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06-02-2007, 09:56 PM
Well certain energies have finally gotten shuffled around, both in myself and here as well, so it feels correct to start this one. I mentioned on the "Empath" thread that I'd experienced a minor (personally huge!) day of expanded understandings on Sat. Feb. 3, 07. This day was the end of a long long series of learnings that I've spent most of my life struggling with for various reasons.

For me to even express some small aspects of what I'd like to, I'll have to use words and terms that sound really black/white when in reality it's all far more complex. But....I don't know how else to express these complex concepts and NOT use certain words like:

Left Brain/Right Brain
Dense/Less Dense
First/Second/Third/Fourth etc. etc. etc.

All I ask each of you who reads this is to read between these polarities to see what's really going on and a bit about the why's of it. I either water-this-down in the hopes of NOT offending anyone or......I tell my truth as of today (which does NOT mean it's "THE" one and only "Truth"!) I have zero desire to offend anyone - only to share what I've gone through and why according to what I know, have lived, and also of course, believe in because of it all!

First things first.......

I want to attempt to share a concept that I've gotten kicked in the girl nuts repeatedly every time I've tried over the past 5 years on different forums. I believe that enough consciousness has changed today to try again. This has to do with one group of individuals learning to co-exist and blend in with the other much larger group on planet Earth. I'm talking about what's been called Wanderers/Lightworkers/Star Seeds/Higher Vibrationals etc. Here's my personal and very unromantic reality about this.

Certain groups of souls want to incarnate into 3D physical reality and the polarity here, for the specific reasons of helping it (at the correct time) to get ready for massive energy and consciousness changes that will move it beyond what it and humanity has been for so long. Dosen't sound like fun or easy work does it? It isn't for the obvious reasons. But the real tricky part with this first Group of souls is that they come from realms starting from the 5th dimension (5D) and even fewer from above that. Point is that these souls come into Earth physical incarnations with their higher dimensional jobs to do along with their own personal learnings etc. and, they usually incarnate with their 5D or higher Heart consciousness functioning and very little of the 3D mind/intellectual/ego 'skills' that are perfectly "normal" for everyone else here. They incarnate with little or no understand about 3D basic things like egos, greed, lies, hate, manipulation, negativity in all it's forms in other words.

So, imagine being born into what to you is an extremely hostile, violent, insane, totally controlled, unstable and not-to-be trusted world of polarity WITH your higher dimensional Heart consciousness functioning from birth in all that?!? :icon_eek: This 3D world looks down it's intellectual and manipulative nose at us types because to them we seem weak, unintellegent, compassionate, ultra sensitive, over emotional, easily manipulated and easily wounded. And the truth has been that we, this type of higher vibrating soul with Home abilities functioning from early childhood, have been deeply wounded many times throughout our lives here and the reasons for this should be easy to understand now.

Those of you from this Group may relate totally to the deep pain, fears and suffering we've had to live with here. But....the point for this insanity and suffering of this Group has been for many reasons. One is because polarity, negativity, hate, fear, greed, power of others, and all the rest of it.....simply dosen't exist from the 5th dimension up! We're like the dumb clueless tourists who don't understand the rules and customs of the country we're in. Needless to say the locals aren't very fond of us and we learn real early on that they're not our best buddies either! :wink: And so we remained behind the sceens, living our very different lives, and waited for the correct time to arrive. It did in the late 1980s and everythings changing fast now because of it.

So, this brings us to another aspect and that is that this Group is naturally more (here comes one of those terms I mentioned) right brained and the natives are naturally left brained. Again, I don't mean to offend anyone in any way but only try to get past these imbalances on both sides. We each make the other side frustrated because of this but there's reasons for this.

to be continued.......

06-02-2007, 10:08 PM
lapis, i've read your post and i'm not sure i understand it all, or at all, your day you mentioned in feb. i had one around 18 months ago it was like a massive awakening and i've never experienced anything else quite like either before or since. like you i feel i've wrestled my way through life and that day was the classic 'aha' moment.
i feel we're all born into a horrible hostile world and we have to somehow learn to survive amongst all that to grow.
if those things don't exist in the fifth dimension whatever that may be how can we continue to grow?
i'm probably getting all muddled now sorry

06-02-2007, 10:29 PM
Hi Lapis,

This very post has highly resonated with myself. I do not wish to go into further detail but you are actually expressing something I have only been thinking about a lot very recently. Well, I do not know about the dimension bit but this is a very insightful post from you, as to be expected.


06-02-2007, 11:12 PM

Now lets talk about the Second Group (my silly term just to express this). This 2nd Group are IMO also Wanderers/Lightworkers/Star Seeds/Higher vibrationals ALSO but.....they incarnated here with nearly total amnesia as to their individual Home dimensions and natural abilities etc. Why? Because I believe they are on a slightly different activation timeline than the Elders or Group 1. It wasn't necessary for them all to remember as yet. Think of all this like some huge construction plan and worksite.

The plan is to build a massive new and improved building but first the old building must be torn down and hauled away (transmuted which the 1st Group did.) There has to be steps and phases to this tearing down and hauling away of the old building before the next Group of builders could even begin what they're good at doing. So, after the 1st Group (the Elders) tore down the old building (the old lower vibrating reality on Earth) and began what they're good at doing (transmuting lower energies into less dense, faster vibrating energy - because their higher Heart consciousness had always been functioning from birth), then the 2nd Group was called into Active Duty :wink:. Because of this they've been triggered into a rapid and intense awakening all because it's time for this Group to do what it's great at doing now. This 2nd Group, for the most part, are those souls who are today in your 30s and most of us Elders recognize you enegetically. (It would make life so much easier for all of us if you guys could energetically recognize us Elders from Group 1!!! :rolleyes: )

Understand that not all of Group 1 or the Elders will be remaining here with Group 2 and 3 and 4 etc. It isn't necessary for us to do so. Group 2 will become the new "Elders" soon enough, believe me.

This brings us to another interesting twist that I'd like to talk about. It's about directions on the vertical pole. In my case and many other "Elder" Lightworkers who incarnate from 5D or above, we are in 3D physical reality while at the same time, we've learned (because of our conscious connections with Home/Heart) how to slide up and down back and forth between 5D, through 4D the astral, down into 3D and back up again. I'm sure there's others who can travel consciously higher than 5D now. THIS is the main way we've transmuted so much of the lower old energies in physicality (3D Earth) and the astral plane! In most cases we're working from 5D down this vertical pole.

Many but not all of the 2nd Group of Lighworkers (in male bodies this time) are doing their work but from the other direction! In other words some of these males are climbing up the vertical pole from physicality (3D) through the astral plane (4D) and experiencing the beginnings of 5D......the High Heart/Higher Love realm or dimension. :smile: You guys have been and still are doing this primarily through your intellects as you climb upward, whereas I and some of the others (mostly in female bodies this time) are doing this through our higher dimensional Hearts. Soon you males will integrate what you must too just as we females must. 4 - not 2 - and there's ancient reasons for why we're in the sex bodies we're in in these lives now.

By doing this we both are resolving polarity in ourselves and also in the old lower 3D world. No better than or less than but only Lightworkers at slightly different escalator steps working BOTH sides of this thing from multiple dimensions for multiple reasons.

Verticle pole.....think of our spines as smaller individual holographic versions of this huge cosmic energy pole through the dimensions. Our spines are the pole that the kundalini energy slides up and down on AND encounters the different Chakras (think of as smaller individual holographic versions of the different dimensions! :wink: ). Sliding up and down and back up again over and over until we get real familiar with it all, is much the same as moving between our different Chakras and through the different dimensions. Same process - micro/macrocosm.

My brain's mush at this point and I've only gotten stared. :icon_lol:

07-02-2007, 12:00 AM
Thank you Lapis, I relate, and I am very greatful for your communication. I am still re-membering, as to my hat specifically, but I relate with the above scenario fully. I am into this turn we are taking, and the blank canvas that has been spoken of....and I do enjoy the fact that the locals are less of a hindrence, and a great motivator at that!
Love and Light

ps WOW!!

07-02-2007, 03:19 AM
Hey lapis, makes sense to me. It's funny my name is Martin which means man of war or something like that, i've always thought thats a strange name with no meaning for me but for the past week i've been feeling more and more ****ed off that this whole earth experience has become a rip off because i've accepted second best and been led to believe this is just the way it is - well **** that, its bollox and i'm not accepting it anymore. If we are One then i am fed up at my own whinging, laziness, ambivalence and acceptance of the "way things are" and I'm angry enough at myself to actually have the conviction to face down my fears totally for once in my life and think lets just go for it. Lets make love the law and give anyone who tries to stop us a playful cuff (metaphorically speaking) around the back of the head before pointing them in the right direction. lol.

07-02-2007, 06:30 AM
Lets make love the law and give anyone who tries to stop us a playful cuff (metaphorically speaking) around the back of the head before pointing them in the right direction. lol.
LOL, Dreamer!!! Yes, LET'S make Love the Law... I'm convinced its the best (really the only) way to solve our problems and bring in the new... :D

07-02-2007, 07:04 AM
Lapis, thank you for sharing your truth. You spoke of an actual experience of expanded understanding. Is it possible that you could give more detail as to the experience itself and not just the truth derived from it? May I ask how you came about this information? Did you channel it, see it in a vision, read it and experience a clarity of its truth, or does it simply come as knowledge from source that you have awakened from inside yourself, or something different? Only if you are willing, of course? I'm just interested.

Just so you know, regardless of what is said above or what you may or not say in the future on this thread, I do not intend to comment on whether I agree with it or put my spin on it or anything. I will leave it just as it is, your truth and your experience and I will respect that. However, I would like to continue to learn from it. So it would be great if you could answer the above questions.

Warm regards,


07-02-2007, 07:06 PM

:hug3: Spoken like a true Lightworker who's recently been activated to another phase of inner/outer Light Work! Yes, yes, yes....this is what's been happening to more and more people (Lightworkers/Wanderers/Higher vibrationals/Indigos/Crystals etc) over the past 2 years IMO. The hard crusted top layer of negative energetic global '****' had to be "busted" open by the 1st Group so that this next phase could happen, and it is! :D The words you spoke and the hot emotions you feel dreamer are exactly what all the activating Lightworkers are supposed to be experiencing now. That is how we are totally reworking the planet and ourselves and creating a higher vibrating Way for All. Through NOT tolerating the old lower horrible ways and consciousness anymore.

Keep up the great Work of being and living how you want it to be everywhere else!

07-02-2007, 07:21 PM
Hey lapis,

will do, thanks for the great posts, theyre always v. inspirational in a kick *** kinda way (and thats what i need sometimes a good kick up the backside lol)

07-02-2007, 07:49 PM

Thanks for giving me the room to express what I'd like to on this thread. I entitled it Sharing Our 'Process' for just that reason. I too respect your intellectual way of understanding what I'm trying to express and I do want to share how this works for me but it'll take me some time because it's a combination of all that you mentioned and more. In a nutshell, it's my life and the only Way I know. I'm becoming more and more conscious of my being a multidimensional Being Chadley, as many people are now, and it's a learning (relearning) for all of us. It simply doesn't always fit or reduce well into linear intellectual thinking, words, and sentences etc. But we try like crazy don't we? :wink:

I think it would only help us all if we each could discribe, as best we can, how and what we experience repeatedly from living this amazing and rare 'process' now. I hope that others going through these same types of experiences will use this thread as the place to share the process and how they've perceived it at the time. Again, I feel that this can only help all of us in many ways. Threads for both brain hemispheres are needed - the intellectual picking apart and analyzing threads AND - threads like this one where people can just express what they've lived and continue to live.

07-02-2007, 08:28 PM
Hey lapis, I've found a great way of relearning things really quickly. I was playing around with the idea of oneness for a long while and as i did it slowly proved itself to me in various ways to the point where I am now uncertain whether anyone else exists outside of my own mind like in a dream, which obviously is the case anyway even if we all do exists equally its all in one mind which once realised means its my mind. Anyway getting back to the relearning thing, if this is my mind then that puts me in a degree of influence, ie i am God/dreamer etc so if you were God letting yourself in for this experience wouldn't you have a safety "button" installed in the software, well yes if i am God and i think it then it must be so. So basically when i meditate now I demand of the divine spark within myself that the truth be shown, that the highest good be done etc, knowing that I am everything and the results are amazing. If you know you are God you can demand anything of yourself without embarrassment or guilt, if you are it then what would you deny yourself? If you are everything then you have evry reason to make yourself the best most divine person you can be because your divinity becomes manifest throughout the entire universe, if you only see yourself as one small individual and try to use these ideas for selfish gain it doesn't work and just causes ****e in your life. All you have to do is demand it of yourself, knowing you are god/everything.

