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07-02-2007, 04:22 PM

It has been my experience that One-ness or Unity is the most closely approximate condition that satisfies the most basic principles of existence.. Oneness satisfies the principles of religions, science, and deep personal insights.. Oneness is the condition that affirms and holds to the principle that there is a single Unifying energy/force/consciousness that permeates ALL things and ALL experiences.. Now, that being said, i have to recognize that the condition of Oneness is the most basic of all experiences.. that any experience beyond the single thought/consciousness of "I AM" sets the condition of Change, which in turn, sets the stage for the condition we know as "Life"..

Oneness affirms that inherent "knowing" that we are parts of a greater whole, and it is the "knowing" which inspires our desire to understand that which we "know".. there is a difference between knowing and understanding.. we all "know" that we are alive and existent beings, and many of us seek to "understand" that situation.. it is the paths we "choose" in our seeking that seem to create the illusion of separateness.. Now, i do completely agree that the illusion of separateness is essential for "life" and all other manifestations of Oneness to exist.. we exist with the "knowing" that we are part and parcel the One.. that as parts we still comprise the whole, we are both..

As more and more manifestations emerge from the Oneness there is the tendency to perceive those manifestations as distinct and different from each other, as separate.. Each manifestation includes a necessary veil that shields us from a complete awareness of the original Oneness.. but, first, it is prudent to consider "Oneness", what is its original nature.. "In the beginning there was God", or Oneness... Imagine infinity and eternity occupied by nothing other than an awareness that it exists, an absolutely pure consciousness.. the only separation is between the consciousness and the space/time continuum in which it exists.. the original Yin (space/time) and Yang (consciousness).. there is no "matter", no "energy" except the faintest cosmic vibration that expresses the awareness of "I AM".. The medium of space/time can only be conceived as infinity and eternity, no beginning and no end, forever in all directions..

Given the concept of space/time, one of two conditions must exist.. either there is a confined/contained consciousness, meaning it has limits, or.. it, too, is infinite and eternal.. if, in the infinity and eternity of space/time, something (consciousness) has limits, then what remains is infinity and eternity beyond its limits.. Now, suppose you travel to the extreme limits of this confined consciousness and all of its manifestations.. and keep going.. you keep looking behind yourself and watch as all of existence grows smaller and fainter, then, after a time, it simply vanishes behind you.. suddenly, you have no reference point, no direction.. you exist without comparison to any other observable experience, only a knowing of what once was.. you have now become your own universe where , without comparison, your are trillions of light years large or a microscopic speck.. peering into a void with no observable occupants.. Your original "Universe"/consciousness.. is hopelessly lost in eternity and infinity.. This same scenario can be replayed again and again, populating infinity and eternity with wholly independent and separate universes, but.. suppose there is a higher "Consciousness", one that observes these wholly independent separate universes as nothing more than the emerging bubbles in a pot of boiling water within its own universe of experiences.. the sequence begins again..

Suppose that at the point when we have lost our original "Universe" and become aware that we exist independently in infinity and eternity, we equate that "awareness" to the big-bang described by our scientists.. where we suddenly explode into a "being" of Universal proportions.. we, by definition, have become our own "God".. where each atom becomes a solar system, each molecule becomes a galaxy and our new universe is limited by the form and shape of our bodies.. Now, rewind to the "original" start of the journey, where we are sitting here in a separate "universe" contemplating infinity/eternity, space/time, existence, Oneness, separateness, Life, consciousness.. and we imagine moving beyond the confines of that Original "universe".. Consider the spatial relationship of a human to the planet Earth, to the solar system, to the galaxy.. spatially, the human form is quite insignificant, practically non-existent by comparison.. now, escape the confines of that original "universe", and that original human form has simply vanished.. BUT, its "consciousness" has escaped to create a separate 'Universe", and further manifestations beyond even that..

The common thread in all of this mental exercise is "consciousness".. we can see that even in the most extreme circumstances consciousness travels throughout eternity/infinity manifesting that which it chooses.. So, even in our conceptualizing of a "confined" consciousness/universe there is no true limitation preventing multiple universes overseen by even higher manifestations of consciousness..

Now, the game gets interesting... within all this mental exercise i sense no limitation on the awareness of consciousness, that it can remain aware of its local universe, content on the experience within.. or, it can bridge the time/space aspect of infinity and eternity by admitting the more expansive aspect of consciousness, multitudes of Universes, infinite and eternal.. but, to what purpose? The Unified Whole Consciousness that manifests the "Universe" we currently occupy as we interact on these forums has conspired with itself beautifully.. it has provided a remarkable stage for "physical" interactive experiences.. a place from which it can experience itself tangibly.. We are truly blessed to be the recipients of this conspiracy, to be afforded the opportunity to experience consciousness in tangible real-time.. while it is deeply rewarding and very stimulating to ponder and expound these Cosmic and multi-Cosmic possibilities.. i am compelled to turn my focus to the physical experience that has been provided.. this physical experience is a work of Art, a Cosmic "Masterpiece".. the ability to conceive the remarkable multi-Cosmic nature of infinity/eternity is a delightful benefit to the physical experience, but.. it can be a detrimental distraction as well..

