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02-08-2011, 06:45 AM
Hello there.

Im not a very superstitious woman but i thought i share a little story on whats been happening.

I live in a hotel for now over one year together with my Fiance (My Boss pays^^) its a little old and run down but its fine for us and close to work.

I am a quite rational person and for all the things that go on here IS a rational explaination. but well let me start

First thing i noticed is the Elevator. Everybody working and living here knows that this damned thing has a will of its own. Sometimes it totally refuses service to u. But only

A When ur in a hurry
B if u have a load to carry
C U really need to go to toilet

This isnt only applicable for me everyone has this problem. I guess the elevator likes me because when i wait a minute or so and ask friendly it suddenly works again. This happened under many different witnesses and everyone gets totally freaked out by it hehe.

The doors dont open for many people here, its sometimes as if it was glued together then other times the lock works perfect. The hotel changed the locks a few times but blames it now on heat and humidity.

The other thing is, my fiance notices when i am not at home that there is always a scratching sound coming from the door. He is a tough guy and he wouldnt make this up but its gone so far that he is really freaked out. And only sleeps with a machete on the bedside (Btw on the WHOLE floor nobody but us lives and the hotel staff only comes once a day up to clean the floor)
he also constantly mentiones that there is a really bad vibe here at night. Its gone so far he doesnt dare to throw the rubbish at night because the lights always turn off halfway he reached the bin. (happens to me to but i dont think u have to be afraid in the dark so i always have to throw the rubbish now :icon_frown: )

In my work room the ceiling used to crack slowly over me, it stopped now. But last year this really freaked me out. There came a loud undefinable sound and BOOM another crack appeared. Now it doesnt happen anymore seems the problem shifted to my neighbour, since a big piece of ceiling nearly fell on his head

And the final thing happend yesterday. I for the last 2 days in beijing my dear was working. And when i came back yesterday i found the glass of my shower Smashed and broken on the floor.

It was weird because its temperated glass that doesnt break because of heat or anything else, the pieces of glass where all small little pellets there was no sign of force and only 2 people have the key to this room (Me and my fiance) i firstly suspected him, thought he got crazy or sth but the pattern how the glass was all over the floor was too strange it seemed like the glass just imploded on itself. When my Dear came he had no idea what it would have caused. But now the strange thing

I was expecting a gigantic bill from the hotel. I called the reception they came up looked at it and told me "oh we fix that for you" A repairman came and took the WHOLE shower unit with him. they then threw the parts on the roof, where alot (ALOT) of other broken equipment where.

They told us not to worry, we dont need to pay because this kind of things have happened before to another person. Also they know we where not at home when it happened.

So thats my little experience from this hotel. I personally dont believe its a haunting but the things that been happening here are scaring alot of people.
So what u guys think about that? Haunting or just the vivid imagination of the people and staffers here?

02-08-2011, 09:46 AM
It seems inhabited by some playful spirits and they are not friendly with everyone.

02-08-2011, 04:25 PM
Just a little bit on the scarey side ! I am sure I couldn't sleep nights if I was there.

Dream Angel xx

02-08-2011, 04:32 PM
Hiya Inesophet

Could you get a feng shui (sp?) expert in? Or even do a bit of feng shui DIY yourself? Might be worth considering. :smile: