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24-01-2007, 03:54 AM

In terms of spritual development and also in a more basic and fundamental sense I'm wondering 'How Important Is Power?'
They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
But without any power we would all be totally impotent, helpless and weak.
Seeking power or power mongering is slightly on the dark side, its like giving in to temptation. And to have power OVER others is is immoral in my opinion.
So what is the best way to have power, and what should it be used for.

Whats your opinion on the matter of POWER?

24-01-2007, 01:00 PM
Hey Honza,

Excellent topic!

Power is a tricky area and you have to be really careful.
To me I would say that it depends on the individual and I guess their circumstances. Power in the wrong hands as we know can be awful.

It does sound weird to hear people say "I have the power to..." as it often brings up negative connotations. It does seem, however, to be associated with darkness to some extent and there have been many people with "power" that have abused their authority and hence the negativity surrounding it.

I think that the most important thing is to be at peace with yourself and to be content and love yourself-then power is not used as some tool to manipulate others-most of the people in history-and even today-who have power have misused it for personal gain.

Power is seen as authority and is seen in typical western idea of being successful and putting your achievements on show-that is not power-that is misuse of authority. You can have power and do good things with it only those that have power and do good things are not highlighted as they are often modest and humble and do not boast of the power that they have...they go out and help others and in my opinion helping others and not bragging about it is a from of real power.

Authority is also seen as closely related to power and I wonder who decided that...

The power to forgive is an example of power in the good sense-and is real power.

Achievements to me have nothing to do with power neither does "absolute" power, power should not be quantified as that's when it becomes corrupt.

To me, those people that help me when I'm down or experiencing hardship and don't ask for a quantifiable outcome from you are the ones who have true power.

Those are my opinions and perhaps people don't agree with me...

S xxx

24-01-2007, 01:52 PM

I think "power" is an "inert" concept.. the use of power, however, is of considerable concern..

For me, the only "power" i am concerned with is my "power" to create.. the Wisdom to create responsibly attaches desirable value to the power.. irresponsible creating attaches undesirable value to the power..

We each have access to the limitless power of the Universe.. few, if any, of us have the awareness and will to use it, though.. We are ALL sons (and daughters) of "God", Jesus simply had the awareness and will to claim his birthright..

Power, like anything else, has a contrasting principle.. resistance..

Humans are set apart from other species, they have the "power" to choose their destinies.. other creatures ARE their destinies..

Power: the ability to effect change (Webster)..

Power, as authority, is simply an application of the ability to effect change.. authority can be conferred based on someone's Power to benefit others.. or, it can be coerced by someone's Power to harm others.. the wisdom of the use of Power is the issue, here..

Interesting topic!!

Be well..