Differing experiences, i.e.: cultural, geographic, religious, personal, etc... incite people to assign values to their awarenesses and compare those values to the values they assign to their perception of other people's experiences.. and, everyone does it.. the result is conflicting values.. when a leap of awareness should reveal the uselessness of conflict.. i mean, at the foundational perspective of Oneness, we are conflicting with ourselves.. as it should be, of course, but.. beyond healthy discussion there is no valid reason to raise differing perspectives to the level of conflict evident in the human experience today.. Hurt one/hurt all ~ help one/help all..

Physical experience is remarkably well crafted.. it creates the machinery that transforms spiritually intangible knowledge into physically tangible BEing.. sights, sounds, smells, textures, tastes, and the mind to evaluate these blessings relative to spiritual Oneness.. For me, it seems counter-intuitive to diminish the value of physical experience in favor of mental/spiritual pursuits, when it was the spirit's intention that we embrace the physical experience on its behalf.. that absent harm to others, the physical experience is the "purpose" we exist.. we always exist as consciousness, as spiritual BEings, as Oneness.. but, to have a shot at unique individual physical experiences, is Divine wisdom, to be given its full measure of awareness and value.. not to be rejected or relegated to the off-handed label of "illusory".. physical existence is a profound expression of consciousness, a superior work of Art.. a place where unimaginable cosmic truths are brought to tangible results.. i see physical existence as the universe's finest work of Art, not a burden.. not an illusion, but.. a blessing.. a temporary excursion where the totality of universal consciousness rallies its forces into the Human experience.. a huge effort to set energies, awarenesses, potentials, and intentions in motion to express its own place in its own evolution..

As individuals aspects of the Whole we have individual bodies with which to experience Life.. yet, those bodies have differing organs, tissues, cells, etc.. similar to our spiritual understandings of our relationship to the whole.. we have spiritual differences, not unlike spiritual organs.. where each contributes harmoniously to the whole.. from the "individual perspective" we may favor some organs and their functions over others ( i know i do :D ).. but, ultimately, all organs and all functions are harmoniously essential to a healthy life.. We cannot maintain physical or spiritual health by rejecting any aspect of our experiences, only by understanding them and appreciating their contribution to the Whole..

Whew!!!! Sorry for the length, but once it started flowing it just wouldn't stop.. I am open to criticism, as well as validation.. this is just my current understanding of things, open to change based on new or more conclusive evidence..

Be well..

08-02-2007, 12:36 AM
Hello TzuJanLi,
Well, I’ll start from the end of your post and go backwards. And I will agree; many spend effort to leave the physical behind, to try and escape material existence and it’s implications. But to what end? Was all of “this” for nothing? I think not. Like a 4th grader trying so hard to act “grown up”, unaware of the value of the carefree innocents of childhood. It seems quite simple to understand; that “we” are here for a reason; was no fluke, no mistake of the cosmos to trap Soul in material existence. Simple enough, sometimes misinterpreted. Though it seems that this life, and its many “parts” are to be used as tools to discover the nature of Soul/self/God/existence; not quite a “vacation” from consciousness but rather a implement of understanding/learning and, sure, the pleasures physical life has to offer are to be enjoyed as well. I do not believe that this life exists to simply experience it, how mundane that would be, surely there is purpose behind it. Again, simple enough.

And yes, conflict is “childish” (and quite telling, might I add) no matter what sophisticated language/mastery of linguistic maneuvering may be employed. Such practices as the fore mentioned seem to actually amplify the effort exhumed to sustain said conflict. Can oneness be experienced in material life? Surely, as oneness doesn’t take a holiday until we are finished here. When there is offense taken towards one’s perception, where does the root of that offense lie? Does it lie with the offender or the offendee? (I happen to know the answer to that!) Thus, the conflict, or more specifically, the offense taken, can actually be useful, if recognized as such (lessons to learn and all that). So, while childish, conflict may be, the usefulness (the lesson/root) is apparent and necessary for the participants! (I hope that comes across clear)

Now, as for some of the other content of your post; nothing personal and absolutely no judgment; I have no desire to follow that train of thought, at this time. As I have already “been there” and, for me, there is nothing left to gain from such pondering (again, at this time). For me, the suggestion of all of that is uncomplicated and more “at the beginning” of my personal path. Not to say the speculation of such is without value. But to explore those possibilities, it seems, mind would LOVE to complicate and obscure the simplicity of that conjecture. Of course there are “parts” of the rest of your post that warrant further discussion (for me) such as; the nature of “God”(energy) “before” this “big bang”. And of course the concept of space and time always interest me deeply!! Deep stuff though, I wouldn’t know where to begin! But (as you know) all of this is subject to change!! And I may find that there is something for me to gain, who knows and we’ll see…

08-02-2007, 01:38 PM

Hi BLAIR2BE: Thanks for the insightful response..

that “we” are here for a reason; was no fluke, no mistake of the cosmos to trap Soul in material existence.

