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19-01-2007, 04:45 PM
Hey all lovely people:hug:

I've just been wondering about a problem that I have concerning developing.

Now I don't meditate over the top and only meditate when I feel like it-it seems now twice a week. I'm not trying to rush anything but it seems that I have a problem with meditating.
I'm sort of suffereing from apathy, I don't really want to meditate and don't really want to contact my spirit guides and don't care for meeting them during meditation-is that normal?

I'm a bit worries about this and would try to do something and have been trying but it seems like I'm stopping myself or being stopped from doing anything...now fair enough if sometimes you need to stop but now I'm getting a number of signs and symbols and I need for my guides to explain some of them as I don't understand...

Maybe it's fear but what I'm trying to say here is that when I try to question myself or find out what is going on I just stop and cannot be bothered...is there something wrong with me?

I sometimes feel as if something not good is attached to me and would like to get rid of it-but how? Again by this I mean when I try I just stop and cannot go on:icon_eek:

I'm getting rather worried about this...not fearful but concerned.

Can someone please explain and especially how to get rid of this annoying apathy?

Thank you very much and god and the angels bless you all:hug2:

19-01-2007, 07:40 PM
i found it comes and goes that lj and in my experience its quite normal and for all the days you feel like that there will be the equivalent if not more days when you feel energised and literally bursting to progress. please try not to let it become an issue and so block you. interesting you mention fear as this too can create this 'well do i reallywant to progress' feeling as you are uncertain of what your spiritual future holds for you, basically a fear of the unknown. if you want to talk further i'm in most nights and if i can help even only by listening give me a shout, try not to worry. read others feedback to your questions as they post see who's experiences you can relate to, you know where i am if you need me take care xx

19-01-2007, 09:18 PM
Whats normal anyway, it may be that even trying to meditate in the first place isn't the norm, enjoy yourself, if you don't feel like it let yourself not...

amy green
26-01-2007, 01:30 PM
Hi Ljepotica - a few things came to mind on reading your post:-
1. It may just not be the right time for you to explore meditation
2. That this could be because of your blocks - other issues that first need to be tackled. Have you asked yourself what these might be and then wait, open minded, for the 'answer' (internal voice)?
3. Could be sabotage - you can undo the self-destruct mind-set (which is based on low self-esteem). Remind yourself on what's good about you and counter self negativity with a positive one ... it's a long process...!
4. Could be you're depressed and that this first needs to be tackled. There are degress of depression - have you thought about this possibility?
Hope this helps and I send you love...

26-01-2007, 05:29 PM
Hi Lj,

Been just like you're feeling right now more times than I care to remember! :D One particular phase of apathy & complete disinterest lasted 3 months! :icon_eek:

It is all perfectly normal however, and just because you don't feel like you're making progress in certain areas, you are in others, it's just not so obvious what's going on. :smile: I've normally found that these "down-times" as I call them, happen just before a major breakthrough, or next phase up.

Sometimes with me, too, it's happened around the time I've been over-doing things and need to be grounded & present in physical reality for some reason. Say when there's been a problem in the family that I needed to pay absolute attention to.

It's hard, and I need to remind myself of this as I say this to you, but we need to just relax & go with the flow. :wink:

Love Jay xx

04-02-2007, 06:11 PM
If its any consolation, I hardly ever meditate, I just simply "cant be bothered" either, when I do try, I get bored after 5 mins and stop!
Meditation is apparently the key to success some say, but I am not so sure, I am plodding along fine with spirit with almost no meditation in the last year.
As one poster said, it may just not be for you, or at least yet anyway.

04-02-2007, 08:19 PM
Thank you very much for your replies.

I did get to thinking and after reading your posts it made sense that it is normal for apathy to occur...and so the best things for me to do is to relax and take it easy and not worry about it and so it will come to me when it comes:)

Nomad: yeah I'm also like you I mean I didn't meditate that often anyway and I also got bored after about 15mins and stopped and I do think that perhaps at this point it's not for me...I'm getting a lot of signs and indications through dreams now so that does help a lot and I also am using tarot and angel oracle cards to help me along the way...

We're all different here and we all have different ways of spiritual development and what works for one might not work for another although I'd love to meditate more as I really liked doing it and so perhaps soon I will start again-perhaps I should set myself some time like for example once a week!

Thank you all once again-it's good to know that there is nothing wrong with me:)

Lots of love,


04-02-2007, 08:34 PM
Hi folks came across this post, and enjoyed reading everybodys responses.
Two points really, firstly: There are so many forms of meditation and they have different uses, but in the main they are all trying to exert some control back over an over active, distracted mind, therefore, if the method you are currently trying is boring you, this is either because you are not doing an appropriate meditation for your condition or you are approaching a juncture in your meditation, a point where , rather like the end guardian on a computer game, you are ready to go up a level, and have a final obstruction to overcome. Could be you need to push on through.
Secondly: Meditation is a science and an art and as such requires a good teacher, I come across people who are not well taught and often they have no structure to thier meditation, its all down to how you are taught, like anything really. If you just pick up a violin and start bowing, its gonna sound dreadful, sometimes you gotta put some time in with someone who really knows how tp play.
Hope this helps
love and light

05-02-2007, 03:26 AM
Hi ljepotica,

I have had the same experience as yourself a number of times - finding myself unwilling to do my morning meditation.

From what I have learnt, it can be due to the following:
(1) A blockage has come up (been activated, often by your rise in vibration to date), and one needs to stop and investigate and deal with it;
(2) There is a need to take a new direction for your onward journey.

Blockages can be of several forms. It can be that a karmic problem has activated, and one needs to research it by using a test-method and release it. This is often a long and involved job... there will be agreements in place to have such a karmic record in one's field, and all of them have to be discovered and broken. Some of these may have been hidden or "combusted" (by someone not within your ancestry running the transmutation energies [kundalini] through it, which renders the agreement or karma invisible, but not impotent; as only the person to whom the agreement or karma applies can release it effectively). If you test by a testing method such as muscle-testing or pendulum that there are hidden agreements (that have been taken and placed in some location other than your field), you intend "that these agreements are discovered and brought before you into present time and broken". If some agreements have been combusted, you intend that they are resurrected, reconstituted, brought into present time and broken, likewise.

When you find by testing that all agreements concerning the blockage have been broken, then you next can release the karma. This may also include some that has been hidden or combusted, and these can be retrieved in the same way.

Then you need to find out as much about the karmic blockage and the circumstances that caused it to arise as possible - by asking to be shown it by Soul, by testing if you have your ideas of it correct, by testing any further questions about it (a bit like a detective, really!) until you have a clear concept of what the karma was about and what the spiritual lesson underlying it is. Then you can release it by forgiving all persons concerned (including your ancestors / self) and sending it through the Temple of Karma on the inner planes, or down your grounding cord, to the transmuting fire in the centre of the Earth.

Next you ask your guidance and angelic helpers to heal the blockage and reinstate your abilities (to meditate, for example). If the blockage was caused by an entity, you send that to be recast in the centre of the Earth.

I have to admit that although those are the steps I was taught, and that I have operated them and seen them operated by others successfully, it is not always easy to get right to the bottom of a problem and release it completely; but until I have a better method, that's the one I use. One thing's for sure - if the problem persists, you probably haven't winkled out all the agreements; for there have to be agreements acting if something untoward is continuing to happen. Some agreements or karma may be unable to be accessed at one's current vibratory level - then one has to await rising higher in order to see them off. One way around this - if you test that this is so - is to intend to push the karma into the future (as usually it has been manipulated to come to you from the future into the now, while you are not ready or equipped to deal with it).

Hope the foregoing is helpful! :smile: