honestly believe has the best chance of helping, I can do no more.
please try.
god bless

25-10-2011, 04:19 AM
first I want to know, from where you are? And what is your religion?

25-10-2011, 08:57 AM
English may not be your first language, but your writing is fine.

The part of your family who is working w/ black magicians can only affect you if you believe they are bringing bad things to you. With these types of situations the person sending the bad energy or curses always lets the people they are trying to curse or send bad energy know about it. This is how it works. Once the person or people are told they are being cursed then they think everything bad that happens to them is because of the curse. This curse causes them to then be very fearful.

If you reject their bad intentions their bad wishes wonít work. KNOW that positive energy is MUCH more powerful than negative energy. You can easily reject their negative energies. Their wanting you dead will only hurt their own energies. They canít affect you unless you actively invite their energies in. It doesít matter how many priests they are working with as any priests that would work for this purpose are NOT oriented in positive God energy. They are working w/ very weak energy that is only powerful because it plays on peopleís fears, using their own fears against them.

It may be that your culture & religion believes in curses, but this doesnít mean that they are real. Move past this fear. You CAN do this just as others have when they have realized that positive energy is stronger than negative energy. Focus on the positive God energy. Surrounding your self w/ the positive God energy, a bright white light, a strong protective force, returning the weak negative energy to the sender. See a flexible mirrored surface that goes around this positive, protective white God light that surrounds you that reflects back any unwanted energy back to the sender. TRUST that this God energy is much stronger than negative energies & will protect you very easily.

You can also regularly say, I AM not affected by anyone elseís ugly wishes. Their ugly wishes are returned to them. I AM surrounded by Godís powerful energy. Put this in your own words. Say it out loud if you can. REALLY believe it.

It is always hard when money is limited. Reach out to feel the supportive energy of all of those around the world who are there for you energetically. Feel their strength to help you find your own strength.

Appreciate that your reaching out to find solutions about this is the first step in taking charge of the situation. Give your self a BIG energetic hug for doing so. Continue to build on this empowerment by increasingly moving out of fear. Many of us have had to move past fear too, so we understand how strong it is.

Let me know if you can understand what I wrote. If not, point out what isnít clear & Iíll see if I can word it in a different way.

26-10-2011, 02:13 PM
first I want to know, from where you are? And what is your religion?

I won't tell where i am from because, what if someone from my family is here? I am sorry that I cant tell you that.

My religion is the Hinduism.

Sir, i thank you so much for youre advice. You are a very wise man.
I will tell this to my dad. Thank you so much sir.

I will pray for Krishna one of these days.