Here we simply perceive the situation differently.. you see the soul as "trapped", and i see it as blessed.. i sense that the Unified Whole ("God"), simply set creation in motion and the rest is left to evolve as it chooses.. in that way the true nature of existence unfolds, not contrived or manipulated.. imagine the joy of watching creation unfold to the point that cognizant, intelligent life emerges (though that may be debatable).. we tend to characterize creation as manipulative event, where i see it as a spontaneous and on-going process.. a manipulated "creation" is little more than a Cosmic construction project.. while the growth of a Universe is an creative emergence of Life.. Going back to my post, considering the almost non-existent spatial relationship of the physical human relative to all that the human can observe, it seems a bit contrived that the Universe finds it necessary to "educate" us, to conjure a miniscule existence on a miniscule planet, to teach us lessons..

I do not believe that this life exists to simply experience it, how mundane that would be, surely there is purpose behind it. Again, simple enough.

Well, again we differ in perception.. you see simply Living as "mundane", i see it as the most outrageously beautiful and exciting event imaginable.. even when it's "bad", it ROCKS... as of today, there is not sufficient evidence that we could present to a judicial authority to "prove" there exists intelligent life not of the planet Earth.. though, i believe it's silly to accept that notion.. anyway, quite a Cosmic event, this emergence of Life.. i consider it a sacred gift, full of remarkable adventure and deep meaning..

I know i must appear to be a bit Bohemian, but i present this aspect of my beliefs as a balance against what i perceive as an unbalanced perspective of Living.. So many of my friends and acquaintances are drawn to myriads of paths and experiences that are "spiritual" by description, and cult-like in practice.. so many people pursuing paths that sequester them from the gift of "Living" in the moment.. to the degree that we are pursuing an agenda, looking for "lessons", following some predetermined path, we are distant from the actual experiences unfolding in "real-time".. our full attention and awareness is divided.. any "lessons" gained from Living will be evident without the prejudice of expectation.. in the pristine condition of spontaneous Living "Truth" is revealed without predetermined limits..

I hope it is clear that i am a deeply spiritual being, i have spent a lifetime searching many paths to arrive at this point in my understandings.. a basic principle of my beliefs is that the Universe is far too large to be as complex as most people tend to see it.. For example, look at the differing topics of the threads in this Forum, so many people having vastly differing experiences/paths and manifesting conflict in their preference of paths (me included).. as i sat in a deep meditative state years ago, an insight emerged.. that, if one can grasp the simple underlying principles of the Universe, the various and complex paths would reveal their truths and lessons without the associated prejudices.. that all paths and all beliefs are supported by simple Universal principles, if you understand the principles then you understand what "truths" a path might reveal.. This reminds me of the times that i have struggled with computer software, when try as i may, with many frustrated manipulations of the software (paths), it just wouldn't produce the desired results.. then, the IT dude shows up and giggles.. he changes one setting (principle) and everything is fine.. (sometimes the IT guy is really annoying).. anyhow, it was his comprehension of principles that made the software work.. the software itself is dependent on principle, which is not dependent on software..

the nature of “God”(energy) “before” this “big bang”.

Imagine a universe very similar to the one we currently experience, "God" manifested as a Universe.. this Universe existed prior to what we refer to as the "big bang".. it expands into infinity, then begins to contract as the "parts" find their way back to the "source".. as the contraction nears totality experiences diminish in favor of the One Unified Consciousness, "God".. that Universe has exhausted its potential of experiences and collapses into a singularity, the single expression of "God", "I AM"... it might languish in that condition for another few eternities, but.. at some point "I AM" curiously begins to wonder "what" it IS.. and, it explodes into another cycle of creation and evolution.. our current Universe.. and so the eternal cycles of Life continues..

Sorry, must run... more later..

Be well...

09-02-2007, 01:10 AM
No, no, no TzuJanLi,
I do not see us as

09-02-2007, 01:35 AM
Oh, and you’re totally right: the universe, while fantastic (understatement of the year), isn’t so complicated as many make it out to be. To be aware of the “workings” requires much less than worldly divining rods of spiritual how’s and why’s, initiations (whatever that is), rituals and defined processes. After all, who created/wrote those processes? ****, Jane, Tom? I don’t even know them!!

09-02-2007, 03:23 PM

Hi BLAIR2BE: Thanks for the thoughtful reply, it seems that we largely agree..
That there is no control/guidance/whatever on ANY level? So, is there no