LOL if that makes sense.

07-02-2007, 09:04 PM
Lapis, take all the time you need. No doubt, putting spiritual experience in words only gets more difficult as the depth of one's experiences increase.

I find it interesting that you describe my way of understanding as "intellectual". In reality, my approach is no different than yours in that we both are basing our conclusions on metaphysical or higher dimensional experience. An intellectual approach towards trying to advance understanding spiritual experience and events will yield very little in results.
My understanding comes, just as yours does, with the exploration of our spiritual nature and spiritual world, and the intent to advance and elevate our understanding by increasing the levels of consciousness, or dimensions that we can perceive. Then, after our inner work is done for the day, we may come to this forum where we will attempt to translate experience into words. This forum is an intellictual medium by which we communicate higher knowledge and discovery. As a result, we are all using the same method to express our truth.

Words are difficult to reduce into linear intellectual thinking, abosolutely. But, it is all we have here on the forum and the truth can be represented by words quite well, actually. Otherwise, why did all of the spiritual greats bother teaching volumes worth of information by using words?

HOWEVER, I completely agree that there should be an place to post experiences without the potential for debate. Or should there? Food for thought.


07-02-2007, 09:41 PM
Chadley, ur so left brain lol.

Mother Goose
07-02-2007, 09:45 PM
HOWEVER, I completely agree that there should be an place to post experiences without the potential for debate. Or should there? Food for thought.

not to derail the conversation, but this caught my attetion. It seems to me if someone posts something on an open forum, they're inviting discussion of it by the simple fact that they are putting out there for everyone to read & respond to. If, however, you JUST want to express yourself...a simple website with your views & beliefs would suffice for pondering your own thoughts where others might read them.

07-02-2007, 09:59 PM
Lapis, I agree that it is nice to have a thread where we can just share our experiences about this everchanging process...

There has been a lot of different and sometimes kinda freaky stuff the past couple of years, and I don't always care to explain to those who require an explanation. I have lived through the intellectualizing of my abilities, had them microscoped, regarding my perspective on spirituality YEARS ago, and it gave me nothing like the EXPERIENCES I've had throughout my life, and frankly now I find it very mundane.

I do understand that it is our responsibility to share our experience, strenth and hope with those open and asking for it, but I have no desire to denfend/convince anyone of anything as I truelly believe that everyone has their path, and thats cool! I was always told, lol "you'll know the why when you get there, and then it won't matter..." And seeing the whole tapestry, in glimpses at least, no explanation needed.... just a big goofy smile!!
I understand you are creating a sacred space for all who can relate at whatever level to share and that keeps me from thinking I am completely lala since I found this forum and your thread on ascensionin December.
I knew but it was in the distance, I remember 1987 and several happenings since, and I knew at some level, always, but being able to come here and know esta bien todo,(its all good) well it just makes me more focused on the tasks at hand. Keeps me on board!

I am not even being interested in explaining some of these differences to those who have no basis for how it was for me before.... IMO and no offense to anyone, in only the most unconditional love and that is the same unconditional love that I demand from my interactions. Even If I wanted to, I don't know if I could explain the supposed quantum physics of a fold in space to someone who has no understanding of space. Even simpler and more true.... I do not have a perfect understanding of how electricity works....at least not enough to tell, explain or teach to someone else.... BUT I do know that if I have a new bulb...pay my deposit, and keep my utillity bill current, wiring is sufficient in my home that if I flip a swith..... wala LIGHT!! lol
As I have mentioned before, I do not like labels....I do like the way you say all the labels together.... ie wanderer/crystal/indigo/ect!!! I think that rocks!!! Cuz I find when reading certian sites that I relate to about 80-90 percent, but it is really more complex than even those lovely people putting info out there can really put into written language... my brain starts going so fast.....lol and it is only the unintended limitations that I cannot relate to... Things I have said several times over the past decades, since I was a wee child even... lol
My mother argued with me when I was younger than five, because I hadn't started school, "P, get off your soap box and stop pontificating, no one here is interested in the truth, cannot you ascertain that from your observations" She would also say, "You are not a munk now and this is not tibet, and I will not debate you". Good times!! but long gone, and suprisingly my mother has awoken considerable the past couple of years!! But it had nothing to do with my take on the universe, she is coming into her own I think!... Oh well I can see I have just gone on and on without saying much at all, so thank yall as always, Love and Light! pokeyjo11

