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09-02-2007, 01:19 PM
Morale boosting has been in vogue from pre historic days. People used to blow pipes, beat drums and sing song etc. for the purpose. Such activities have been going on to boost up morale of armies, civilizations and other groups based on races, religions etc. Almost all groups arrange yearly or occasional ceremonies to exhibit their pomp and show. Such functions help their groups to be united and retain their separate identities.

When a human baby comes into being, he/she is a human and nothing more. Then this he or she is taught about all grouping by concerned elders. This human is taught to have a separate history, traditions, language, race and religion. Such groups not only strive to maintain these distinctions but to prosper by an increase in number, power etc. so they very justly require morale boosting.

We shall discuss here morale boosting of religions with reference to faith in the God. All religions make their followers believe that only they are to be blessed on preferential bases, even though they themselves are more inhuman than other humans. They arrange ceremonies in purpose built buildings daily, weekly, yearly or occasionally. Such buildings are also magnificently built to boost up morale of worshipers. All groups try to hold such activities with full dignity because with out such dignified ceremonies their followers may loose morale. Religions also arrange pilgrimages to their exclusive holy places to make their followers exclusively blessed. Big congregations certainly have an impact on minds of participants.

Rhetoric by concerned clergies plays an important role and rhetoric by Hitler to boost the morale of Germans is very well known. These clergies lay stress on religious preferences of their followers other wise they will not be accepted as clergies in their community and will certainly loose jobs. Their ability for the purpose proves a scale of measurement for listing. Rhetoric is an art and ability which had/has been used by concerned group leaders and contributes a lot in successful grouping.

I am a Muslim by birth. People used to say and believe that the Milky Way in sky is the way on which the prophet went on a night to meet Allah. I also believed so in my childhood. I do not know whether people still believe it as I haven