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White Feather
31-08-2011, 07:06 AM
Hi, I am 19, I recently moved out of the parental home for the first time into a house a few miles away with my partner. I am a very spiritual person, and at the time of the move I was very open to spirit and receiving well, my first impressions of the atmosphere in the house was that it was very calm peaceful and I felt no negativity here, in all honesty I still dont! However since the move I have tried to close myself off to receiving as I have become very uncomfortable with what I am receiving. Usually most of my interaction with spirit is in my dreams, however recently I had a dream of a 'haunted house' and woke in the night feeling something was there. I went back to sleep but over the past few nights I have had very vivid sexual dreams which is unusual for me and uncomfortable, and when I get into bed I feel frightened. Last night I prayed to god for angels to protect me and my partner and this home, and spent a long time putting a white light throughout the house to cleanse it, and around my partner and I, I wore a my imaginative negativity repelling cloak and I closed the door in my mind to stop receiving, I prayed to the angels to take this fear away and whatever it was causing it and to help me. I found myself screaming in my minds eye for the spirit or fear to be gone to leave and that I could not help it.
I am very confused, Im not sure if this has worked, hopefully it has, but in all honesty I think that the problem lies with me, I think that this fear is always niggling at me in my spiritual development I am very aware of protecting myself because I fear evil, and I dont want to! I am very scared that I am dabbling and know thats wrong. I think that this is a message that unless I can overcome this fear I cannot progress spiritually, I am usually such a strong person but things i've heard and only being young its natural I'm going to be warry, but spirit dont want me to be. Either that or I need to buy some sage! :s anyone have any answers here?

A. Consumer
01-09-2011, 12:52 AM
It seems that you are doing all of the right things to protect yourself and ward off such spirits. Perhaps the uneasy feeling is not from a spirit in the home but from a part of your spirit that has anxiety from the move and the changes it has made in your life. People are naturally resistent to change even if it is positive. Sexual dreams can also come from anxiety. Let us know how it goes. I shall say a prayer for you as well.

01-09-2011, 10:29 PM
well i am a spritual person as well and i follow tantra but beliebe me if theres one thing i dont care at all is spirit. u know broda the problem is not wid the spirits, all the problem that i see in u is the fear itself. u fear spirit and why do u habe to. u are a soul and u cant be killed. fear is what makes u do and think the way that u are doing right now. kill the fear and be fearless no spirit can harm u and eben if they do make a strong determination that u gonna uplift ur life. be a man broda/r