07-02-2007, 10:31 PM
OMG!!! I truelly did not see MG post RE: "discussion" until I posted....I was so carried away with my "adolecent ego" LOL just typing away!!! LOL and BIG SMILE!!

Not trying to be as ***, just appears that way sometimes...lol!
I guess the gray area assertiveness I am striving for in my previous post IS my experience I AM sharing as IT is unfolding!!! LOL ROPTFLOL!!!

Respectrully trying to participate from a gut level honesty.....just gets all twisted, my apologies to all.....no offense intended at all....


Mother Goose
08-02-2007, 12:36 AM
pokeyjo11, no offense taken at all! LOL no worries! :smile:

08-02-2007, 12:40 AM
not to derail the conversation, but this caught my attetion. It seems to me if someone posts something on an open forum, they're inviting discussion of it by the simple fact that they are putting out there for everyone to read & respond to. If, however, you JUST want to express yourself...a simple website with your views & beliefs would suffice for pondering your own thoughts where others might read them.

spot on mother goose:wink: imo forums are for healthy and friendly discussions:smile:

08-02-2007, 12:46 AM
is friendly sarcasm welcome?

08-02-2007, 12:51 AM
i like friendly sarcasm

08-02-2007, 01:36 AM
good, because I AM the sarcasatic parody (this week anyway)

08-02-2007, 04:48 PM
Lapis I love you with all my heart, sometime it is difficult for me to follow your Astrological post but I try, this one hit home.

I am a very tolerant person even from my youth. Today someone can offend me while I am totally unaware that person was deliberately trying to hurt me. I know I was designed that way and it’s good because when I feel hurt or pain, it always cut to the gut, very deep within.

When I speak of visiting somewhere not of this world, not only do I sound foolish to others, I also begin to question my self as others have questioned me. So to avoid doubt I keep it inside.

Right now I feel my eyes filling up with water………….had to shed a few tears for a minute. To doubt is to deny who I am, I know I am a beacon, a lighthouse in the fog. This is why I am here on earth. I stay here at SF with yall because I feel safe, I don’t feel as it I must fight to reject the watered down or poison truth from invading the spiritual bliss. I get that fighting feeling when I visit certain religious groups who leave very little room for choice.

Tears……….I have been fighting off these fables for a very long time, not physically, but spiritually this is why I say Love to all because with Love I am always victorious. Most people feel as if truth comes from what we are thought.

Here Lapis is where I totally agree with you THE TRUTH is already imbedded in my Soul, weather your soul is from a lower or higher vibration or level is not my concern nor for me to decide. Nevertheless I see people with different concepts of truths as so; some truths will lead to bondage and some to freedom…this is just how I feel.

I better stop now before I get myself in trouble.

Love to all

08-02-2007, 08:49 PM

What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing that. What you said is so very accurate of how higher vibrational people have usually felt living here. They see far and feel even deeper.......:hug:

"....some truths will led to bondage and some to freedom...."

Never a truer word said and that's why its so very important for all to learn to discern.

08-02-2007, 10:32 PM
YES YES CW, That was great!!:D I always enjoy your realistic approach in posts....and as Lapis said, '...a beautiful post.."

You can tell me about your travels anytime...:happy2:
Thank you so much for BEing here.:happy4:

You are correct in never douting whats on the inside...that's where it's at! Emopowerment grows from(form) within....Stuff on the outside, here, eventually seeks pehaps some type of power over...mostly...IMO Based OME..:)

I am sending you a barrel of LOVE and LIGHT everytime you think about it......Like NOW!:hug3: